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Misaki Megumi



Picture Credit: Caithion / Akatsuki no Roma

Standard Profile Information

Name: Misaki Megumi
Kanji: 御﨑 惠
Position: Conductor
Former Takarasienne: No

Blood Type:

First Takarazuka Work: 1999 The Revue '99



YEARTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2019Dream On!Bow HallFlower


YEARTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2023 Flügel / A Kaleidoscope of LifeMain (Mura)Moon
2023Death Takes a HolidayTokyu Theatre OrbMoon
2022The Pleiades in the BlueMainSnow
2022Yumesuke's Dream - Senryo Souvenir / Sensational!Main (Mura)Snow
2021-22Genroku Baroque Rock / The Fascination!Main (Tokyo)Flower
2021City Hunter / Fire Fever!MainSnow
2020Valley of XuanyaoMainStar
2019When the Last Sword Is DrawnMainSnow
2018Castle of the White Heron / Outsiders in the RenaissanceMainCosmos
2018Singin' In the RainTBS Akasaka ACT TheaterMoon
2017Bouquet de TAKARAZUKAMainStar
2016Me and My GirlMain (Tokyo)Flower
2015Catch Me if You CanAkasaka ACT / Drama CityStar
2015PHOENIX Takarazuka!!Main (Tokyo)Cosmos
2015A Song For KingdomsMain (Tokyo)Cosmos
2015Lupin IIIMain (Tokyo)Snow
2014ElisabethMain (Tokyo)Flower
2014Maeda KeijiMain (Takarazuka)Snow
2014TAKARAZUKA ∞ Dazzling DreamsMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2013The Poem of Love and RevolutionMain (Tokyo)Flower
2013Gone With the WindMain (Tokyo)Cosmos
2013Amour de 99!!MainCosmos
2012-13Etoile de TakarazukaMain (Tokyo)Star
2012Danza SerenataMain (Takarazuka)Star
2012Romeo & JulietteMainMoon
2011-12Ocean's 11Main (Tokyo)Star
2011Classico ItalianoMain (Takarazuka)Cosmos
2011Nova Bossa NovaMain Star
2010-11For Whom the Bell TollsMain (Tokyo)Cosmos
2010Exciter!!Main (Tokyo)Flower
2010The Treasure Sword of HabsburgMainStar
2009The Rose of VersaillesMainFlower
2009Amour, it's something like...Main (Tokyo)Cosmos
2009Heat on BeatMainMoon
2009ZorroMain (Tokyo)Snow
2008Red Hot SeaMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2008La MariposaMain (Takarazuka)Snow
2008Paradise PrinceMainCosmos
2008Singin' in the RainUmeda Arts TheaterCosmos
2007Love SymphonyMainFlower
2007Space Fantasista!MainCosmos
2006-07The Classical MusicMain: AssistantCosmos
2006Rome at DawnMain: AssistantMoon
2005Palermo Shines in the Setting SunMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2005Neo VoyageMain (Takarazuka): AssistantCosmos
2005Ernest in LoveUmeda Arts TheaterMoon
2005Soul of Shiva!!Main (Takarazuka)Star
2005The Legend of the RevueMain (Tokyo and Takarazuka): AssistantCosmos
2004-05In Quest of the Blue BirdMain (Takarazuka)Snow
2004Takarazuka Splendor IIMain (Takarazuka): AssistantMoon
2004PhantomMain (Takarazuka): AssistantCosmos
2004Takarazuka SplendorMainStar
2003-04Seal of RosesMain (Takarazuka): AssistantMoon
2003-04Temptation!Main (Takarazuka): AssistantCosmos
2003A Song for KingdomsMain: AssistantStar
2003Senor Don JuanMain: AssistantMoon
2002With a Song in My HeartMain: AssistantMoon
2002The ShowstopperMain: AssistantCosmos
2002Memories of BarcelonaMainSnow
2001-02Dancing Spirit!Main: AssistantCosmos
2001The Rose of Versailles 2001: Fersen and Marie AntoinetteMain: AssistantCosmos
2000JazzmaniaMain: AssistantMoon
2000Arch of TriumphMainSnow
1999The Revue '99Main: AssistantFlower

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YEARTitleMain or Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant


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