Sorrowful Córdoba / La Esmeralda


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English Title: Sorrowful Córdoba / La Esmeralda
Japanese Title: 哀しみのコルドバ / La Esmeralda (ラ エスメラルダ)
Romanized Title: Kanashimi no Korudoba / Ra Esumeraruda

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2015
Performances: National Tour, 11/21 - 12/13

Sorrowful Córdoba:

Based On:
Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director: Nakamura Satoru

La Esmeralda:

Author/Director: Saitou Yoshimasa

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 3/10/16)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: None


Elio Salvador (a star matador)Sagiri Seina
Eva Silvestre (Elio's first love, and Ricardo's lover) Sakihi Miyu
Ricardo Romero (a businessman, Eva's patron)Nozomi Fuuto
Maria (Elio's mother)Rika Masumi
Maluca (a gypsy from Córdoba)Sahana Mako
Count Sebastian (attorney general of Madrid)Houshou Dai
Melissa (Count Sebastian's wife)Daigo Seshiru
Lisa (Eva's friend)Satsuki Aina
Anton Navarro (Elio's instructor)Renjou Makoto
Galdos (resident of Madrid) / Andro (gypsy)Asakaze Rei
Paula (Eva's mother)Chikaze Karen
Manolete (bullfighter, one of Anton's students)Touma Kazuki
Sabatelle (resident of Madrid) / Chico (gypsy)Ouga Mitsuki
Alvaro (bullfighter, one of Anton's students)Ayanagi Shou
Basilio (bullfighter, one of Anton's students)Mana Haruto
Gabrielle (resident of Madrid) / Rita (resident of Córdoba)Shouno Chio
Vicente Lopez (Elio's friend, bullfighter, one of Anton's students)Ayakaze Sakina
Anfelita Navarro (Anton's daughter, Elio's fiance)Hoshino Anri
Pepe (bullfighter, one of Anton's students)Ouji Kaoru
Paco (bullfighter, one of Anton's students)Amatsuki Tsubasa
Gracia (resident of Madrid) / Dolores (resident of Córdoba)Shiramine Yuri
Roberto (Ricardo's butler) /Alfonso (bullfighter wannabe)Tachibana Kou
Elvira (resident of Madrid) / Laura (resident of Córdoba)Himehana Yukino
Diaz (resident of Madrid) / Martha (resident of Córdoba) Aoi Miki
Melina (resident of Córdoba)Karen Emiri
Felipe Martine (Ricardo's nephew)Towaki Sea
Almada (resident of Madrid) / Adella (resident of Córdoba)Mizusa Ruru
Mengs (resident of Madrid) / Gonzalo (bullfighter wannabe)Houka Haruna
Sonia (Elio's sister)Seina Nozomi
Mario (bullfighter, one of Anton's students)Hinata Haruki
Poncia (resident of Madrid)/ Julia (resident of Córdoba) / Blanca (resident of Córdoba)Haori Yuuka
Amelia (resident of Madrid) / Rosa (resident of Córdoba)Sakuraba Mai
Lucio (bullfighter, one of Anton's students)Agata Sen
Lope (resident of Córdoba)Hiyori Haruma
Pepita (resident of Córdoba)Kotohane Riri



Sorrowful Córdoba

A story set in Córdoba and Madrid, Spain. Elio is a star matador, and is also engaged to his teacher Navarro's cheerful and sweet daughter. Life seems to be going very smoothly for him, but then one evening at a party he meets again his first love, Eva. Eva had married a nobleman and been widowed, and is now the lover of Ricardo Romero.

Elio's good friend Vicente is always committing adultery with other men's wives and not heeding Elio's warnings. One day he is caught. He wins the duel and kills his opponent, but his status as a matador is lost, and he disappears without a trace.

Although Elio had criticized Vicente, and while he thinks his fiance Anfelita is sweet, his feelings of love Eva drive him to arrange a clandestine meeting. Eva determines to dissolve her arrangement with Romero, and Elio confesses his true heart to Navarro, and his final bout is just opening in Córdoba. Anfelita is wounded by the broken engagement, but then falls in love with Romero's cousin Felipe.

Romero challenges Elio to a duel, but at the duel ground Elio meets Eva's mother, who tells him the dreadful truth. The two are siblings with different mothers. The duel is canceled. Without telling Eva the truth, Elio vows to her that he will never let go of this instant, and listens to her talk about their happy future. However, his mind is full of despair.

Elio's final bout. He has behaved lighthearted through to the end. He turns to meet the bull as if dancing, and in that instant the bull corners and gores him, and he dies...

La Esmeralda

A Latin show that unfolds with a boundless emerald sea in the backdrop, portraying passionate love and many dreams.
A romantic stage performance is presented, embellished by rich colors with the theme of “passion,” as personified by Seina Sagiri.

Other Information

Tour Schedule
11/21 - 11/23 Umeda Arts Theatre (Osaka)
11/26Matsuyama Municipal House (Ehime)
11/28 - 29Fukuoka Civic Hall (Fukuoka)
12/01Miyazaki Citizens' Cultural Hall (Miyazaki)
12/02 Nobeoka Cultural Center (Miyazaki)
12/03Iichiko Cultural Center (Oita)
12/05Hiroshima Cultural Arts Hall (Hiroshima)
12/06Shunan Cultural Center (Yamaguchi)
12/08Nissan Civic Center (Aichi)
12/09Toyoda Citizens' Hall (Aichi)
12/11Kawaguchi Cultural Center (Saitama)
12/12 - 12/13Sagami Cultural Center (Kanagawa)


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