Butterfly Lovers/Southern Cross Revue III

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English Title: Butterfly Lovers/Southern Cross Revue III
Japanese Title: 蝶・恋(ディエ・リエン) -燃え尽きるとも-/サザンクロス・レビューIII
Romanized Title: Die Rien - Moetsukiru Tomo - /Sazankurosu Rebyuu III

Troupe: Star
Year: 2003
Performances: National Tour: 4/25 - 5/18

Butterfly Lovers
Based On:
Author/Director: Ueda Shinji
Music: Yoshida Yuuko
Choreography: Hanayagi Yoshijirou

Southern Cross Revue III
Based On:
Author/Director: Kusano Akira
Music: Takahashi Kuni, Kuratomi Shinichi, Miyagawa Akira
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Shou Sumire, Nakura Kayoko, Ueshima Yukio, Iga Yuuko, Wakao Risa

Available on DVD: Yes (released 10/20/06)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: Yes
The song from scene 12E Rio (singer: Ema Naoki, etc.), Southern Cross Revue, was cut.


Yukiwaka (a young man who has come to the capital from Aki to learn Bugaku)Kozuki Wataru
Kirine (like Yukiwaga, Kirine has an eye on getting a Bugaku positon, but in reality she is a daughter of the land of Hitachi)Dan Rei
Seigetsuni (Kirine's nurse)Jou Hiroe
Yoshikiyo (Kirine's uncle)Ema Naoki
Noritsune (Yukiwaka and Kirine's Bugaku teacher)Nishiki Ai
Korenaka (Noritsune's pupil)Shiomi Maho
Suetoki (Noritsune's pupil)Suzumi Shio
Messenger (brings the message to Kirine that her father is on the verge of death)Yuzuki Reon

Other Cast: Shinobu Murasaki, Takao Rio, Shiomi Maho, Shiran Masumi, Miki Chigusa, Momoka Sari, Ayame Hikaru, Marino Yui, Kanou Chika, Mine Keito, Suzuno Katsuki, Hoshikaze Erena, Aozora Yahiro, Koto Marie, Haoto Rino, Mashio Shin, Sendou Kaho, Mishiro Ren, Ryouma Tomo, Minami Mari, Umezono Sachi, Amao Keika, Kazuki Shin, Mikoto Sanae, Yumeno Seika, Minaho Sari, Maiha Megumi



Butterfly Lovers

Set in the Heian Age, this is the tale of Yukiwaka and Kirine, two young men who have both come to the capital to learn Bugaku (court dance). They are both learning together, and grow close as siblings as they aim to become official Bugaku dancers.

However, Kirine has a secret. She is actually a young lady from Hitachi. For two years, with her father's blessing, she has come to the capital in pursuit of her ambition to learn Bugaku. However, women are not allowed to learn Bugaku, so she has concealed her identity and pretends to be a young man.

Kirine secretly falls in love with Yukiwaka, but continues to keep her secret from him. Then one day during rehearsals he realizes she is a woman. She is overjoyed to not have to deceive him anymore, and admits her feelings to him. The two fall in love.

It is then that a messenger arrives with the news that Kirine's father is deathly ill. Kirine and Yukiwaka make a vow to meet again, and Kirine returns home. Her father dies suddenly, and in order to protect the family, Kirine's uncle determines to marry her to his son. Despairing, Kirine commits suicide. Shortly after that, Yukiwaka sets out to find her....

Southern Cross Revue in China


A Carioca crowd clad in vibrant colors. They begin the intense carnival.

Carioca Man S: Kozuki Wataru
Carioca Woman S: Dan Rei
Carioca Men A: Ema Naoki, Takao Rio, Shiomi Maho, Mine Keito, Yuzuki Reon
Carioca Women A: Kanou Chika, Koto Marie
Carnival Queen: Hoshikaze Erena
Dos: Shinobu Murasaki
Uno: Nishiki Ai

Carioca Man (singer): Shiomi Maho


Cuba, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Three young men dance heatedly in the carnival night.

Mambo No. 1: Shiomi Maho
Dos: Shinobu Murasaki
Uno: Nishiki Ai
Pipirochi: Ema Naoki
Peperochi: Kanou Chika
Poporochi: Momoka Sari
Paparochi: Yuzuki Reon

Latin Man S: Suzumi Shio
Latin Men A: Takao Rio, Mine Keito

Buenos Aires

Night at a men-only tango club. Gentlemen in tailcoats dance a bewitching dance.

Buenos Aires Man S: Kozuki Wataru
Buenos Aires Men A: Ema Naoki, Shiomi Maho, Suzumi Shio, Yuzuki Reon

Duos: Shinobu Murasaki

Brazilian Night

The Rio Carnival! The stars sing a Latin Medley.

Rio Man S: Kozuki Wataru
Rio Woman A: Dan Rei
Rio Men A: Takao Rio, Shiomi Maho, Suzumi Shio, Yuzuki Reon
Rio Man (Singer): Mine Keito
Rio Woman (Singer): Kanou Chika

Fiesta Man: Kozuki Wataru
Fiesta Woman: Dan Rei

Butterfly Carnival

The butterfly singer arrives and sings a love song. A crowd of butterflies dance.

Butterfly Singer: Dan Rei
Butterfly Dancers:
Mariposa (solo singer): Suzumi Shio

Patagonia ~ Carnival Fantastic

Tragedy under the sparkling Southern Cross for visiting lovers.

Nonino: Kozuki Wataru
Juanita: Dan Rei
Bernardo: Ema Naoki
Riff: Takao Rio
Krupke: Shiomi Maho
Chino: Suzumi Shio
Anita: Kanou Chika
Graziella: Momoka Sari
Anybody: Umezono Sachi
Dos: Shinobu Murasaki
Uno: Nishiki Ai
Nonino's Shadow: Kano Seiya
Juanita's Shadow: Maiha Megumi

Southern Cross Revue (Finale)

The carnival's great parade.

Etoile: Dan Rei

Other Information

The official homepage for composer Miyagawa Akira can be found here.


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