Eternal Prayer -Louis XVII Lost in the Revolution-

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English Title: Eternal Prayer -Louis XVII Lost in the Revolution-
Japanese Title: 永遠の祈り -革命に消えたルイ17世-
Romanized Title: Eien no Inori - Kakumei ni Kieta Rui 17sei

Troupe: Star
Year: 2003
Performances: Theater Drama City, 12/19 - 12/30

Based On:
Author/Director: Nakamura Satoru
Composer: Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Wakao Risa, Hirasawa Satoshi

Available on DVD: VHS only


Gerald Kozuki Wataru
Anne Dan Rei
Madame Royale Yashiro Kou
Rozario Itsuki Chihiro
Henrietta Mari Yuzumi
Kanarisu Nishiki Ai
Felicity Asamine Hikari
Doctor ReimonTakao Rio
Nicolas Tatsuki You
Marie Antoinette Momoka Sari
Pierre Muran Suzumi Shio
Nanette Marino Yui
Fernando Mine Keito
Julie Suzuno Katsuki
Madelaine Hoshikaze Erena
Clery Aozora Yahiro
Albine Koto Marie
Jeanne Sendou Kaho
King Louis XVI / Danglars Ryouma Tomo
Konstan Yuzuki Reon
TheodoreAmagiri Mayo
Village GirlMinami Mari
Queen ThereseMashiro Fuari
Prince LouisGinga Ami
BeranAmao Keika
Village GirlMikoto Sanae
Renard Rinka Sera
Jack Yumeno Seika
EdmondMahiro Shun
Grand Mizuki Ryou



The time of the restoration of imperial rule, some 20 years after the French Revolution. Gerald, who lives in the remote countryside near Paris, hears from a traveler that he is Louis XVII. Imprisoned with his parents Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette at the Tour du Temple, it is believed that he was killed as well after his parents were executed, but he is now told that he was secretly saved and brought away, and the body of the child in the Temple was a substitute. The traveler is wracked with illness, and after passing over a ring bearing the seal of Louis XVI, he dies. Being ambitious, Gerald decides to make use of this piece of evidence. What fate awaits this young man claiming to be Louis XVII...? Rallying against callous fate, he rises up in a world where he is surrounded by people of ambition and treachery, and amidst that callous fate the one ray of light comes from Anne, the girl Gerald loves.

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