Hanashiro Saaya



Picture Credit: Zaraphena / Otome 2015

Standard Profile Information

Name: Hanashiro Saaya
Kanji: 花城 さあや
Current Troupe: Cosmos
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Current

Nickname: Saho, Saaya
Height: 161 cm
Birthday: December 21st
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture
Favorite Food: 'Pinkberry', macaroons, hoshiume (dried pickled plums)
Favorite Flower: rose
Favorite Colors: pink, black
Hobbies: traveling, listening to various genres of music
Collections: accessories, CDs, beauty products
Special Talent: bending only her pinky finger (on both hands)
Origin of Stage Name: thought of it with her family
Favorite Role: chorus in Oedipus Rex
Would Like to Try Playing: wants to try many different roles

Debut: 2015 (101st Class) 1789: The Lovers of Bastille
Troupe History:
2015 - Current Cosmos Troupe


2021: Promises, Promises (Drama City / Toshima Arts), Ginger
2021: Sherlock Holmes / Délicieux!
2021: Dream Plover (Bow Hall), Maid
2020-21: Anastasia
2019-20: El Japón / Aqua Vitae!!
2019: Ocean's 11
2019: Dark Brown Eyes / Viva! Festa! in Hakata (Hakataza)
2018: Castle of the White Heron / Outsiders in the Renaissance
2018: Hustle Mates! (Bow Hall)
2018: The Sky Is on the Banks of the Red River / Citrus Breeze -Sunrise-
2017: Land of the Gods / Classical Bijoux
2017: Chateau de la Reine / Viva! Festa!
2016: Elisabeth
2016: Shakespeare / Hot Eyes!!
2015: Portrait of the Heir (Bow Hall)
2015: Oedipus Rex (Senka Bow Hall)
2015: 1789: The Lovers of Bastille (Moon)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2021: Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Barclay
2019-20: El Japón, Sute
2019: Ocean's 11
2018: Outsiders in the Renaissance
2018: The Sky Is on the Banks of the Red River, Consort
2017: Land of the Gods, Mila
2017: Chateau de la Reine
2016: Elisabeth, Beautician
2016: Shakespeare, Lady-in-waiting

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

YEAR: Name of Show


None yet.

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