Rain That Stops a Guest From Leaving

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Show Information
English Title: Rain That Stops a Guest From Leaving
Japanese Title: やらずの雨
Romanized Title: Yarazu no Ame

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2006
Performances: Bow Hall, 6/16 - 6/25

Based On:
Author/Director: Tani Masazumi

Available on DVD: No


TokubeiOtozuki Kei
O-HatsuJunya Chitose
JinbeiNatori Rei
O-KouAkari Nami
KazuyaAyana Oto
Urasato / KameKaho Anna
YotarouShiraho Rin
O-Se / MatsuyakkoHanao Konomi
TasukeIsaki Maoto
KomoheiSaika Ryou
Takeyakko / O-SodeAihara Mika
Kondou / TokijirouKaryou Shizuru
Kasegawa / UmeyakkoYuuzuki Rena
Hachigorou / HankouAsakaze Rei
Kanpei / WakashuuOuka Reno
O-Kame / HiyayakkoKonohana Inori
Tomekichi / MokubeiTouma Kazuki
Genbei / SeirokuUtakaze Sui
O-Take / Kisegawa / TsurukichiShiranagi Suzu
SaheijiOuga Mitsuki



Tokubei is the young master of a store in Fukagawa, but he is at heart a libertine. In the Yanagibashi district he exhausts himself in self-indulgence. His father Jinbei spoils his only son and turns his eyes away, but when his son goes too far and steals money from the store without admitting it, Jinbei loses his last thread of hope and disinherits his son.

Although he will be disinherited, obstinate Tokubei flees from home. But without money he runs out of options. At first his friend takes him in, but after three days of freeloading her attitude grows cold. Tokubei decides the only way left is to throw himself in the river... As he goes through Yanagibashi, he meets a geisha named O-Hatsu who was his childhood friend. Tokubei is overjoyed, but knowing that Jinbei disowned his son in the hopes that he would reform, O-Hatsu steels her heart with resolve.

The next day, Tokubei sees a worker walk by bearing a basket full of squash on a carrying pole. Driven by the words of O-Hatsu to "earn your living with your own power", he takes up a job with a carrying-pole, but....

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