House Amid the Thickets / Ravir

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English Title: House Amid the Thickets / Ravir
Japanese Title: 浅茅が宿 / ラヴィール
Romanized Title: Asaji ga Yado / Raviiru

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1999
Performances: Chunichi Theater, 02/02 - 02/21

House Amid the Thickets:

Based On: The short story "House Amid the Thickets" in Ueda Akinari's Ugetsu Monogatari.
Author/Director: Sakai Sumio
Music: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko
Choreography: Hanayagi Yoshijirou, Houdou Kouka


Author/Director: Nakamura Kazunori
Music: Nishimura Kouji, Kai Masato, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreography: Nakura Kayoko, Ieki Hiroshi, Ai Erina, Ootani Morio, Miyazaki Atsumi

Available on DVD: No


Katsushirou (a young man from the east country)Todoroki Yuu
Miyagi (Katsushirou's fiancee) / Manago (daugher of an aristocrat)Tsukikage Hitomi
Buddhist PriestEbira Kaoru
Kashiwagi (Katsushiro's mother)Asuka Yuu
Soujirou (Katsushirou's best friend)Kouju Tatsuki
Maroya (Manako's maidservant)Itsumine Aki
Isoji (Tokisada's lady-in-waiting)Marioka Tomomi
Sagami Genta (warrior of Bandou)Kazahaya Yuu
Tokisada (major general in the capitol)Aran Kei
Kazuma (Tokisada's vassal)Naruse Kouki
Rinya (Manago's page)Takashiro Kei
Yasushige (Tokisada's vassal)Tatsuki You
Suzuna (little girl)Aida Megu
Miyagi as a girl / Kikyou (little girl)Konno Mahiru
Katsushirou as a boyAmase Izuru

Others: Tasai Shun, Chiya Akira, Miho Keiko, Kasai Hitomi, Arisa Miho, Yuu Naoki, Mizutani Shino, Tamaki Kaho, Yumena Saya, Namiki Akira, Ere Marina, Kazami Yoshiki, Yurika Shiho, Marina Miho, Maisaka Yukiko, Tachibana Riya, Misumi Kanon, Shiroka Koyu, Chisaki Maria, Makise Kai, Houju Konatsu, Hijiri Rei, Anjou Shiki, Otozuki Kei, Sawane Kazuki



House Amid the Thickets

Katsushiro's dream is to go the the big city. He is always day-dreaming about going, seeing the sights, and learning things there, but he doesn't quite have the courage to leave. Finally, his best friend Soujirou convinces him that now is the time to go. Katsushirou promises his mother and his fiancee Miyagi that he will return in three years. Miyagi give him a protection charm from a nearby temple, and in return Katsushirou gives her a flute he has had since he was a little boy. The two young men set out. Miyagi, watching them go, suddenly falls to her knees, looking ill. Katsushirou's mother realizes, horrified, that she is pregnant, but Miyagi will not let her call Katsushirou back and ruin his dream.

Along the way, and in the capital they see amazing things, and beautiful clothing. They are wide-eyed in astonishment. They also run into a very mysterious monk, who warns them to keep their eyes open, before disappearing with a promise that they will likely meet again. In the capital, they look up General Tokisada, a man with roots in their own area. He takes the two amusing and innocent young men into his entourage.

One day, Katsushirou seeks shelter from a sudden downpour under the eve of a doorway. A beautiful woman appears. They trade greetings, and Katsushirou convinces her to take his umbrella to spare herself from the rain. She is regally grateful, and tells him he must come to call on her so that she can return it. Soujirou belatedly arrives to find his friend bemused and missing his umbrella, and can't get anything coherent out of him, except the word: "Beautiful."

Some time later, Katsushirou goes out to the woman's home. Her name is Manago, and she is obviously a lady of good breeding. Manago and her servants entice Katsushirou to stay longer than he intended, and he seems to almost fall into a trance as he watches Manago dance. He joins her. She gives him a sword and sends him on his way.

He meets the monk again, and again the monk warns him that he is giving too much credence to dreams. He tells him to keep Miyagi's charm close to him, as it is the only think that can help him now.

Tokisada and his household is in an uproar over a band of Bandou warriors. All kinds of rumors are flying as to the unspeakable acts they are doing, and Tokisada's young men are determined to fight them, if given a chance. Katsushirou stumbles home, in a strange daze. Siujirou is worried about him, and particularly worried about the strange, expensive-looking sword he is carrying. Katsushirou says he was given it, and Soujirou accuses him of stealing it. Their lord appears, and the sword is recognized as belonging to a lord who was recently attacked. Katsushirou is accused of stealing it, or worse.

Katsushirou denies it, and Soujirou supports him. When Katsushirou tells his story, the lord and his men are suspicious, never having heard of the sumptuous house Katsushirou describes. The lord orders Katsushirou to guide them to these suspicious women.

Meanwhile, Manago is talking to her attendants. They scold her for giving away the sword, and tell her that now the only thing to do is kill Katsushirou. She is very reluctant, but finally agrees.

Tokisada and his men arrive. They search the premises and find more things with crests and seals of lords who had recently been attacked. Tokisada orders his men to capture the women attendants. Suddenly, Manago appears from behind a screen. She has a wild and fey appearance. Tokisada takes one look at her and names her: demon. The samurai and the demons begin to fight. Katsushirou, meanwhile, has gone completely back into the dreamy half-awareness when he sees Manago again. They dance, while around them all of the samurai are killed.

Darkness. Soujirou arrives, and shakes Katsushirou awake. He is the sole survivor. Suddenly, the monk is there again. He tells them they have been living too much in their dreams, and pointedly asks Katsushirou where his treasure, his love, is. They argue with the monk, who disappears yet again. Katsushirou and Soujirou suddenly realize they have been in the city for 7 years now, long past their promised time. Katsushirou apologizes to Soujirou for keeping him here, to a place which is no longer their dream, but has become quite dark. They decide to return home.

A flashback of a younger Katsushirou and Miyagi as children together fades into a misty scene of Miyagi being taunted and chased by Bandou men. Outnumbered, she grabs one of their swords and cuts her own throat.

As they travel home, Soujirou meets with a band of Bandou warriors. Although he tries to bluff their way through, at last Soujirou cannot let their taunts go on, and accuses them of being traitors. The Bandou realize he must be one of Tokisada's, and attack. Katsushirou arrives, and the two friends fight valiantly, though impossibly outnumbered. Soujirou is struck down by their leader, Sagami Genta. Katsushirou, infuriated, kills Sagami, and the few remaining men flee. Soujirou dies in his friend's arms.

Katsushirou arrives home at last, at the cherry tree where he parted from Miyagi she greets him, and he apologizes tearfully for breaking his promise. She is simply glad to see him again. He promises never to leave her side again. He gives her a kimono he brought her from the city, and they dance. Suddenly, the scene changes. He comes back to himself. The little cherry tree is actually grown now, and he sees a grave marker beneath it with the kimono draped over it. It bears Miyagi's name, and he realizes that he was dreaming yet again, and that Miyagi had been waiting for him still, the only way she could. He despairs. His dream made no one happy, and in fact brought misery to those he loved. Suddenly, an old woman and a young child come to the tree. The woman spots Katsushirou — it is his mother. The child, he learns, is Tokimaru, his and Miyagi's child.


1~3 Prologue

A revue style openning.

Revue Etoile: Todoroki Yuu
Revue Garcon: Asuka Yuu, Tasai Shun, Chiya Akira, Kazahaya Yuu, Yuu Naoki, Takashiro Kei, Tatsuki You, Namiki Akira

Revue Gentleman S: Todoroki Yuu
Revue Lady S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Revue Gentleman A: Kouju Tatsuki, Aran Kei, Naruse Kouki
Ravir Girls A: Itsumine Aki, Konno Mahiru

4~6 Night Cafe

A gentleman and a lady's maneuvers for love.

Gentleman: Kouju Tatsuki
Lady: Konno Mahiru

7~10 Egypt

The unforgivable love of an Egyptian girl and a panther.

Panther S: Todoroki Yuu
Egyptian Girl: Tsukikage Hitomi
Panthers: Itsumine Aki, Aran Kei, Naruse Kouki, Takashiro Kei, Tachibana Riya, Amase Izuru, Makise Kai

11~15 Gypsy Passion

A moment of getting carried along with gypsy music, and dancing gloriously.

Gypsy Man S: Todoroki Yuu
Gypsy Woman S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Gypsy Men A: Kouju Tatsuki, Aran Kei, Naruse Kouki

16~17 Dance Jazzin'

A jazz dance scene from the dancers of Yukigumi.

Singing Man: Takashiro Kei

Dancing Man S: Todoroki Yuu
Dancing Woman S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Dancing Men A: Kouju Tatsuki, Aran Kei, Naruse Kouki

18~21 Finale

The rockette line dance, an otokoyaku-only number, the pair dance.

Rockette Boy: Tatsuki You

Singing Gentleman A: Shiokaze Kou
Dancing Gentleman A: Aran Kei
Dancing Lady A: Itsumine Aki
Singing Gentleman A: Naruse Kouki
Ladies A: Aida Megu, Konno Mahiru

Dancing Man S: Kouju Tatsuki

Dancing Gentleman S: Todoroki Yuu
Dancing Lady S: Tsukikage Hitomi

22 Parade

Etoile: Konno Mahiru

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