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Koyanagi Hizuru


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Picture Credit: Zephy | Seagulls, Over the Waves / The Prelude to Adolescence Program | Otome 1951

Standard Profile Information

Name: Koyanagi Hizuru
Kanji: 小柳 日鶴
Current Troupe: Retired
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Maeno-chan
Height: 167 cm
Birthday: March 3
Blood Type:
Hometown: Kawanishi, Hyogo
Favorite Food: fruit
Favorite Flower: rose
Favorite Colors: red, white
Hobbies: travel
Collections: perfume
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: Her father made it.
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1948 (35th Class) Spring Dance (Giant Tsunami)
Troupe History:
1976 - 1989 Senka (Acting)
1961 - 1976 Moon Troupe
YEAR - 1961 Flower Troupe
YEAR - YEAR Star Troupe
1948 - YEAR Snow Troupe


1989: War and Peace (Star - Chunichi Theater), Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky / Doctor Drubetskaya
1988: War and Peace (Star), Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky / Doctor Drubetskaya
1988: Gone with the Wind (Snow), Dr. Meade
1987: Portraits of Parting (Star), Mrs. Rogers, Minister of War
1986: Revue Symphony (Star), Cedric Ziegfeld
1985: A Tale of Two Cities / Heat Wave (Moon), Marquis Evrémonde
1985: The Youth of Karl Heinrich (Moon - Bow Hall), Dr. Juttner
1985: If There's Love, I'll Live Forever (Flower), Lady Ponpian
1984: Hanakuyou (Senka - Bow Hall)
1984: My Love Lies Over the Mountains / Love Express (Star), Yi Seong-gye
1984: Rogersville Story (Flower - Bow Hall), Mr Dawson
1983: Mayerling / Happy Ending Story (Snow), Roshek
1983: The Man From Algiers / The Storm (Tokyo), Michelieu
1983: Mayerling / Grand Elegance (Snow), Roshek
1983: Beside the Foggy Elbe / Opera Tropical (Flower), Joseph
1982: Unforgettable Song (Star - Bow Hall)
1982: Ciboulette (Moon - Bow Hall), Monsieur Grenu
1981: Estrelita / Jewelry Marchen (Flower), Alencar
1981: My Friend, Weep Your Hot Tears on My Breast / First Love (Flower)
1980: My Friend, Weep Your Hot Tears on My Breast / The Spirit (Flower)
1980: Angelique / Masked Ball (Moon), Jules Mazarin
1979: Romeo and Juliet (Moon - Bow Hall)
1979: Romeo and Juliet (Star - Bow Hall)
1978: Gone With the Wind (Flower), Gerald O'Hara
1976: The Rose of Versailles III (Moon), Joseph II
1976: Spark & Spark / Puss In Boots (Moon)
1975-76: My Love Is My Life -The Red and The Black- / Image, M. Chélan
1975: Spring Takarazuka Dance / L'amour a Paris
1975: Spring Nightingale Song / Loving You
1974: The Star / The Rose of Versailles
1974: Shuusenshou / The Rose of Versailles
1974: Oiran and Her Son / Inspiration
1974: My Home, Japan / Hello! Takarazuka (Fukuoka Sports Center)
1974: Oiran and Her Son / Romance Romantique
1974: Pale Dawn / Romance Romantique
1973: Autumn Takarazuka Dance / If... -Goodbye, Koshiro Miyako-
1973: Beside the Foggy Elbe / Funny Feeling, Lombard
1973: Drum, Resound to the Sky! / Rhapsody in Love
1972: Myrthen -Clara Schumann's Love- / Shining Now! (All Troupes)
1972: Blue Lake / Grand Soleil -Sunflower-
1972: Farewell, Madeleine / Hallelujah
1972: Farewell, Madeleine / La Rondo
1971: Gold Hill / Hallelujah
1971: The River Glimmers / The Little Mermaid
1971: Rhapsody / Time Map, Girith
1971: Don Jose I / Time Map, Lillas Pastia
1970: Seagulls! Crossing the Rough Sea / The Prelude to Adolescence, Prime Minister
1970: Fireman's Battle Song / Hello! Takarazuka
1970: Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of Takarazuka / Hello! Takarazuka
1970: Ibaraki Douji / Young Guy!
1969: Fireman's Battle Song / Wuthering Heights, Charles / Linton
1969: Three Generations of Dance / Aria in Jazz
1969: The End of the Surging Waves / Aria in Jazz, Hamazou
1969: The Tale of a Cowherder / Wuthering Heights, Chuu-nagon / Charles
1968-69: West Side Story, Doc
1968: The Tale of a Cow Herder / Rhapsody, Chuunagon / Kodaly
1968: Three Generation of Dance / High Bright
1967: Oklahoma!, Cord Elam
1967: Heey, Harukaze-san / Beside the Foggy Elbe, Mr. Lombard
1963: The Rainbow Music Box Factory / Invitation to the Revue (Moon/Star)
1958: High School Kids / Tanuki Goten, Mr. Brooks
1954: Momotaro (Imperial Theater)
1952: The Tale of Genji / Broadway

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