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Maho Shibuki



Picture Credit: princesslucia

Standard Profile Information

Name: Maho Shibuki
Kanji: 眞帆 志ぶき (formerly 真帆志ぶき with the same reading)
Current Troupe: Retired
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired Star

Nickname: Suutan
Height: 164 cm
Birthday: Feb. 5th, 1935
Passed Away: Mar 9th, 2020
Blood Type:
Hometown: Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors:
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1952 (39th Class) Spring Dance
Troupe History:
1970 - 1975 Senka Troupe (vocals)
1958 - 1970 Snow Troupe
1953 - 1958 Flower Troupe


1975: The Star -Goodbye Maho Shibuki- (Snow - Grand Theater) (lead role)
1974: Oiran and Her Son / Inspiration (Moon), Hendrik Zuf (lead role)
1974: The Love Robbers (Snow - Shinjuku Koma), Sutania (lead role)
1974: Oiran and Her Son / Romance Romantique (Moon), Hendrik Zuf (lead role)
1974: Romance Romantique (Moon)
1973: Golden Sound (Star)
1973: The Love Robbers (Snow), Sutania (lead role)
1973: Funny Feeling (Moon)
1973: Rhapsody in Love (Snow)
1973: Famous Music of Takarazuka / Parade Takarazuka (Flower)
1973: Rhapsody in Love (Snow)
1972: Pop News (Flower)
1972: Shining Now! (All Troupes)
1972: Pop News (Flower)
1972: Nova Bossa Nova (Star), Sol (lead role)
1972: Concerto of Love (Star)
1971: Nova Bossa Nova (Snow), Sol (lead role)
1971: Nova Bossa Nova (Star), Sol (lead role)
1971: Singer's Singer (Snow)
1970: Flower of Takarazuka / Hello! Takarazuka (Snow)
1970: Spring Again / Folies Takarasienne (Snow), Fujiwara no Michitada (lead role)
1970: Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of Takarazuka / Hello! Takarazuka (Grand Theater)
1970: Even Those Bright in Color / Love Parade, Maurice (lead role)
1969: Noto Love Song / Love Parade, Satarou / Maurice (lead role)
1969: Carousel, Billy Bigelow (lead role)
1969: Festival / Hamlet, Hamlet (lead role)
1968-69: Hollywood Musical (Flower)
1968: Takarazuka '68 (lead role)
1968: Indigo, White and Crimson / Tristan and Isolde (Chunichi), Tristan (lead role)
1968: Tristan and Isolde / Xango, Tristan (lead role)
1968: Tristan and Isolde / Love and Dream and Party, Tristan (lead role)
1968: Xango (Grand Theater) (lead role)
1967: Oiran and Her Son, Hendrik Zuf (lead role)
1967: Otemoyan / One World, Shintarou (lead role)
1967: Unforgettable Song / Cheers to Takarasienne!, Darmen (lead role)
1967: Unforgettable Song (Star/Snow), Darmen (lead role)
1966-67: Murasaki Shikibu / Love Love Love, Fujiwara no Nobutaka (lead role)
1966: Sand Dune / For the Sake of My Lament
1966: The Spring Breeze and a Violin, Mikhail (lead role)
1966: Indigo, White and Crimson / Ah, is it Him? (Ah, fors' è lui)
1966: The Melancholy Wife, Carl (lead role)
1965: Takarazuka Dance Picture Scroll / Invitation to the World (Paris Tour)
1965: Flower of Paris - Takarazuka (Takarazuka Dance Picture Scroll / Invitation to the World)
1965: Yohi and Baihi / The Blue Suitcase, Yohi / Shoji Kusunoki / Ryuji
1964: Living in the Sea / Broadway Tempest
1964: Sasashirou's Flute / Angkor Wat
1964: Houju / Revue of Revues
1964: Rainbow-Colored Tungsten / The Hometown Story of Flowers
1964: Red Flower of Tahiti / This is Takarazuka! (Shinjuku Koma Stadium), John McReady (shared lead)
1963: The Songs of White Angels / Cleopatra
1963: Summer / The Vacation of Youth
1963: Highway Blues / Though the Phoenix's Wings Burn
1963: Oiran and Her Son, Hendrick Zuf (lead role)
1962: Oiran and Her Son / Number One
1962: The Emperor and the Witch
1962: Carmen on the Caribbean, Caberillo
1961: Disappearing Into the Desert, Jalam
1961: Nagoriyuki / A Splendour of Thousand Beats
1960: The New Tale of Taketori
1960: Princess Kuroaza and the Charcoal Maker / Let Me Die In Your Arms, Kenny
1959: North American Tour
1958: Tanuki Goten, Kiritaro
1958: Tawamure ni Koi wa Shimaji
1957: Spring Dance
1957: Takarazuka Odori Emaki / Merry Widow, Camille
1955: Mozart in Paris / The Battles of Coxinga (lead role)
1954: Momotaro (Imperial Theater)
1952: Turandot

Shinjin Kouen Roles

1962: Carmen on the Caribbean, Jose (lead role)
1962: Brilliant Holiday, Max (lead role)
1960: Carmen Carribea, Jose (lead role)
1959: Lovely Romance, Dick (lead role)
1958: Don't Play With Love, Robert (lead role)
1958: Flower Feast, Hanawaka

Concerts / Dinner Shows

2010: Terada Takio Memorial Concert
2000: The Hit Parade Takarazuka Love: Terada Takio 40th Anniversary Concert
1997: Adieu Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
1984: '84 TMP Music Festival - Singing 70 Years of Takarazuka
1982: 82'recital Maho Shibuki: in and out
1979: Maho Shibuki Recital

After Takarazuka

2014: Celebration 100! Takarazuka Special Cast A
1981: Requiem for Genji (National Theater)
1981 - 1983: The Club (Hakuhinkan Theater)
1979: Seesaw (Hakuhinkan Theater)
1978: I Am Musical (Hakuhinkan Theater)
1975: The Lovers of Verona (Nissay Theater), Sylvia


  • Graduated at the top of the 39th class.
  • Received the National Arts Festival Award in 1970.
  • Got her first lead role on the 4th year after hatsubutai.
  • Her final performance in an Hankyu-sponsored OG event was in 2014 as part of 100th anniversary celebrations.