Ootori Ran


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Picture Credit: Aug. 1978 KAGEKI / Nov. 1977 KAGEKI

Standard Profile Information

Name: Ootori Ran
Kanji: 鳳 蘭
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired Top Star (1971 - 1979)

Nickname: Tsure, Sou-san
Real Name: Zhuang Zhilan (荘芝蘭), often pronounced as Sou Shiran
Height: 170 cm
Birthday: 22 January, 1946
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors: Pink
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1964 (50th Class) Tale of the Flower Village
Troupe History:
1979 - 1979 Senka (vocal)
1965 - 1979 Star Troupe


1979: The Midnight Sun, My Love (Star), Alexandr Ivanov
1979: Otori Ran Petit Concert (Bow Hall)
1978-79: Hokashu / C'est Charmant!, Seisuke
1978: Inochi Aru Kagiri (Bow), Matsushima Shinjirou
1978: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Robert Jordan
1978: Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler (guest appearance)
1977-78: A Sad Goodbye in the Thames Fog / C'est Magnifique, Robert Clementine
1977: Gone With the Wind, Rhett Butler
1976-77: Gypsy of the Setting Sun / Happy Tomorrow, Nanosh
1976: The Rose of Versailles III (Moon), Fersen
1976: The Rose of Versailles III, Fersen
1975-76: The Takarazuka: Fantasy Takarazuka / Beat on Takarazuka (European Tour - Paris only)
1975-76: Image (Moon - Special Guest)
1975: Fairies in the Attic / My High Swing, Neil
1974-75: Brigadoon, Tommy Albright
1974: Beautiful Young Warrior / Funny Feeling (National Tour), Oniwaka
1974: Funky Jump (Snow - Special Guest)
1974: The Man From Algiers / Juju, Julien Clair
1974: Purely, Righteously, Beautifully / Yu the Beautiful, Hsiang Yu
1973: Golden Sound
1973: For as Long as I Live / Arabesque (National Tour), Matsushima Shinjirou
1973: This Boundless Love, Minamoto no Yoshitsune / Sagime Kotarou
1973: Two Demons and Princess Kagero / La La Fantastique, Shuten Douji
1973: Famous Music of Takarazuka / Parade Takarazuka (Flower - special appearance)
1972-73: Beautiful Young Warrior / Arabesque, Oniwaka
1972: Shining Now! (All Troupes)
1972: Kagura / The Flower (Snow/Star)
1972: Beautiful Japan / Wandering Youth, Peer Gynt
1972: Someday We'll Meet / Nova Bossa Nova, Tougo / Ouro
1972: Someday We'll Meet / Concerto of Love, Tougo
1971: My Love Lies Over the Mountains / My Broadway, Boku Shuumin
1971: My Love Lies Over the Mountains / Concerto of Love, Boku Shuumin
1971: For as Long as I Live / Nova Bossa Nova, Matsushima Shinjirou / Ouro
1971: Meadow of Stars / Oh! Beautiful, Ishizawa Momiichi
1970: Gypsy Lord / Lovers, Count Hermann (lead role)
1970: I am You / The Big One, Bob (lead role)
1970: Decaying in Love / Hello! Takarazuka, Maibito Harunobu / Tamonmaru
1970: Anju and Zushiou / C'est la Vie, Yaheita
1970: Even Those Bright in Color / Love Parade
1969: Anju and Zushiou / Takarazuka '69, Yaheita
1969: Noto Love Song / Love Parade (Snow), Pierre
1969: Evening Flute of Shiiba / C'est la Vie, Jirou
1969: 7 -Seven- / Tanuki Goten, Tanukichiyo
1969: Silk Road, Sanzang Fashi / Takatori / Rustichello
1968: Young Mate / Recalling the Andes, Don
1968: Redhead from Amagasaki / Over the Rainbow, Minister Tadamichi / American Ambassador
1968: Princess Sen / 7 -Seven-, Hatori Onijirou
1967: Suirenshou / The Girl In the Dream / Ballade of Young People, Youth
1967: Farewell, My Youth / One World
1967: Farewell, My Youth / One Boy, Johan
1967: Hanafuryuu / One World, Sanza
1967: Unforgettable Song / Cheers for Takarasienne!, Billy / Youth
1966: Love Story of a Castle in the Foggy Night / Esquire Girls
1965: Bravo the Sun! / Lucienne's Mirror (Star)
1964: Tale of the Flower Village

Shinjin Kouen Roles

1970: Anju and Zushiou (Tokyo), Zushiou (lead role)
1969: Anju and Zushiou (Grand)
1969: Silk Road, Marco Polo (lead role)

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Special Performances

1979: Otori Ran Petit Concert (Bow Hall)

After Takarazuka

2018: Koshiji Fubuki ni Sasagu ~ Tribute Concert (with Anju Mira, Makoto Tsubasa, Shizuki Asato, Kozuki Wataru, Haruno Sumire, Mizu Natsuki, Ouki Kaname, Sakihi Miyu, Houshou Dai, Reimi Urara, Akizuki Saya, and Mizusa Ruru)
2016; Sister Act the Musical (with Ranju Tomu and Harukaze Hitomi)
2014: Love Never Dies, Madame Giry
2013: Dream, a Dream: Takarazuka WAY TO 100th ANNIVERSARY FINAL
2012: Memorial concert ~宝塚の歌にのせて~ (with Mizu Natsuki, Shirahane Yuri, Yamato Yuuga, Aika Mire, Ootori Rei)
2011: Melodies of Love~Dreams of Remembrance
2011: DREAM TRAIL ~Takarazuka Legends~ (OG Performance)
2010: Musical salon vol.23 ~Ootori Ran & Yamato Yuuga~ (with Yamato Yuuga)
2010: Terada Takio Memorial Concert
2009: The Road to 100 Years - Kageki 1000th Issue Commemoration Special
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2006: Dream Memorandum
2005: Hana no Michi ~ Yume no Michi ~ Towa no Michi
2005: Irie Kaoru Heartful Concert
2004: The Rose of Versailles 30
2001: Berusaiyu no Bara Memorandum
1997: Adieu Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
1993: Gone with the Wind Eve of Festivities
1992: Adieu Takarazuka Daigekijou
1984: '84 TMP Music Festival - Singing 70 Years of Takarazuka
1981: 18th Takarazuka Festival (Osaka Mainichi Hall)


  • Although born and raised in Kobe, she is ethnically Chinese and was one of the first non-Japanese women to enter the Revue. She became an important star very quickly and had the second-longest top career in Takarazuka history.
  • She was married in 1980, had two children, and divorced not long afterward.
  • She continues to have a good relationship with the Revue and often appears as an OG in concerts and specials.
  • She currently opened up a revue school in Ebisu, Tokyo called Ran Otori Revue Academy, which specializes in song and dance lessons for both genders.