Prince Tsukigumo


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English Title: Prince Tsukigumo (Prince Cloud-Covered Moon)
Japanese Title: 月雲の皇子
Romanized Title: Tsukigumo no Miko

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2013
Performances: Bow Hall, 05/02 - 05/12; Galaxy Theater, 12/17 - 12/24

Based On: The legend of Princess Sotoori, as found in the Kojiki and the Nihon-shoki.
Author/Director: Ueda Kumiko
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Takahashi Megumi
Choreographer: Sha Tamae, Wakao Risa

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 11/22/18)
Available on DVD: No


Prince Kinashi no Karu (the eldest son of Emperor Ingyou) Tamaki Ryou
Princess Sotoori (the princes' "younger sister") Sakihi Miyu
Prince Anaho (the third son of Emperor Ingyou) Houzuki An
Musanosuguri Ao (a foreigner who is chief of staff in the imperial court) Natsumi You
Akitsu (lady-in-waiting to Princess Sotoori) Kagetsu Miyako
Empress Ooonakatsu (the wife of Emperor Ingyou) Kotone Kazuha
Manu (an old woman in charge of the domestic affairs of the imperial household) / Kiran (Ruku's mother) Shirayuki Sachika
Yashu (a youth of the Spider Clan of Iyo) Takachi Ao
Lord Mononobe no Oomae (an adviser to the emperor) Arise Sou
Gauri (a female soldier in the Spider Clan of Iyo) / Hoozuki (lady-in-waiting to Empress Oonakatsu) Saki Akane
Amiru (a youth of the Spider Clan of Iyo) / Prince Kinashi no Karu (as a boy) Chinami Karan
Lord Mononobe no Komae (an adviser to the emperor) Takasumi Hayato
Popo (a youth of the Spider Clan of Iyo) Hoshiki Tsubasa
Princess Sakami (the fourth daughter of Emperor Ingyou) Sana Yuzuha
Prince Sakai no Kurohiko (the second son of Emperor Ingyou) Hoshina Yutaka
Princess Tachibana no Oo (the third daughter of Emperor Ingyou) Tsuzuki Mia
Ruku (a youth of the Spider Clan of Iyo) Hayami Sei
Prince Yatsuri no Shirohiko (the fourth son of Emperor Ingyou) Kirami Ruise
Poro (an orphan in the Spider Clan of Iyo) / Nadeshiko (a lady-in-waiting of the imperial household) Harune Aki
Hakatoko (a foreigner in charge of record-keeping) Kizuki Yuuma
Prince Oohatsuse (the fifth son of Emperor Ingyou) Asami Jun
Kodemari (a lady-in-waiting of the imperial household) / Prince Anaho (as a boy) Kaede Yuki
Satsuki (a lady-in-waiting of the imperial household) Samomo Satsuki
Hoshihiko (a young boatman) Yumena Rune
Mejika (a girl who performs Shinto rites for the imperial household) Kanoha Toki
Zando (a youth of the Spider Clan of Iyo) Ren Tsukasa

Other Cast: Souya Tomoki, Aose Yuuki, Asagiri Makoto, Kashiro Aoi



In the time of the dawn of the Yamato Imperial Court, a tale of forbidden love between a prince and princess. Prince Kinashi no Karu has a rival in the imperial succession, Prince Anaho (his younger brother), and a beautiful "younger sister".

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