The Wild Meets the Wild


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English Title: The Wild Meets the Wild ~WMW~
Japanese Title: the WILD Meets the WILD -W.M.W.-

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2013
Performances: Bow Hall, 07/25 - 08/05

Author / Director: Ikuta Hirokazu
Composer: Oota Takeshi, Aoki Tomoko
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, Hirasawa Satoshi

Available on DVD: No


Jeremy Northbrook (Benjamin's younger cousin. He's drifted into the position of sheriff, but he's actually the masked cowboy known as "Killer Bee")Hasumi Yuuya
Benjamin Northbrook (a rogue cowboy with a price on his head)Nanami Hiroki
Gregory Cohen (a miner. Later a priest)Natsumi You
Hilary Northbrook (Benjamin's mother. Jeremy's aunt)Mikaze Maira
Matilda Hewitt (Mattie, Benjamin's lover)Aihana Chisaki
Norma Owen (owner of the Bird Cage)Kanon Mai
Damian Wedgwood (a shotgun messenger who travels by stagecoach)Kazahane Reia
Matthew (Gilbert's bodyguard)Amakaze Ibuki
Ned Buntline (newspaper reporter)Sumiki Sayato
David Northbrook (leader of the miners. Benjamin's father)Rinjou Kira
Leonard Tuttle (one of Benjamin's gang, in love with Angela)Hoshibuki Ayato
Jessica Salinger (an actress at the Bird Cage. Ned's lover)Seoto Risa
KatherineAishiro Moa
Gilbert Cohen (mayor of Tombstone. Gregory's son)Sorahane Riku
Whitney (woman of ill repute)Yumesuzu Rian
Edward Hayward (Gilbert's associate)Mitsuki Haruka
Margaret (woman of ill repute)Hanasaki Airi
Wendy (woman of ill repute)Aisaki Maria
Phillip Coward (one of Benjamin's gang)Haruse Ouki
Andrew Shaffer (one of Benjamin's gang)Sakuragi Minato
Monica Northbrook (Jeremy's deceased mother)Ayaka Mari
Elton Rickenbacker (sheriff's assistant)Nanao Maki
Harold Owen IIIAkine Hikaru
Emma Twinning (an actress at the Bird Cage. Actually a bounty hunter)Kano Maria
Jeremy (as a boy)Miou Erina
Mack (a bartender)Rui Makise
Benjamin (as a boy)Hanabishi Rizu
Angela Northbrook (Benjamin's younger sister who is ill)Haruha Rara
Samuel (former sheriff of Tombstone)Homare Seri



Southwest America in the late 19th century, during the Gold Rush. An adventure story of two young men who grew up together and then followed different paths, set in Tombstone. David Northbrook, leader of the miners, is so caught up in the gold fever that he pays little heed to his younger sister Monica, who has fallen on hard times and become very ill. When she dies, her son Jeremy is taken up by a former miner turned priest, who sends him away to school. While away, Jeremy begins to receive strange letters that purport to come from his dead mother. At first they ask him to do small favors, but soon he finds himself acting as a vigilante (the masked cowboy "Killer Bee") with tragic consequences. Meanwhile, Benjamin is caught up by the darker side of the city and becomes an outlaw cowboy. Shortly after Jeremy returns to Tombstone, there is a shooting incident in the "Bird Cage" theater, and he takes up the role of sheriff to deal with it. But what he sees inside is Benjamin being brought down by the "Bird Cage" actress Emma, who is actually a bounty hunter.

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