Adding Images

COPYRIGHT NOTE: ANY IMAGES POSTED HERE MUST BE SCANNED FROM YOUR PERSONAL COLLECTION. The Takarazuka Revue discourages the posting of its images on fan sites. However, Japanese copyright law indicates that images of items from a personal collection are allowed to be shared on the internet.

If we are contacted by any copyright-holders to the images in question, they will be removed from this site.

Image Guidelines Chart

TypeMax. DimensionsMax. # on page
General Information300x300 pixelsN/A
News and Gossip300x300 pixelsN/A
Glossary Terms200x200 pixels1
Actress Profiles - In Costume Pic400x400 pixels1
Actress Profiles - Out of Costume Pic400x400 pixels1
Performance Summaries - Title Graphic450x450 pixels1
Performance Summaries - Cover Art Thumbnails150x150 pixels1*
Magazine Cover Thumbnails150x150 pixels1*
Personal User Page400x400 pixels1
Personal Avatar50x50 pixels1

* - per item; may be multiple items on same page.

The Maximum Dimensions rules do not mean you have to post all your images as perfectly square graphics. You just have to make sure that the longest dimension, height or width, does not exceed the maximum. If you upload a picture which contravenes these rules, please be aware that it will be deleted.

On Adding Pictures to Profile Pages

When adding pictures to a new profile page, or a page which wasn't previously illustrated, please add one stage picture and one offstage picture. (Or if you only have one or the other, that's fine.)

Please only replace existing pictures with newer images of comparable quality. For instance, a clear scan should not be replaced by a grainy screencap or photograph.

Please also be absolutely certain you've got the right person. There have been several cases lately of pictures of one actress showing up in another actress's profile. If you're not sure who you're looking at, feel free to ask in the fora.

And below the picture(s), put a credit: either your wiki username or, if you prefer, details of the book or DVD the picture came from.

How to Add an Image to a TakaWiki page

On the "Edit" page of a particular entry, you will see a "Choose or Upload Images" button:


Click on it and a new browser window will open:


Drag and Drop your files in the designated area or click "Choose files" and select the image you want to use from your hard drive. Click the "upload" button. After your image is uploaded, click on the image name under the thumbnail. (NOTE: Do not use image files with capitalized file endings. Ex: .JPG or .PNG. For some reason the system wants lower case .jpg or .png):


The code will appear in the main edit box, automatically set up as a thumbnail. If you would like to use the original image instead of the thumbnail, you need to manually edit the code.


If you want multiple images on an entry you will have to upload them one at a time by repeating the steps above.