Emika Rena


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Picture Credit: Rosalynn | The Takarazuka VII / Roméo & Juliette programme

Standard Profile Information

Name: Emika Rena
Kanji: 瑛美花 れな
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Tarutaru, Otaru
Height: 164 cm
Birthday: May 27th
Blood Type:
Hometown: Ota Ward, Tokyo
Favorite Food: food made by her family
Favorite Flower: chinese peony, spider lily
Favorite Colors: pastel colors
Hobbies: reading, sewing, going to hot springs
Collections: power stones, Ariel goods
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: received one character from an upperclassman she respects, used her real name as a reference and thought of it with her family
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing: would like to try playing various roles

Debut: 2017 (103rd Class) Dramatic 'S'!
Troupe History:
2017 - 2023 Star Troupe


2022-23: Dimitri / Jaguar Beat
2022: A Second Fortuitous Meeting Next Generation / Gran Cantante!!, Princess Quartz
2021: The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls / More Dandyism!
2021: Manon (Bow Hall / KAAT)
2021: Romeo & Juliette
2020: Valley of Xuanyao / Ray -Stellar Light-
2019: Mozart, the Rock Opera (Umeda Arts Theater / Toshima Arts)
2019: God of Stars / Éclair Brillant
2019: Beside the Foggy Elbe / Estrellas
2018: Débutante (Bow Hall)
2018: Another World / Killer Rouge
2018: Doctor Zhivago (Drama City / Akasaka ACT), Young Yuri
2017: The Cinema Rhapsody / Bouquet de Takarazuka
2017: The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic 'S'![1]

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2022-23: Dimitri, Fruit Vendor
2022: A Second Fortuitous Meeting Next Generation, Electra (HY: Nijou Hana)
2021: The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls, O-Chō (HY: Hanayuki Rira)
2020: Valley of Xuanyao
2019: God of Stars
2019: Beside the Foggy Elbe
2018: Another World
2017: The Cinema Rhapsody

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

YEAR: Name of Show


None yet.

  1. Announced 2017.4.16 she did not appear in the entirety of Dramatic 'S'! due to injury. She did, however, take part in the opening hatsubutai greeting in The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate.

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