Making A Wiki Link

What is a Wiki Link?

A Wiki link is a link to another page of this wiki site. It's different from an external link, which would be a link to some other website that's not part of the TakaWiki.

What Are They Used For?

You can't use normal HTML in a Wiki page. Your primary method of navigating the site is via Wiki links. In order to create a new page, you have to create a link for it first. Once you've edited an existing page to include your link, you can click on the link in order to create your page.

How Do I Make One?

There are three ways to create a Wiki link.

Method One: Simple Parentheses

The simplest way to make any text into a Wiki link is to put double parentheses around it.

((This will create a link))

If the page does not exist yet, when you hit "Save", your link text will appear in red, indicating that this page hasn't actually been created yet.

Link Img

Click on the red link text and create your new page. (see Adding An Entry - Walkthrough)

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for your red-text-link to be replaced by a real link, so give it about two to five minutes and refresh. You'll see that your link now looks like a real link:

Link Img2

And clicking on it takes you to the page you just created!

The benefit of this method is that it's really easy. Just put parentheses around whatever text you want, and your link is done!! But what happens if you want the text of your link to be different from the actual page name? To do that, we will add one more layer of complexity:

Method Two: Complex Parentheses

If you want to link to a TakaWiki page, but for the text on the page to be different from the actual page name, use this format:

((Ryuu Masaki|The MOST Beautiful Link!))

The words before the vertical bar are the actual page link, the words after the vertical bar are what you see on the page.

Like so: The MOST Beautiful Link!

Method Three: Brackets

Use this method if you are linking to a page outside of the TakaWiki.

[https://kageki.hankyu.co.jp/|The Takarazuka Revue Home Page]

When you save the page with this kind of link, you don't get the red text. Your link shows up right away, even if the page you're linking to doesn't exist, or if the link is broken.

The Takarazuka Revue Home Page

Go to the Page Naming Guidelines to see how page names have been codified, and then hop over to the Practice Page to practice creating these two types of links.

(You may see older bracket-method type links around the TakaWiki. They used to be standard, but we have changed the guidelines. We are working to replace those.)

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