Hirasawa Satoshi


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Standard Profile Information

Name: Hirasawa Satoshi
Kanji: 平澤 智 (平沢 智 prior to 2004)
Position: Choreographer
Former Takarasienne: No

Height: 173 cm
Birthday: July 7, 1964
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Gyoda, Saitama

First Takarazuka Work: 1996 Who is Bad?


YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2021Fire Fever!MainSnow
2021Verdad!!Maihama AmphitheaterStar
2021Sherlock HolmesMainCosmos
2021Dream ChaserMainMoon
2021Cool Beast!!MainFlower
2021Ghost Detective Bow HallMoon
2021Prince of RosesBow HallFlower
2020Valley of Xuanyao / RayMainStar
2020Dance OlympiaTokyo International ForumFlower
2019Mozart, the Rock OperaUmeda Arts / Toshima Arts & CultureStar
2019Music Revolution!MainSnow
2019The Man From Algiers / EstrellasNational TourStar
2019The Man From AlgiersNational TourStar
2018Delight HolidayMaihama AmphitheaterFlower
2018Exciter!! 2018National TourFlower
2018DébutanteBow HallStar
2018Castle of the White HeronMainCosmos
2018Senhor Cruzeiro!Bow HallFlower
2017Crystal TakarazukaNational TourMoon
2017ATERUIDrama City/Nippon SeinenkanStar
2017"D"ramatic S!National TourSnow
2017Dramatic 'S'!MainSnow
2017Viva! Festa!MainCosmos
2016Caleb Hunt, Private EyeMainSnow
2015StardomBow HallFlower
2015Like a Black PantherMainStar
2015BanditoBow HallMoon
2014Passionate Takarazuka!MainStar
2014My Dream TakarazukaMainSnow
2014The KingdomDrama CityMoon
2013Fantastic Energy!National TourMoon
2013Fantastic Energy!MainMoon
2013Amour de 99!!National TourCosmos
2013the WILD Meets the WILDBow HallCosmos
2013Black JackDrama City / Nippon SeinenkanSnow
2013Amour de 99!MainCosmos
2012-13Etoile de TakarazukaMainStar
2012Gold Spark!MainSnow
2012Danza SerenataMainStar
2012Too Short a Time to Fall in LoveNational TourMoon
2012REON!!Drama City / Nippon SeinenkanStar
2012Angel's LadderBow / NipponStar
2012InfinityBow HallSnow
2011Nice Guy!!MainCosmos
2011Le Paradis!!MainFlower
2010Rhapsodic MoonMainMoon
2010"R"ising!!Bow HallCosmos
2010Carnevale: A Sleeping DreamMainSnow
2009Last PlayMainMoon
2009Raindrops Fall on RosesMainCosmos
2009A BientôtMainStar
2008La MariposaMainSnow
2007A Magician's MisfortunesMainMoon
2007Cosmos Fantasista!MainCosmos
2007Tuxedo JazzMainFlower
2007None None Sugar!!Bow HallSnow
2007Hallelujah GO! GO!Bow HallStar
2006Young Bloods!!Bow HallCosmos
2006Too Short a Time to Fall in LoveMainStar
2006AcrossDrama CityStar
2006Young Bloods!!Bow HallStar
2006ScoutBow HallFlower
2005Bourbonstreet BluesBow HallMoon
2005Bourbon Street BluesBow HallMoon
2005Soul of Shiva!!national tourStar
2005The End of RoamingBow HallSnow
2005Hotel Stella MarisMainCosmos
2004Tropical Night TalksBow HallMoon
2004A Dream One DayDrama CitySnow
2004La EsperanzaMainFlower
2004BoxmanDrama CityCosmos
2003Romance de ParisMainSnow
2003Eternal PrayerDrama CityStar
2002Memories of BarcelonaMainSnow
2002Diamond EyesDrama CityFlower
2001-02CanaryDrama CityFlower
2001 PassageChuunichiSnow
2001Practical JokeDrama CityMoon
2000Department Store/Arch of Triumph MainSnow
2000Profile of a SaintBow HallStar
1996Who is Bad?MainStar

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance


He is an actor as well as a choreographer.
Member of TS Musical Foundation
Starry Sky -Fan Site- (Japanese)

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