Making A Wiki Link

What is a Wiki Link?

A Wiki link is a link to another page of this wiki site. It's different from an external link, which would be a link to some other website that's not part of the TakaWiki.

What Are They Used For?

You can't use normal HTML in a Wiki page. Your primary method of navigating the site is via Wiki links. In order to create a new page, you have to create a link for it first. Once you've edited an existing page to include your link, you can click on the link in order to create your page.

How Do I Make One?

There are two ways to create a Wiki link.

Method One: Parenthesis

The simplest way to make any text into a Wiki link is to put double parenthesis around it. Use this method to create a link using a person's name, and elsewhere also if your link does not contain punctuation.


When you hit "Save", your link text will appear in red, indicating that this page hasn't actually been created yet.

Link Img

Click on the red link text and create your new page. (see Adding An Entry - Walkthrough)

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for your red-text-link to be replaced by a real link, so give it about two to five minutes and refresh. You'll see that your link now looks like a real link:

Link Img2

And clicking on it takes you to the page you just created!

The benefit of this method is that it's really easy. Just put parenthesis around whatever text you want, and your link is done!! However, there is a disadvantage.

Wiki creates a page that is named exactly what the text in the parenthesis says. But what happens if you want the text of your link to be different from the actual page name? Let's say, for example, that you want to add Snow Troupe's performance of "Elisabeth" to the database. Takarazuka has performed Elisabeth five times so far, once by each troupe. If Snow Troupe's page is called "Elisabeth", then what will we call the other four pages when they're created? We could specify, of course, by creating pages called "Elisabeth - Snow Troupe", "Elisabeth - Star Troupe", etc... but what if you don't want all that text in the link itself?

The second method allows you to create a link to a specific Wiki page using any text you want.

Method Two: Brackets

Use this method if your link contains punctuation.


where the "Link" text is replaced with whatever you want your actual link text to say (in our example, it would be simply "Elisabeth") and where "This+Will+Be+A+Link" is replaced with the actual name of the page you're going to create (in our example, it would be "Elisabeth+-+Snow+Troupe"). Note that spaces are replaced with plus signs (+) so that the url will work. See Page Naming Guidelines for specifics on how pages in certain sections of the site ought to be named.

When you save the page with this kind of link, you don't get the red text. Your link shows up right away, even though the page you're linking to doesn't exist yet.

Link Img3

If you click on it, you will be taken to an error page that tells you the page does not exist and offers you the option to create it.


Clicking on the "Create this page" link will take you to the edit page mentioned above. Now you can refer to Adding An Entry - Walkthrough again to create the page and save it.

Certain templates on the site may call for the bracket links instead of the parenthesis links. Go to the Practice Page to practice creating these two types of links.

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