Liebessonate / ESP!!

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English Title: Liebessonate (Love Sonata) / ESP!!
Japanese Title: 愛のソナタ /「ESP!!」
Romanized Title: Ai no Sonata / ESP!!

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2001
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 5/18 - 7/2
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 6/12


Based On: Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss & Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Adaptor/Director: Kimura Shinji
Composer: Kai Masato
Choreographers: Hayama Kiyomi, Takemura Rui, Masaki Rino, Wakao Risa
Shinjin Kouen Director: Suzuki Kei


Adaptor/Director: Sakai Sumio
Director: Kimura Shinji
Composer: Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi, Miyahara Tooru
Choreographers: Hayama Kiyomi, Maeda Kiyomi, Kenji Nakao, Wakao Rio

Available on DVD: VHS only (ESP only, with Ima Sumire Hana Saku)


RoleMain CastShinjinkoen Cast
Count Octavian RofranoMakoto Tsubasa Yamato Yuuga
Sophie (Count Faninal's daughter)Dan Rei Hanase Mizuka
Baron Ochs (Marie-Therese's cousin)Shibuki Jun Ryouga Haruhi
Marie-Therese (the Marschallin)Mimi Anri Saijou Mie
Nikolaus (Ochs' follower)Shiokaze Kou Hokushou Kairi
Count Faninal (Sophie's father)Ritsu Tomomi Keiju Mana
Annina (Margarete's foster mother)Natsukawa Yura Kanou Chika
Hermann (Ochs' follower)Yamato Yuuga Mano Sugata
Youri (Ochs' clerk)Shiomi Maho Kusunoki Keika
Georg (Marie-Therese's servant)Kiriya Hiromu Shijou Rui
Otto (Ochs' follower)Oozora Yuuhi Takaki Amane
Margarete (Ochs' love at home)Saijou Mie Shirahane Yuri
Chamberlain (Octavian's valet)Kitajima Mami Aoki Izumi
The DoctorKitajima Mami Seijou Kaito
Richard (Annina's husband)Kouki Subaru Isshiki Ruka
Benjamin (Emperor of the Night) Yoshizuki Eri Ken Ruisu
Child SophieKanou Chika Mihou Aya
Flower SellerTaiju Maki Madoka Sakura
Public Police 1Taiju Maki Fuuga Minato
Public Police 2Koshino Ryuu Moeki Ayato
PageArika Jun Asagiri Shino
Page (Marie's)Ayura Kao Chigusa Kotomi
Page (Marie's)Isshiki Ruka Mamiya Yuki
Ochs' RetinueKusunoki Keika Seo Mitsuki
Ochs' RetinueRyouga Haruhi Asabuki Yuika
Ochs' RetinueShijou Rui Ayana Oto
Ochs' RetinueHokushou Kairi Natsuki Reo

Other Cast: Mihara Shiho, Natsuno Saki, Suzuna Mio, Honami Aria, Akane Mitsuki, Kazaho Yuuri, Kanon Shiori, Asama Moyu, Takigawa Sueko, Memu Chisato, Natsume Rin, Houjou Rumi, Shiina Aoi, Yukina Tsugumi, Otoki Sunao, Suzushiro Marina, Mano Sugata, Hazuki Sara, Amano Hotaru, Touka Yurino, Shirosaki Ai, Aoba Michiru, Hihou Kokoro, Shiki Erio, Aino Riho



In the feudal days in Europe, Baron Ochs von Lerchenau, a prodigal and philogynous country noble, has squandered all his property, going bankrupt. He has accordingly decided to marry Sophie von Faninal, the only daughter of a wealthy and freshly peered Viennese bourgeois. He has broken free of his local love, Margarete, and has left for Vienna with a few followers, including Nikolaus, virtually in a manner of moonlight flitting.

In her boudoir, Marie-Therese addressed as the young Marschallin (the Marshal's wife) is embraced by her young and handsome lover, Count Octavian Rofrano. While sleeping during their brief period of happiness the clatter of hoofs is heard outside. They are flustered, assuming the Marshal has come back. Octavian hides in the dressing room. The unexpected visitor id the Marschallin's cousin, Baron Ochs, who has come to ask her what cavalier could present Sophie with the silver engagement rose. She suggests Octavian, who at the moment is disguised as the chambermaid "Mariandel" and is trying to escape, but is lusted after by Ochs who mistajes him for Octavian's sister. Furthermore, Ochs has no scruples about saying that he is marrying Sophie for money. When at length the baron leaves them, the Marschallin and Octavian bored by his pretension feel relieved and yet Octavian finds himself stuck with the role of the cavalier.

Left alone, the Marschallin falls into melancholy. She muses sadly on her waning youth, and resignedly foresees that one day her young lover will relinquish her, however earnestly she turns to him for the love badly wanting in her marriage with the Marshal.

The Faninals are axcited at the engagement ceremony shortly to take place. Sophie, pretty as well as inexperienced, is feeling thrilled in expectation of the rosenkavalier and the unseen future bridegroom. Octavian dressed in white enters the Faninal's foyer. Sophie is attracted by the young and handsome cavalier at first glance. So is Octavian to her. When Ochs and his retinue arrive, Sophie and Octavian slip out of their reverie, welcoming them. However, ignoring Sophie completely, Ochs goes off to discuss her dowry and technicalities with Count Faninal, her father. Sophie, shocked at the baron's crudeness, seeks Octavian's protection, vowing that she will never marry Ochs. Octavian stands up against the tipsy Ochs teasing Sophie. Consequently, both of them draw their swords. Before long, Ochs is grazed by Octavian's sword and lets out a melodramatic yelp. In the ensuing confusion, Sophie insists that she will never marry the baron. Outraged, Count Faninal turns Octavian out.

As Octavian comes out of the Faninal's foyer, a young woman suddenly sinks collapses before him. After nursing her, he takes her to the Marshal's house. She turns out to be Margarete. She has come to Vienna with her foster parents, Richard and Annina, in search of Baron Ochs. According to her, Ochs vanished just ahead of his entering into betrothal to her. In his letter addressed to her, the baron pledges to marry her provided she accepts his ring and spends a night with him. Listening to her story, Octavian hatches an intrigue. He reveals it outright to Sophie while visiting her father who is mostly confined to his bed in the wake of the mess.

Baron Ochs continues to make marry, chasing women in bars, and disgusts Nikolaus and other followers who had reluctantly left their homes in order to come along with the baron. Under such circumstances, Richard and Annina approach the baron's followers with the intrigue. The followers wish to go home as soon as possible, and so agree and once, and the intrigue begins.

Nikolaus hands the baron a letter, pretending that it is from the girl named Mariandel, and successfully leads him to the Bar Eagle. Ochs is delighted to find Mariandel in the bar and immediately starts wooing "her." The fact that Octavian is disguised as Mariandel is the last thought in the baron's head.

Now appearing to be tipsy with drink, Mariandel begs the baron for his ring. At first he declines "her" pleas and at last he gives "her" the ring. Smiling in a suggestive manner, Mariandel urges Ochs to wait for "her" in a nearby pavilion.

As Octavian comes out of the pavilion, the vice squad, Cound Faninal and Sophie arrive, called by Nikolaus according to the secret plan. The vice squad lets Ochs know of a complaint that he is engaged to Sophie despite the fact that Margarete spent a night with him accepting his condition to marry her. Ochs denies the accusation, but then Margaret dashes out of the pavilion, declaring she has just tied the nuptial knot with him and is wearing the ring inscribed with the baron's family crest. Before Ochs in blank amazement, the Marschallin and Octavian come out to reveal the secret of Mariandel. Ochs realizes he was outwitted.

Ochs breaks off the engegement to Sophie and promises anew to marry Margarete, who we learn is in fact secretly in possession of a large fortune. As for Sophie and OCtavian, Octavian dares not tell the truth, being anxious about the Marschallin. The Marschallin turns to him. Containing her emotions, she wishes him a happy future with with Sophie and leaves, alone. Octavian says adieu to his former free life and now without hesitation tells Sophie that he loves her.


Scene 1: ESPeranza (Prologue)

A resounding conga. Hot Latin rythym. Top Star Makoto Tsubasa's silouette rises as the beautiful prologue unfolds.

Dancing Man S: Makoto Tsubasa
Dancing Woman S: Dan Rei

Dancing Man 1: Shibuki Jun
Dancing Man 2: Shiokaze Kou
Dancing Woman 1: Saijou Mie
Chorus Woman S: Mimi Anri
Dancing Men: Shiomi Maho, Oozora Yuuhi, Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga, Kusunoki Keika, Hokushou Kairi
Dancing Woman A: Mihara Shiho, Natsuno Saki, Takigawa Sueko, Kanou Chika, Shiina Aoi, Mihou Aya
Chorus Men: Shijou Rui, Mano Sugata
Chorus Women: Hanase Mizuka, Shirosaki Ai

Scene 2: ESPrit (Trick)

A trick unfolds from people clad in coats and moving about. A dance scene which is nonsensical and kitsch, and also open-hearted.

Coat Man S: Makoto Tsubasa
Coat Woman S: Dan Rei

Coat Man A: Shibuki Jun
Coat Man B: Shiokaze Kou
Shadow Chorus: Shiina Aoi

Boys: Shiomi Maho, Oozora Yuuhi, Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga
Girls: Hanase Mizuka, Saijou Mie

Scene 3: ESPecial

Two stylish men appear and argue over which is cooler. As their dialogue reaches a climax the stage becomes wrapped up in their fiery emotions.

Female police woman: Dan Rei
Boys: Ken Ruisu, Shijou Rui, Hokushou Kairi, Mano Sugata

Guy S: Makoto Tsubasa
Guy A: Shibuki Jun, Oozora Yuuhi, Kiriya Hiromu
Guys: Kusunoki Keika, Shijou Rui
Ladies: Shiina Aoi, Mihou Aya

Rock Guy S: Shibuki Jun
Rock Guys A: Shiomi Maho, Yamato Yuuga

Jazz Guy S: Makoto Tsubasa

Spanish Guy S: Shibuki Jun
Spanish Singer: Mimi Anri
Spanish Women: Shiokaze Kou, Shiomi Maho, Oozora Yuuhi, Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga

Tango Man S: Makoto Tsubasa
Tango Man A: Shibuki Jun
Tango Women: Natsukawa Yura, Mihara Shiho, Natsuno Saki, Hanase Mizuka, Saijou Mie, Kanou Chika

ESP Man S: Makoto Tsubasa
ESP Woman S: Dan Rei
ESP Man A: Shibuki Jun
ESP Man B: Shiokaze Kou

Scene 4: ESPressivo (Drama)

An angelic girl wanders lost in a forest. A beast appears there. The beast ad the girl's duet is suffused with suffering.

Beast: Makoto Tsubasa
Girl: Dan Rei
Angel (singer): Mimi Anri

Devil A: Kouki Subaru, Yoshizuki Eri, Shiomi Maho, Oozora Yuuhi, Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga, Shijou Rui, Hokushou Kairi

Scene 5: ESPoir (Finale)

A cute rockette line forms while nimble jazz music continues, and Makoto stands on the Grand Staircase.A large group of gentlemen in black tailcoats begin to dance, riding a bolero rythym.

Singing Youth: Shiokaze Kou
Singing Girl: Saijou Mie, Kanou Chika, Shiina Aoi, Shirahane Yuri
Dancing Gentleman S: Makoto Tsubasa
Dancing Gentleman A: Shibuki Jun
Dancing Lady S: Dan Rei

Scene 6: Parade

Etoile: Kiriya Hiromu

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