Tachibana Sae



Picture Credit: Antony and Cleopatra program

Standard Profile Information

Name: Tachibana Sae
Kanji: 橘 沙恵
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Saeko, Sae-chan
Height: 168cm
Birthday: 11/28
Blood Type:
Hometown: Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors:
Hobbies: going to the hot springs
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: derived from her real name
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1985 (71st Class) If There's Love, I'll Live Forever
Troupe History:
1985 - 1993 Flower Troupe


1993: Mélancolique Gigolo / La Nova!, Norble
1992: Dance Festival / Spartacus, Baromer
1992: But in a Waking Dream (Bow Hall), Piero / The King
1992: Random Harvest / Fancy Touch, Sheldon
1991-92: Dean (Bow Hall), George Stevens
1991: Chou-Saishi's Choice / The Flash!, Principal An
1991: The Emblem of Venezia / Junction 24
1991: The Beautiful Beast (Nippon Seinenkan)
1990: The Prelude to Winter / The Showcase
1990: The Beautiful Beast (Bow Hall)
1990: The Rose of Versailles -Fersen-
1989-90: The Romanov Jewelry
1989: Spring Again / The Revuescope '89 (National Tour)
1989: Congress Dances / The Game, Talleyrand
1989: Stalwart: Sakamoto Ryouma (Bow Hall), Saigou Takamori
1988: Takarazuka Dance Festival '88 / Spring Again / Forever! Takarazuka
1988: Time Adagio (Bow)
1988: Kiss Me Kate
1988: Mysterious Carnival (Nippon Seinenkan)
1987: A Single Rose / The Revuescope
1987: You, Ablaze in Red (Bow Hall)
1987: Antony and Cleopatra / The Heroes (National Tour)
1987: The White Horizon / Show Up Show
1986-87: Goodbye Peppermint Night! (Bow Hall / Tokyo)
1986: Antony and Cleopatra / The Heroes
1986: A Madrigal of the Breeze / Memoirs du Paris
1985: Tender Green / Androgyny

Shinjin Kouen Roles

1991: The Emblem of Venezia, Andrea Gritti
1991: Chou-Saishi's Choice, Rin-Sokujo
1990: The Prelude to Winter, Leo Schurtz (Takarazuka)
1990: The Rose of Versailles: Fersen, Bernard
1989-90: The Romanov Jewelry, Yonin
1989: Congress Dances, Paul
1988: Spring Again / Forever! Takarazuka
1988: Kiss Me Kate, Joe
1987: A Single Rose, Stanley
1987: The White Horizon
1986: Antony and Cleopatra
1986: A Madrigal of the Breeze
1985: Tender Green

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

1991: Say Hello to E.T. Christmas Dinner Show (with Makoto Tsubasa and Shibuki Jun)
1991: Heart to Heart (Ooura Mizuki Dinner Show)
1990: First Matsumoto Yuri Recital


None yet.

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