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Standard Profile Information

Name: Ruou Ria
Kanji: 瑠皇 りあ
Current Troupe: Moon
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Current

Nickname: Sassa, Ruoria
Height: 169cm
Birthday: October 1st
Blood Type:
Hometown: Suita, Osaka Prefecture
Favorite Food: cheese, sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, Western sweets, vegetables
Favorite Flower: cyclamen, dahlia
Favorite Colors: turquoise green, purple
Hobbies: making sweets and delicious things, shopping, driving
Collections: delicious foods from various places, things that are nice to the touch, tableware, things that smell good
Special Talent: soft tennis
Origin of Stage Name: received insight from many people
Favorite Role: Nico Lopez in Che Guevara
Would Like to Try Playing: would like to try playing various roles

Debut: 2017 (103rd Class) Dramatic S!
Troupe History:
2017 - Current Moon Troupe


2024: Bluff (Tokyo Metropolitan Theater / Bow Hall)
2024: Eternal Voice / Grande Takarazuka 110!, Alistair
2024: Golden Dead Schiele (Bow Hall), Anton Peschka
2023: Flügel / A Kaleidoscope of Life, Alain[2]
2023: Death Takes a Holiday (Tokyu Theater Orb), Felicio
2023: Ohten no Mon / Deep Sea, Kisshoumaru
2022: Elpidio (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater /Theater Drama City), Rafael
2022: The Great Gatsby, Young Gatsby / Mike
2022: Rain on Neptune (Maihama Amphitheater), Amethyst
2022: Color Me True / Full Swing!, Suzumoto
2021: The Kawagiri Bridge / Dream Chaser (Hakataza), Tokujirou
2021: Ouranki / Dream Chaser
2020-21: Welcome to Takarazuka / A Farce in Pigalle
2020: The Red and the Black (Misono-za), Gatekeeper
2019: I Am From Austria
2019: Che Guevara (Nippon Seinenkan / Drama City), Nico Lopez
2019: Unmatched in Dreams and Reality / Krung Thep -City of Angels-
2019: Anna Karenina (Bow Hall)
2018: Elisabeth Newspaper Boy (understudy only)[1]
2018: Singin' in the Rain (Akasaka ACT)
2018: Company / Baddy
2017: Arkadia (Bow Hall)
2017: All for One
2017: The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic 'S'! (Snow)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2023: Flügel, Jonas Heinrich (HY: Tsukishiro Kanato) (lead role)
2023: Ohten no Mon, Fujiwara no Mototsune (HY: Kazama Yuno)
2022: The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway (HY: Kazama Yuno)
2022: Color Me True, Shimizu Daisuke (HY: Yumena Rune)
2021: Ouranki, Ashikaga Takauji (HY: Kazama Yuno)
2019: I Am From Austria, Gert (HY: Ren Tsukasa)
2019: Unmatched in Dreams and Reality, Fuchikawa Gonroku (HY: Harumi Yuu)
2018: Elisabeth, Black Angel
2018: Company, Barbarian Performer (HY: Hanabusa Kaoto)
2017: All for One

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

2021: From Sakura (Misono Sakura Music Salon)


  • She was one of the 4 of her class who took part in the Setsubunsai at Nakayamadera in 2019.

  1. She was understudy for Ayaji Yurika's Newspaper Boy in Elisabeth when Miya Rurika fell ill.
  2. Ayami Sera was absent from the Tokyo run of Flügel / A Kaleidoscope of Life from 10/18 to 10/20. Ruou Ria covered her role of Götze Bauer.

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