Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie Clyde

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English Title: Bonnie & Clyde
Japanese Title: Bonnie & Clyde
Romanized Title: n/a

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2023
Performances: Misonoza (Nagoya), 02/06 - 03/01
Shinjin Kouen Performances: n/a

Based On: The Broadway production
Author: Ivan Menchell / Don Black
Director: Oono Takuji
Composer: Frank Wildhorn
Choreographer: Hirasawa Satoshi
Conductor: Misaki Megumi

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 05/16/23)
Available on DVD: No
Scene/Music Cuts: No


Clyde Barrow Ayakaze Sakina
Bonnie Parker Yumeshiro Aya
Sheriff Smoot Schmid Touma Kazuki
Pastor Kujou Asu
Emma Parker Anno Konomi
Captain Frank Hamer Ouji Kaoru
Henry Barrow Amatsuki Tsubasa
Buck Barrow Kazuki Sora
Cumie Barrow Sara Anna
Blanche Barrow Nonoka Himari
Stella Kirara Umi
Officer Bud Russel Manomiya Rui
Billy the Kid Seika Rian
Shopkeeper CharlieKotohane Riri
Fiance Roy / Bank clerk Asato Mire
Trish Arisu Himeka
Ted Hinton Sakishiro Kei
Detective Bob Alcorn Mayuzuki Rea
Deacon Seimi Yuu
Governor Miriam Ferguson Manaha Ayane
Judge Saran Reia
Young Bonnie Manahi Michi
Eddie Aoha Reiya
Ray Ayato Shion
Clara Beau Nanoha Mito
Governor's SecretaryKotomine Saara
Eleanore Aisora Minami
Store Clerk Misaki Kei
Deputy Johnson Kisui Naoto
Harry Kase Kyou
Young ClydeYumeto Miwa

Other Cast: Amane Kotoha, Yumehi Mari, Ayana Miki, Ayazuki Haruto, Himena Tamaki, Touzuki Riku, Konomi Yuki, Sakou Niina, Kotoka Himawari



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BONNIE & CLYDE, which premiered in San Diego in 2009 and was performed on Broadway in 2011, is a musical about a legendary gangster couple, and was written by Ivan Menchel, lyrics by Don Black, and composed by Frank Wildhorn. In Japan, the work, which premiered at the Aoyama Theater in 2012 and received favorable reviews, will be performed as the unveiling performance of the new Top Combi of Snow Troupe, Ayakaze Sakina and Yumeshiro Aya.

Texas, USA during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Clyde escapes from prison despite being imprisoned for theft, meets Bonnie, a waitress who dreams of becoming an actress, and they fall in love. Feeling depressed and uncertain about their future, the two run away from the city, and end up repeating bank robberies in stolen cars. The actions of Clyde and Bonnie, who enjoy life freely and carefreely, attract the attention of the masses living in the same depressed times, and some even see them as heroes. However, the two of them are gradually cornered by the police...
A masterpiece musical that depicts the ephemeral lives of Clyde and Bonnie, who have traveled through the ages, set to dramatic music.  

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