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English Title: Yearning for My Husband - Your Speechless Soul -
Japanese Title: 想夫恋 -言の葉もなき、君の心-
Romanized Title: Soufuren - Kotonoha mo Naki, Kimi no Kokoro -

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2006
Performances: Bow Hall, 2/3 - 2/12

Based On: The Kogou section of "The Tale of the Heike"
Author/Director: Kodama Akiko
Music: Yoshida Yuuko
Choreography: Yamamura Waka, Ishii Jun

Available on DVD: No


Fujiwara no Tomoie, Takafusa's cousinHokushou Kairi
Kogou, a beautiful woman admired for her koto playingShirosaki Ai
Emperor TakakuraAoki Izumi
Fujiwara no Takafusa, Tomoie's adopted brotherAsumi Rio
Taira no Kiyomori, Grand Minister, influential manRitsu Tomomi
Fujiwara no Takasue, Takafusa's fatherIsono Chihiro
Fujiwara no Shigenori, Kogou's father, Sakura-machi CounselorKusunoki Keika
Taira no Tokitada, Kiyomori's brother-in-lawKen Ruisu
Taira no Tokuko, Kiyomori's daughter, Takakura's empress-consortAoba Michiru
Taira no Tokizane, Tokitada's sonEnoki Touya
Taira no Sukeko, Kiyomori's daughterAsahana Rinka
Fujio, Takafusa's aunt who raised himTakigawa Sueko
Migiwa, lady-in-waitingHoujou Rumi
Otowa, lady-in-waitingHazuki Sara
Kisaragi, lady-in-waitingHazaki Mana
Sagiri, loyal to the Cloistered EmperorAyao June
Yayoi, lady-in-waitingKotone Kazuha
Ukyou, loyal to Emperor TakakuraKaidou Nozomu
Fujiwara no Tomoie (as a boy)Tsuzumi Eika
Fujiwara no Takafusa (as a boy)Sawaki Rizu



A story set in the Heian Period. Kogou is betrothed to Takafusa, but is in love with Tomoie (Takafusa's adopted brother), mainly because of his lovely flute-playing.

Taira no Kiyomori is scheming to gain tighter control of the imperial throne. He has made his daughter Tokuko empress, and plans to force the current young emperor into retirement as soon as his grandson is born. However, when he hears that Kogou and Takafusa's families will be cementing a closer alliance through marriage, he turns his attention toward diffusing this by starting rumors of a coup by the two families. Takafusa is forced to cancel the betrothal on his wedding night and to make a false statement implicating Kogou's father.

Not yet satisfied, both Kiyomori and the Cloistered Emperor Go-Shirakawa send men to arrest and kill Takafusa so that their plotting is not revealed. Tomoie tries to protect his brother, but the Cloistered Emperor's agent Sagiri manages to wound him. Tomoie beats Sagiri, but then allows him to leave. Sagiri does, vowing revenge for the humiliation. Unable to escape, Takafusa begs Tomoie to help him commit suicide. Torn, but not willing to leave his vulnerable brother to their enemies' mercy, Tomoie strikes the mercy blow. Kogou returns just in time to see what looks to her like an attack. Tomoie refuses to reveal what actually happened.

Kogou is stolen away in the confusion and used by Tokuko to draw the emperor's attention away from his beloved concubine. Tokuko is determined both to have revenge on the concubine who keeps the emperor's attention away from her and on her father for manipulating her. She succeed, as the emperor falls in love with Kogou and the concubine commits suicide. Horrified, Kogou leaves the palace. The emperor falls into a decline, and Tomoie searches for Kogou to beg her to return to the emperor's side.

Kogou does return, but because she gives the emperor a daughter, Kiyomori is able to drive her away from the palace once more. Kogou becomes a nun. Tokuko finally births a son, and shortly thereafter the emperor dies. Tomoie makes his final farewells with his family and Kogou before Sagiri finally tracks him down to extract his revenge.

Other Information

  • Hokushou Kairi actually plays the bamboo flute and Shirosaki Ai actually plays the koto several times throughout this performance.
  • "Soufuren" ("Yearning for My Husband") is an ancient, famous song.


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