Paper Making Love Song / Valencian Passion


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English Title: Paper Making Love Song / Valencian Passion
Japanese Title: 紙すき恋歌 / バレンシアの熱い花
Romanized Title: Kamisuki Koiuta / Barenshia no Atsui Hana

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1976
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 11/12 - 12/5
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 11/26

Paper Making Love Song:

Author/Director: Oozeki Hiromasa
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi
Choreographer: Watanabe Takeo
Conductor/Choral Conductor: Totoki Kazuo

Valencian Passion:

Author/Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Composer: Terada Takio, Kawasaki Tsuneo
Choreographer: Kita Hiroshi, Kawakami Gorou, Oka Masami
Conductor: Nomura Youji
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Available on DVD: No


Paper Making Love Song

Higashiyama YaemonSetouchi Miya
Fujiichi, Yaemon's friendJun Mitsuki
Setsu, Hanzaemon's daughterMai Koyuki
Shizu, a female paper makerKomatsu Miho
Youzou, manservantFujishiro Jun
Kiku, Yaemon's beloved in NajioKitahara Chikoto
Yaemon's MotherHayama Michiko
ShichisaburouMizushiro Tamamo
Hanzaemon, master of a paper making shopOoji Michio
OshouOki Yukiko
KannushiMizunose Akira
JinzaEnatsu Jun
KijurouAriake Jun

Valencian Passion

RoleCastShinko Cast
FernandoHaruna Yuri *Jou Haruki
RodrigoSetouchi Miya Daichi Mao
RamonJun Mitsuki Sei Renka
IsabellaKomatsu Miho Kuni Natsuki
SylviaMai Koyuki Ushio Haruka
MargaritaKitahara Chikoto Nono Hikari
Count LucanorOki Yukiko Remi Ryou
CelestinaOoji Michio Shiga Midori
General LeonMizushiro Tamamo Natori Rei
Don Juan CalderoFujishiro Jun Kuni Chihiro
MarcosEnatsu Jun Ema Chiaki
LeandroAriake Jun Yuubi Ai
Antonio Sei Renka Seri Machika
Colonel LucasJou Haruki Takashou Megumi
BarcaMizunose Akira Sono Miharu
CasarusMiho Masaki Hida Midori
JorgeHayama Michiko Saori Mitsuyo
LolaKumi Kaoru Kyou Misa
FrasquitaAi Erina Kurenai Hitomi
JuanitaMatsukata Rika Kaze Kaoru
WifeSuzu Reiko
Officer 1Remi Ryou
Officer 2Takashou Megumi
Officer 3Yuubi Ai
Woman 1Yakumo Akemi
Man 1Hida Midori
Man 2Kazama Iriya
Man 3Chihara Yuuri
SoldierSaori Mitsuyo
StewardHanakouji Jun

  • According to 宝塚今昔物語 (Takarazuka Then and Now) written by the former producer Hashimoto Masao, Haruna Yuri was suddenly hospitalized on the first day of the run, and Jou Haruki substituted for her from 11/12 to 11/14. Due to her also being busy in shinko rehearsals, she was excluded from Paper Making Love Song cast for those three days. Haruna Yuri returned on 11/15.

Other Cast: Mizuno Ryou, Sumikawa Akemi, Narumi Yuki, Minami Mariyo, An Urara, Mina Yukiho, Misa Noeru, Iku Katsumi, Dan Natsuki, Ura Matsuho, Sha Miyo, Ran Konomi, Wakou Asuka, Tsurugi Miyuki, Hime Hakuchou, Nobara Akemi, Yamazato Shiori, Yasato Gou, Ougi Chika, Ouzora Maki, Hinami Reika, Nozomi Yuuko, Matsuka Michiru, Hinotori Mina, Anjou Hijiri, Arata Chihiro, Eri Miyuki, Asa Hikari, Ookawa Reo, Mayu Natsumi, Miyo Kaori, Saijou Anna



Paper Making Love Song

In the later half of the 16th century, Higashiyama Yaemon sets out to steal the secrets of paper-making in order to save his village of Najio from poverty. He slips into the lives of the people of Gokasho, where the master of a paper making business wishes for Yaemon to marry his daughter Setsu. This would make it possible for Yaemon to learn the paper making secrets, however he already has his beloved Kiku left behind in Najio....

Valencian Passion

A larger-than-life musical about revenge and love set in Spain, at the beginning of the 19th century.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, political unrest is prevailing in Spain. After Napoleon invades the country and enthrones his elder brother Joseph as King of Spain, people are rising in revolt everywhere against the French rule. The Lord of Valencia Prince Lucanor is listening to Colonel Lucas, Captain of the royal guards at his castle. The colonel tells Lucanor that his spy Jorge has divulged secret information about General Leon preparing some rebel action in Valencia. However, Lucanor does not believe the news, saying that the general is enjoying his retired life too much to take such action. Celestina comes in during the meeting and complains to Lucanor about the distress of the citizens. In her position as the marquise and widow of the ex-lord of Valencia, Celestina cannot overlook the situation. He gives no ear to her warning that the citizens may riot against the heavy taxes that are squeezing them. When he learns that Celestina’s son Fernando Delvarez has come home after a two-year absence, he remains indifferent.

As the news of Fernando Delvarez’ return is reaching Lucanor, Fernando is already meeting with General Leon. The general tells him of a letter that the robber Don Juan Caldero stole. It proves that Prince Lucanor plotted the assassination of Fernando’s father and sent the assassin to carry out the plot. Fernando burns with hatred against Lucanor and vows revenge. The general advises him to leave the army and pass himself off as a playboy. He also suggests that Fernando not tell his mother and his fiance Margarita of his intentions until he has attained his end. Although he cares about Margarita who has been patiently waiting for him during his service in the Majorca Island, Fernando decides to retaliate against Lucanor first.

A pompous soiree is held at Prince Lucanor’s castle. In a corner of the hall, Prince Lucanor’s second wife Sylvia is with the prince’s nephew Rodrigo Granados, who was her lover. Sylvia’s father had been arrested for treason, and was released in exchange for her marrying the prince. She chose to marry the prince although she loved Rodrigo. Rodrigo still deeply loves Sylvia. Fernando, who is also present at the soiree, notices the burning hatred against Lucanor in the eyes of his friend Rodrigo, and invites him to the downtown bar El Patio.

Ramon and Isabella are singing while dancers are dancing the flamenco at El Patio. Rodrigo, drinking at a table, rudely declines the invitation of Isabella to dance and provokes a brawl with Ramon who loves her. Fernando arrives just as Rodrigo and Ramon agree to settle their quarrel with a duel. They make quite a commotion in the bar. Fernando immediately intervenes and is successful in reconciling them. In a small room of the bar, Fernando reveals to Rodrigo his plan to bring down Lucanor. Fernando tells Rodrigo that the time has come to rise up now that the anti-Lucanor volunteers are increasing. Rodrigo wholeheartedly agrees with Fernando, vowing to fight together with him.

People talk about the Black Angels that attack Lucanor’s followers. In fact, Fernando and Rodrigo assassinate the prince’s followers one by one every night under the name of Black Angels. Fernando is perhaps too sure that the identities of the Black Angels are kept secret, given that the whole town is talking about the Black Angels. Isabella finds out that one of the Black Angels is Fernando. When she first met him, Fernando’s smoldering personality captivated her. He is aware that he was naturally drawn to Isabella from the moment he first saw her. They feel strongly attracted to each other. However, he recognizes in his heart that Margarita awaits him, trusting him completely.

Fernando and other volunteers get together on the outskirts of the city of Valencia. Ramon arrives, dressed just like Fernando. Ramon has decided to join Fernando and the volunteers to seek his own revenge against Lucanor: a follower of Lucanor has shot dead Ramon’s younger sister Lola during a nighttime festival.

More volunteers join together in order to fight for the sake of their Valencia. Soon begins the decisive battle that Fernando and his company have been anticipating. When General Leon orders the volunteers to set out, they start marching toward Lucanor’s castle, united by their aim of assuring a new future for Valencia.

Other Information

  • Najio was located about where Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture is today.
  • Valencian Passion was serialized as a comic by Chiho Saitou in the 1998 Takarazuka Graphs, from September to December, along with 4 other productions. The four were collected in a comic book of the same title in 1999: (Flower Comics Special, ISBN:409133802X).
  • Valencia no Atsui Hana was performed again in 2007 by Cosmos Troupe, starring Yamato Yuuga, Hizuki Hana, Ranju Tomu, and Hokushou Kairi.


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