A chronological listing of shows set in historical Japan.
(NOTE: List is still being compiled. 1974-present complete.)

Famous Figures
Fantastical Settings (folk-tales & mythology)
Poem of the White Heronn/a??
Book of Sakuran/a??
The Bell-Ringer Yoshichin/a??
The Demon of Suzaku Gaten/a??
Little One Inchn/a??
Ibaraki DoujiWatanabe no Tsunafantastical 10th century
Flowers are Falling, Fallingn/afantastical Heian Period
The Legend of OeyamaWatanabe no Tsunafantastical Heian Period
Yoshitsune and the Fox Spirit: A Cherry Blossom FantasyMinamoto no Yoshitsune, Minamoto no YoritomoFantastical Heian period
Warring States Free-For-AllSanada Yukimura, Uesugi Kenshin, others fantastical 15th - 16th century
Legend of the Eight Dog Samurain/afantastical 15th - 16th century
Hey, Mr. Spring Wind n/aFantastical Edo Period (?)
Love Goblinn/a Fantastical Edo Period (?)
Prehistoric and Ancient Japan ( - 538)
(Jomon, Yayoi & Kofun)
MAHOROBAShinto Pantheoncreation myth
Susano-oShinto Pantheonmythology
Wind Over Yamatai-koku Himiko Yayoi Period
Prince Hayabusawake's RebellionPrince Hayabusawakeearly 5th century
Prince TsukigumoKinashi no Karu, Anahomid-5th century
Classical Japan (538 - 1185)
(Asuka, Nara & Heian)
The Glow of Sunset in AsukaSoga no Kuratsukuri630s - 640s
Love Blooms Out on the MurasakinoNakano Ooe no Miko, Nukata no Ookimilate 7th century
Drops From the Wearying MountainEmperor Tenmu, Ootsu no Miko7th century
KamatariNakatomi no Kamatari, Nakano Ooe no Miko7th century
The Tall and Shining Sun PrinceFujiwara no Fuhito, Prince Kiyohito, Princess Asukabe713
Chronicles of TamayuraPrince Asukabe, Princess Asukabe, Obito no Mikoearly 8th century
Redhead from Amagasakin/aNara Period
Wisteria Viewing Banquetn/aNara Period
AteruiAteruilate 8th century
The Haste of FlowersOno no Takamuraearly 9th century
Revolt of a Gallant PoetAriwara no Narihiramid 9th century
The Tale of a Cow Herdern/aEarly Heian
New Ephemeral FlowersFujiwara no Morosuke10th century
In the Tender Light of a Fine SpringFujiwara Yasumasalate 10th century
Ephemeral FlowersMinamoto no Yorimitsulate 10th century
The Tale of Genji -Lived in a Dream-n/aearly 11th century
The Tale of Genji -Lived in a Dream II-n/aearly 11th century
The New Tale of Genji n/aearly 11th century
Floating Bridge of Dreamsn/aearly 11th century
Ukifune and Kaoru-no-Kimi n/aearly 11th century
Sleeping Moonn/a11th century
This Boundless LoveMinamoto no Yoshitsune, Shizuka Gozenlate 12th century (alternate history)
In Spring Under the Blossoming Trees Minamoto no YoshitsuneLate 12th Century
Beautiful Young WarriorMinamoto no Yoshitsune, Saitou Benkei, AzusaMid-12th Century
Soufurenn/aHeian Period
Hand Drum of Heavenn/aHeian Period
Butterfly Loversn/aHeian Period
Decaying in Loven/aHeian Period
Spring Againn/a Heian Period (?)
You, Ablaze in Redn/aHeian Period
Anju and Zushion/aHeian Period (?)
The Chronicles of Shunshuun/aHeian Period
Flowers Strewn on the Western SeaTaira no Sukemori12th century
Dance, Snail, Dance!Ochikubo-himeHeian Period
Crimson and White Plum Blossomsn/a12th century
Evening Flute of Shiiban/a1180
Medieval Japan (1185 - 1568)
(Kamakura & Muromachi)
Snowy Landscape: Vestiges of a Dreamn/aLate 13th century
Extreme EmbarrassmentZeami1427
Oguri!Oguri Hanganearly 15th century
Chinese Milk Vetchn/alate 15th century (?)
Blazing Wind Takenaka Hanbei mid-16th century
NOBUNAGA Oda Nobunaga late 16th century
Transient Autumn LeavesOda Nobunaga late 16th century
Bamboo-Leaf BoatAkechi Mitsuhidemid 16th century
Calm Autumn Colors / A Melody of Love in Crimsonn/aMuromachi Period
The End of the Surging Wavesn/aMuromachi Period
Hama-Chidorin/aRyukyu Kingdom (1429-1879) ?
Early Modern Period (1568 - 1868)
(Azuchi-Momoyama & Edo)
Hama-Chidorin/aRyukyu Kingdom (1429-1879) ?
Ganryuu"Ganryuu" Sasaki Kojiro1590s - 1612
Drum, Resound to the Sky!n/a15th - 16th century
Oiran and Her Sonn/amid-16th Century
A Beautiful LifeIshida Mitsunarilate 16th century
Yukarikon/alate 16th century
Flower Blizzard, Love BlizzardIshikawa Goemonlate 16th century
Paper Making Love SongHigashiyama Yaemonlate 16th century
Bridegroom Contestn/a(kyougen) 16th century
A Flute Named WindMatsudaira Tadateru Kazusanosuke 1592 - 1683
Unmatched in Dreams and RealityMiyamoto Musashiearly 17th century
Maeda KeijiMaeda Keijiearly 17th century
Hanakuyoun/aearly 17th century
Falling Cherry Blossomsn/aearly 17th century
Flowered RobeSanzaburo Nagoya17th century
Princess SenToyotomi Hideyori, Princess Sen, Honda Heihachirouearly 17th century
Song of the Cherry BlossomsKabayama Hisataka, King Shō Nei1609-1610
Love and Seagulls and a Six-mon Coinn/a1614
Anaji 1633
Amakusanada of the FlameAmakusa Shirou1630s
MESSIAHAmakusa ShirouShimabara Rebellion 1637-8
Chikamatsu late 17th century
Book of Lingering MemoriesSakata Tōjūrōlate 17th century
Someday We'll Meetn/alate 17th century
The Three Little Musketeers of Edon/alate 17th Century
A Flamen/alate 17th century
Fireman's Battle Songn/aEdo (?)
Three Generations of Dancen/aearly Edo Period
The 47 Roninn/a1701
The One Who Disappeared into the Morning Mistn/a1701
Lovers' Suiciden/a1710
Nostalgia Across the Sean/a1750s-1760s
Scarlet Camellia, Blooming in the SnowMori KoheitaEarly 18th Century
Fly Up, Young SeagullsShimada Yuutarou1830s
One Night of Stars Tokugawa Yoshimunemid-18th century
Two Pieces of Silvern/alate 18th century
Tenmei Era Fantasyn/alate 18th century
Someday We'll MeetTakayama Ukonlate 18th century
A Small Flower Has Bloomedn/aEdo Period
Shigure Hill Road in Nagasakin/amid-19th century
Complete Devotionn/a19th century
I Won’t Forget the Young Day’s Songn/aEdo Period
Love and Firen/aEdo Period
The Spirit of the SamuraiShinsengumi 1860s
Man of Starlight Shinsengumi1860s
The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate Takasugi Shinsaku, Kusaka Genzui1862
JINSakamoto Ryouma, Katsu Kaishu1862
Young Lion, Shake Your ManeMatsudaira Katamori, Aizu Byakkotai1868-1869
An Actor's Revengen/a19th century
Lovely Miss Kichisan/a(kabuki) 19th century
Jirokichi of the Wind Nakamura Jirokichi (Nezumi Kozō)late 19th century
Osaka Samurain/alate 19th century
Vanished With the Musashino DewHashimoto Saneyana, Kazu-hime, Tokugawa Iemochilate 19th century
Sketches from the Life of Ryoma SakamotoSakamoto Ryouma, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, Katsu Kaishu 1853 - 1867 (likely 1871 prologue)
Stalwart: Sakamoto Ryouma!Sakamoto Ryouma, Oryō, Katsura Kogorōlate 19th century
Ryoma -Stalwart: Sakamoto Ryōma! II-Sakamoto Ryouma, Oryō, Katsura Kogorōlate 19th century
Snowy Landscape: Two Loves & Flowered Hairpinn/aEdo Period
Rain That Stops a Guest From Leavingn/aEdo Period
Bridge of Tears, Bridge of Smilesn/aEdo Period (?)
Kurawankan/aEdo Period (?)
The Visitor: Older Brothern/aEdo Period (?)
Shadow of the Moonn/alate Edo Period
The Winter's Talen/aEdo Period
Pale Dawnn/aEdo Period
The Kawagiri Bridgen/aEdo Period
House Amid the Thicketsn/aLate Edo Period
Another Worldn/aEdo period
Spring, When the Magnolias Bloomn/aEdo Period
When the Last Sword Is DrawnYoshimura Kanichirou, Oono Jirouemonlate Edo Period
Love and Spears and a Box of a Thousand Ryoun/alate Edo Period
Love and a Foghorn and a Silver Watchn/alate Edo Period
Scattering Flowers, Listen to the Whisper of the WindIba Hachirou Hidesatolate 19th century
Love and Firen/a19th century
A Narrow Road of Daphnen/alate Edo Period
Limitlesss Loven/a19th century
My Song Resounds / Beautiful, Secret Seasonsn/a??
Draw Your Swordn/aEdo Period
For as Long as I Liven/alate Edo Period
Spring Nightingale Songn/aEdo Period
Melody of Falling Leavesn/alate Edo Period
Forbidden First Loven/aEdo (?)
Snow Womann/aunknown
Modern Japan (1868 - 1989)
(Meiji, Taisho, Showa)
Noto Love Songn/aearly Meiji Period
One Samurai from Kagoshima Saigou Takamori, Kirino Toshiaki late 19th century
The Wanderer Kenshin Katsura Kogoro, Yamagata Arimoto, Inoue Kaoru 1865 and 1878 (1864 flashback)
The Tale of Tatsu-no-miyan/amid-Meiji Period
In Search of El DoradoIwasaki YatarouMeiji Period
Epiphanyn/aMeiji Period
Growing Upn/aMeiji Period
Eternal Talen/aMeiji Period
Poem of the Wild Chrysanthemumn/alate Meiji Period
Spring Snown/aTaisho Period
Haikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern n/a 1920s
Beyond the Endn/a1920s
Akechi Kogorou’s Incident Report -The Black Lizard-n/a1920s
A Morning BreezeShirasu Jiro1930s-40s
Town of Shooting StarsKitahara Satokopost-WWII
Meadow of Starsn/apost-WWII
The Future / Parallel Universes
Shangri-Lan/apost-apocolyptic future
The Microcosmic War of Dejima n/aParallel Universe Steam Punk Edo Period

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