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Fubuoff Fubuon

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Standard Profile Information

Name: Takane Fubuki
Kanji: 高嶺 ふぶき
Current Troupe: Retired
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired Top Star (1996 - 1997)

Nickname: Yuki
Height: 168cm
Birthday: December 4, 1965
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Kyoto
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Flower: Cattleya and Baby's breath
Favorite Colors:
Hobbies: Driving, Cooking, Pet Grooming, Making Accessories, Watching Movies
Special Talent: Horse riding
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1983 (69th Class) Spring Dance
Troupe History:
1983 - 1997 Snow Troupe


1997: Romanesque Mask / Golden Days, Valmont
1997: Grandes Belles Folies (Grand Theater - special guest)
1996: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Nippon Seinenkan), Dr. Mark Bruckner
1997: Natasha of the Rainbow / La Jeunesse! (Chunichi), Sanjou Kaoru
1996: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Bow), Dr. Mark Bruckner
1996: Natasha of the Rainbow / La Jeunesse!, Sanjou Kaoru (top star debut)
1996: Elisabeth (Tokyo), Franz Joseph
1996: Invitation from Alice, Jack Wilkins / Ernest Milton (lead role)
1996: Elisabeth (Grand Theater), Franz Joseph
1995: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Ma Belle Etoile, Nakano Ooe no Miko
1995: JFK / 1001 Baroque Nights, Robert Kennedy
1995: Goodbye Merry-Go-Round (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), White Pegasus / Frederick (lead role)
1994-95: An Actor's Revenge / Sagittarius, Ohatsu
1994: Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler
1994: Light & Shadow (Drama City), Bernard Rider (lead role)
1993-94: Seal of the Bourbons / La Cote d'Azur, Andrian Maurice
1993: Heaven and Hell / Take Off, Degas / Ludovic
1992-93: Chuushingura, Isogai Jurozaemon
1992-93: Valentino, Natacha Rambova
1992: This Boundless Love, Kan Ouryou
1991-92: The Great Gatsby / Lovers' Concerto, Meyer Wolfshiem
1991: Spotlight Magic (Bow Hall), Young Man, Les Girls, Dancing Man
1991: Kagenshou / Saburomaru and His Comrades / Sweet Typhoon, Jiroumaru
1991: Illumination Black (Nippon Seinenkan), Mack (lead role)
1991: Rose of Versailles -Oscar and Andre- (National Tour), Fersen
1990: Rose of Toulon (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Alonzo
1990: Dusk-Colored Half Moon / Paradise Tropicana, Silver Wolf
1990: In Spring Under the Blossoming Trees (Bow Hall), Uchiwakamaru (double lead role)
1990: The Castle Tower Enveloped in the Smell of Flowers / Bright Delight Time, Ryuukou Koshirou
1989: Rose of Versailles -Andre and Oscar-, Guardsman
1989: Illumination Black (Bow Hall), Mack (lead role)
1989: Monsieur du Paris / La Passion!, Regnie
1988-89: Rose of Toulon (Bow Hall), Alonzo (a young Gypsy)
1988: Chronicles of Tamayura / Dynamo!
1988: The Legend of Ōeyama / The Revuescope (National Tour), Sakata no Kintoki
1987-88: Reprise! -Love Revival- (Bow & Nippon Seinenkan)
1987: Pear Blossoms - Dancing in the Palace / The Revuescope
1987: Takarazuka Dance Eulogy / The Red Rose of Samarkand, Prince of the Shepherds
1986: Love's Checkered Flag (Bow Hall)
1986: Three Waltzes
1986: Valentino (Bow Hall)
1986: The Legend of Ōeyama / Sky High Sky
1986: Show Boat (Bow Hall)
1985: Spreading Golden Wings / Full Beat (National Tour)
1985: Kaleidoscope of Love / And Now!
1985: Flower Fantasies / Spreading Golden Wings
1985: A Tale of From Heart (Bow Hall)
1984: Love and Fire / Full Beat
1984: Gone With the Wind
1983: Mayerling / Happy Ending Story
1983: Blue Jasmine / Happy Ending Story
1983: Spring Dance / Moonlight Romance, Cat Girl

Shinjin Kouen Roles

1989: Rose of Versailles -Andre and Oscar-
1989: Monsieur du Paris, Francois Villon (lead role)
1988: Chronicles of Tamayura, Obito no Miko
1988: Gone With the Wind, Ashley Wilkes
1987: Pear Blossoms - Dancing in the Palace, Marco Polo (lead role)
1987: The Red Rose of Samarkand, prince of the shepherds (Takarazuka), Hassan (Tokyo) (lead role)
1986: Three Waltzes
1986: The Legend of Ōeyama, Sakata no Kintoki
1985: Kaleidoscope of Love, Escamillo (shared lead)
1985: Spreading Golden Wings, Giovanni
1984: Love and Fire
1984: Gone With the Wind, Mrs. Whiting
1983: Mayerling (Tokyo)
1983: Blue Jasmine

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Special Performances

2012: Elizabeth Special Gala Concert (2012)
1997: '97 TCA Special - The Festival
1996: '96 TCA Special - Melodies and Memories
1995: '95 TCA Special - Magnifique Takarazuka
1994: Valentine Kiss
1994: Paris Festival 1994
1994: TMP Special - Dream Festival Takarazuka '94
1993: Gone with the Wind Eve of Festivities
1993: Paris Festival 1993
1993: '93 TMP Music Festival - Youth Forever!
1992: '92 TMP Music Festival - Songs in Your Heart
1991: '91 TMP Music Festival - Ethno Pops
1990: Stardust Memory (Dinner show)
1990: '90 TMP Music Festival - Sound In Big City
1989: TAKARAZUKA: Takarazuka Dance Eulogy / Takarazuka Forever (New York Tour)
1989: '89 TMP Music Festival - That's Movie! II
1988: '88 TMP Music Festival - Eternal Pops

Photo Books

1997: Fubuki
1995: Caprice

After Takarazuka

2014: Celebration 100! Takarazuka
2013: Anne of the Green Gables, Marilla (with Shirahana Remi and Kitajima Mami)
2013: Legendary V
2013: Takane Fubuki and Kouju Tatsuki Talk Live
2011: Hakkenden (Theater Ludovico)
2011: Soshū yakyoku


  • Official blog
  • She is a relative by marriage of Shiomi Maho — her younger sister married Shiomi's elder brother in 1995.
  • On March 4th, 2018, she announced via her blog that she changed her stage name to たかね 吹々己. It is still pronounced "Takane Fubuki".
  • Retired from the stage in spring 2020 due to surgery affecting her vocal chords. She announced that she will manage a ryokan instead.

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