Young Bloods!! -Cosmo∞-

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English Title: Young Bloods!! -Cosmo∞-
Japanese Title: Young Bloods!! -Cosmo∞-

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2006
Performances: Bow Hall, 8/31 - 9/5

Based On: n/a
Author/Director: Fujii Daisuke

Available on DVD: No


Mark Tensberg (former police officer ressurected as a cyborg)Toki Irisu
Head Detective Southerly (obsessed with creating emotionless robots)Suzu Haruki
Police Chief Oker (chief of police fronting the cyborg project)Miyabi Ouka
Doctor Casey Jackson (famous robotics engineer)Asane Satsuto
Clara Jackson (Casey's younger sister)Maiki Ayumi
Juliet (Mark's former girlfriend)Oomi Ako
Archie (Juliet's new boyfriend)Sumiki Sayato
Cheat (Mark's friend from the orphanage)Hasumi Yuuya
Lin (Cheat's girlfriend)Karin Moyuru
Neo (member of Cheat's gang)Souma Neo
Evita (member of Cheat's gang)Ayase Akina
Lake (newscaster)Kazahane Reia
Lilah (wind fairy)Ayane Raira
Cherry (nature fairy)Kotoha Sakurako
Marna (rain fairy)Hanasato Mana



Part One: Earth or Sky

Christmas Eve, 2055; New York City. Officer Mark Tensberg dies in an unexplained aircar accident. Nine months ater, he is revived by members of the police force intent on creating cyborgs. At first Mark is skeptical that he could have been resurrected as a cyborg, but when encouraged to test his abilities he discovers he has invincible strength. Mark vows to use his newfound power to defeat evil and help the innocent.

In the past months, people from Mark's former life have adjusted in different ways to his death. His girlfriend Juliet is now dating a research student named Archie. Meanwhile Cheat, who looked up to Mark like a brother, has taken to the streets leading a small band of riffraff. One day when Cheat's gang members attempt to rob Juliet and Archie, Mark comes to their rescue and recognizes his old love. Unfortunately, Juliet is only confused by his reappearance and frightened by his cold, hard skin. She insists that the Mark Tensberg she loved is dead and runs away with Archie.

Mark wanders the streets, morosely indulging in his memories. He grew up in an orphanage, and used to return every year for Christmas Eve. This also happened to be Juliet's birthday, but he chose to spend every Christmas giving gifts to his orphan siblings instead of with her. However, this time Mark promised to meet Juliet on the 25th and bring her a birthday present. But that night was his tragic accident, and he was never able to keep his promise. Now, thinking he has lost everything, Mark laments this new "life" in which he feels incapable of sensing sound or smell, heat or cold, or indeed any feelings at all.

Cheat recognizes Mark as he passes by, but does not approach him. Later he hears of the incident with his gang. He realizes that Mark has become a cyborg and dreams of having such power himself. Elsewhere, Southerly warns Dr. Casey that a cyborg with feelings is dangerous. The doctor begins to suspect that Mark's death was not an accident after all.

Mark's wandering leads him to find a young girl in a park. Clara is an imaginative child who hears music from the grass and trees, and even the voices of fairies. Charmed, Mark feels something in his heart for the first time in a long while. Clara promises that one day he too will be able to see the fairies.

Later, Police Chief Oker gathers a special task force. He announces that Cyborg Mark Tensberg has suffered a defect and become dangerous, and sends out a team to capture him in secret.

Since meeting Clara, Mark goes back to the same park every day trying to find her again. But she never returned, and he wonders if he simply dreamed her up; or perhaps this whole time he's simply been dreaming. He decides it's useless trying to find his mystery girl and resolves to leave, but Clara's fairy friends entice him to stay with invisible hands. Mark thinks he's imagining things until one of them loses a flower from her hair, which he sees and pockets.

Suddenly the fairies retreat in fear, and Mark is surrounded by policemen. Despite Mark's insistence that he is human, Southerly treats him like a lifeless robot. He also cruelly reveals that he staged Mark's accident in order to gain a cyborg test subject. Enraged, Mark breaks free of the police and steals a gun, but leaves Southerly alive. Then he hears a news announcement that Dr. Casey Jackson is being held hostage in his own home, along with his sister Clara. Now that he knows who Clara is, Mark rushes to her aid.

At the Jackson home, Cheat orders Dr. Casey at gunpoint to make him into a cyborg like Mark. The doctor repeatedly refuses, but is curious how the boy knows Mark Tensberg. Cheat says that they grew up in the same orphanage, and Mark was like a brother to him. But he's more interested in Dr. Casey meeting his demands, and begins threatening Clara until he hears a commotion outside. Cheat goes to investigate, leaving Casey and Clara alone.

Dr. Casey worries about the trouble his work has caused. He first became involved with the police after his sister died three years ago. In agreeing to help them develop cyborg technology, he received money which he used to build an android in the image of Clara. Of course as an android she has none of the memories his sister did, but they both love each other just as much as real siblings would.

Just as Cheat returns, Mark bursts in to save the day. He is shocked to find that Cheat is the kidnapper and demands an explanation. Cheat insists that for an orphan with no parents, money or talent, seeking power is his only option. He wants to be like Mark - a cyborg with ultimate strength. Mark angrily tells Cheat that a body like his, with no feeling or sense of pain, isn't really human. He convinces Cheat that there are better things to live for, and the boy breaks down in tears.

Mark apologizes to the doctor and turns to leave when suddenly the special police swarm in. Southerly has created a powerful weapon specifically designed to bring Mark down. He threatens to kill anyone who stands in his way, and when the gun is fired, Mark throws himself in front of the others to protect them. As Clara holds his dying body, Mark realizes that she is an android even though she always seemed human to him. He says he hopes to meet her again in his next life, and takes the flower from his pocket for Clara to give back to her fairy friend. Then, glimpsing a better life ahead, he dies in her arms.

Although Mark is dead, his friends bravely continue on. Archie proposes to Juliet, and she accepts. Cheat decides to go back to the orphanage, and his gang loyally follows him. Lake the newscaster closes the story by asking the audience, "Are you alive?"

Part Two: Revue

The second half is a typical revue with energetic numbers, tap dancing, otokoyaku in drag, musumeyaku in suits, etc. Featured songs include "Won't You Charleston with Me?", "Route 66", "C'est Charmant", "It Don't Mean a Thing" and "Lean On Me". (Some of the numbers are dances to prerecorded music.)

Other Information

  • Many of the character names are plays on the actesses' stage names and nicknames, though they're not as apparent in the romanizations as they are in the original katakana.


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