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Standard Profile Information

Name: Momoka Sari
Kanji: 百花 沙里
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired (currently a choreographer)

Nickname: Maatan, Momo, Himiko
Real Name: 武井麻里子 (Takei Mariko)
Height: 160 cm
Birthday: Sept. 13th
Blood Type:
Hometown: Saitama Prefecture
Favorite Food: "Cinabon", natto
Favorite Flower: Rose
Favorite Colors: Red, white, black, pink
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: From "Hyakka Ryouran"
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing: A romantic role, a passionate role, a villain, Himiko of Yamataikoku

Debut: 1994 (80th Class) Phoenix
Troupe History:
2001 - 2010 Star Troupe
1995 - 2001 Flower Troupe


2010: The Treasure Sword of Habsburg / BOLERO, Lydia
2009: Saikai / Soul of Shiva!! (National Tour), Emmanuelle
2009: The Legend of the Great King and Four Gods Ver.II, トラジ
2009: My Dear New Orleans / A Bientôt, Rita the Prostitute
2008: The Rose of Versailles -Bernard- / Neo Dandyism! III (national tour), Lady Lamballe
2008: The Scarlet Pimpernel
2008: The Red and the Black (Drama City), a wife
2007-08: El Halcon / Revue Orchis, Barbara
2007: Kean (Nissay), Mrs. Sparrow
2007: Sakura / Secret Hunter
2007: Hallelujah Go! Go! (Bow Hall), Penelope
2006: Too Short a Time to Fall in Love / Neo-Dandyism!
2006: Copacabana (Umeda Arts), Cyd
2006: Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie Antoinette, Catherine
2005: Rose of Versailles / Soul of Shiva! (National Tour / Korean Tour), Catherine
2005: Shigure Hill Road in Nagasaki / Soul of Shiva!!, Yu-fa
2005: A Song For Kingdoms (Chunichi), Lady Itonen
2004: Ch'Ang-an: Full of Swirling Flowers / Romantica Takarazuka '04, Kakukoku Fujin
2004: Ch'Ang-an: Full of Swirling Flowers / Romantica Takarazuka '04 (Hakataza), Kakukoku Fujin
2004: A Love Story in 1914 / Takarazuka Splendor, Kiki
2003: A Song For Kingdoms, Lady Tala
2003: Butterfly Lovers / Southern Cross Revue III (national tour)
2003: Eternal Prayer (Drama City), Marie Antoinette
2003: Love Goblin / Oi, Harukaze-san (Bow Workshop), Torioi Woman
2002-03: The Glassy Landscape / Babylon, Marina
2002: Butterfly Lovers / Southern Cross Revue in China (China Tour)
2002: The Prague Spring / Lucky Star!, Tatiana
2002: Revolt of a Gallant Poet / Southern Cross Revue (Chunichi)
2001: Michelangelo / Viva!, Alida
2000-01: Ludwig II / Asian Sunrise
2000: The Great Adventures of Tom Jones (Bow Hall), Molly
2000: Lived in A Dream / The Beauties!, Echo of Time
2000: The Winter's Tale (Bow/Nippon Seinenkan)
1999: Tango Argentino / The Revue '99, Bibi
1999: Japan Overture
1999: The Winter's Tale (Bow)
1998: Spring Again / Southern Cross Revue (National Tour)
1998: Speakeasy / Sniper
1997-98: Pale Dawn (Bow & Nippon Seinenkan), Okimi
1997: Gone with the Wind, Prissy
1997: Hollywood Babylon / Southern Cross Revue
1996-97: Hong Kong Nocturne (Bow Hall)
1996: How to Succeed
1996: HURRICANE (Bow Hall)
1996: Hana wa Hana nari / Hyperion
1995: East of Eden / Dandyism!
1994: Winter Storm / Hyper Stage! (Takarazuka)
1994: I Won't Forget the Young Day's Song / Jump Orient! (Tokyo)

Shinjinkouen Roles

2000-01: Ludwig II, Lila
2000: Lived in a Dream, Ukon
1999: Tango Argentino, Madame Gautier
1999: Japan Overture, Oshima / Chindon'ya (accordion)
1998: Speakeasy, Maggie Rockit / Mrs. Simpson
1997: That's Revue, Yuki
1997: Hollywood Babylon, Journalist
1996: How to Succeed, Rosemary's Shadow
1996: Hyperion
1995: East of Eden

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Specials

2009: Ninth ISOLABELLA Salon Concert
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2006: Dream Memorandum
2006: Star Troupe Encourage Concert
2005: Golden Steps
2005: DAN-ke Schon! (Dan Rei Music Salon)
2004: Luce (Tatsuki You Dinner Show)
2003: Recuerdo (Ayaki Nao Dinner Show)
1998: Miki in Budokan
1997: Third Akiko Kanda Lesson Recital
1996: Pure Love! (Aika Mire Dinner Show)
1995: Aria Dream Song (Ichiro Maki Concert)

After Takarazuka

2012: Dancin' Crazy 2 (OG Performance)
2011: L'Espace d'Journal


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