Ghost Detective

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English Title: Ghost Detective ~Before Saying Goodbye~
Japanese Title: 幽霊刑事(デカ)~サヨナラする、その前に~
Romanized Title: Yuurei Deka ~Sayonara Suru, Sono Mae ni~

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2021
Performances: Bow Hall, 03/07 - 03/23[1]

Based On: the novel of the same name by Arisugawa Arisu
Author / Director: Ishida Masaya

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA


Kamizaki Tatsuya Tamaki Ryou
Hayakawa Atsushi Houzuki An

Other Cast: Kyou Misa (Senka), Natori Rei (Senka), Kouzuki Ruu, Shimon Yuriya, Shirayuki Sachika, Kousaki Ran, Kizuki Yuuma, Harune Aki, Harumi Yuu, Sakurana Ai, Asagiri Makoto, Himesaki Mirei, Hanabusa Kaoto, Asahi Tsubasa, Natsukaze Kiki, Hisumi Rin, Amashi Juri, Yui Karen, Hanatoki Maika, Ranze Keito, Shirakawa Riri, Sou Yuuki, Mahiro Ren, Ichihane Meru, Maki Teruto, Haruki Reo



Love and a classic mystery are blended in Arisugawa Arisu's mystery novel "Ghost Detective", a heartwarming musical which will make a memorable Bow Hall appearance for Tamaki Ryou.

Detective Kamizaki Tatsuya of Hatou Police Station was unexpectedly shot to death by his boss on the beach at night.... But because Kamizaki was waiting for his wedding day, and because he has no idea of why he was killed, he cannot pass over and he becomes a ghost. His mother and his fiancee Mori Sumako can't see him, and so Kamizaki is tormented by his ineffectiveness. Only another detective, Hayakawa Atsushi, who is from Aomori and has the blood of spirit mediums can see him and hear his voice. Kamizaki tells Hayakawa (the only one he can communicate with) about the details of the case, and since "a ghost detective and a medium detective make the best combo, no?" the two set out to investigate. But before the case is resolved, Kamizaki senses that he has to say farewell and ascend....

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  1. The original performance run, scheduled 09/08/20 - 09/22/20 at Bow Hall, was cancelled due to COVID-19.

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