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Picture Credit: Caithion / 80th Anniversary Book / 1951 Otome

Standard Profile Information

Name: Nawate Katsumi
Kanji: 畷 克美
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired (kumichou)

Nickname: Ue-san, Kiminee
Height: 160 cm
Birthday: January 19, 1924
Death: August 7th, 2013
Blood Type:
Hometown: Osaka
Favorite Food: cake, sushi, eggs, fruit
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors: carnations, gerbera
Hobbies: reading, movies, going to the theater, sports
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: from Shinjou-Nawate city in Osaka prefecture
Favorite Role: The show Fine Romance
Would Like to Try Playing: A role with singing, dancing, and acting

Class: 1936 (26th Class)
Debut: (1937) Jewel Parade
Troupe History:
1960 - 1963 Flower Troupe
1958 - 1960 Star Troupe
YEAR - 1958 Moon Troupe
YEAR - YEAR Dance Senka
YEAR - YEAR Star Troupe
YEAR - YEAR Flower Troupe
YEAR - YEAR Moon Troupe (Acting)
1937 - YEAR Moon Troupe (Dance)


1962: Factory of Rainbow Music Boxes
1962: The Emperor and the Witch, Jizi
1960: Princess Kuroaza and the Charcoal Maker / Let Me Die In Your Arms, Tameiye
1959: Ashikari / Love
1959: Chanson d'Amour / Yodogimi, Aiba
1959: Princess Kuroaza and the Charcoal Maker / Chanson d’Amour
1959: Picture Scrolls of Japanese Beauties / Music Album
1957: Rainbow Takarazuka / Indian Love Call, Jane
1956: Hawaii Sakura Festival (2nd Hawaiian Tour), Jirou / Takasago
1954: Elegy of Autumn / Broadway Cinderella, Montgomery
1953: The Chronicle of Momotarou (Moon - Nagoya), Osan / Duplicitous Great King
1952: Le Chevalier de Paris / Kaguya-Hime, Baron
1951: Yu the Beautiful, Mo Lin
1951: Olden Tales: The Sparrow with the Slit Tongue / Spring Dance
1950: Montecarlo Wedding / Romeo and Juliet (Nagoya), Alexson / Tybalt
1948: The Sword Thief / In Your Heart Again, Rosalinde
1946: The Rose of Granada / Takarazuka Folies / Autumn-Leaf Viewing (Nagoya)
1946: The Rose of Granada / Summer Dances

Shinjin Kouen Roles

YEAR: Name of Performance, Name of Role

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

1957: Paradise Island Story (Takarazuka Films)


  • Kumichou of Moon Troupe from 1951 - 1952, later fukukumichou (1953 - 1958).
  • Fukukumichou of Star Troupe from 1958 - 1960
  • Kumichou of Flower Troupe from 1960 - 1964
  • Graduated the 65th in her class (74 students in total).

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