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English Title: TOP HAT
Japanese Title: TOP HAT

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2015
Performances: Umeda Fine Arts Theater, 03/25-03/30, Akasaka ACT Theater, 04/05-04/20

Based On: RKO’s Motion Picture
Book by Matthew White & Howard Jacques
Based on the Screenplay by Dwight Taylor & Allan Scott
Author/Director: Saitou Yoshimasa
Composer: Irving Berlin
Music Adaptation: Teshima Kyouko
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, Honma Kenichi
Conductor: Tanabe Kaichi

Available on DVD: yes (release date 06/10/15)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: No


Jerry Travers (a Broadway dancing star who has come to London for a show) Asaka Manato
Dale Tremont (a fashion model who meets Jerry in a London hotel) Misaki Rion
Madge Hardwick (Horace's wife and Dale's friend) / Showgirl Junya Chitose
Horace Hardwick (the producer who invited Jerry to the London show) Nanami Hiroki
Alberto Beddini (an Italian fashion designer exclusive to Dale) Aizuki Hikaru
BatesKotobuki Tsukasa
Elisa / LizOomi Ako
Calla /SoniaKanon Mai
Kenny / AlanTenrei Mion
George / Director CorelliHoshibuki Ayato
Flora / Clara (maid)Seoto Risa
Terry / VisitorAishiro Moa
Director Culvert / Roberto (waiter)Mitsuki Haruka
Mary / Selena (maid)Sakurane Rei
Vice-director Richard / Giuseppe (waiter)Hoshizuki Rio
Dona / VisitorAisaki Maria
Maurice / Claudio (waiter)Haruse Ouki
Alice / Vera (maid)Ayaka Mari
Reporter / Luis (policeman)Asao Ren
Lin / VisitorMamiya Ryouko
Dan / Paolo (waiter)Nanao Maki
Manager Simpson / Jean / FishermanKazuki Sora
Victoria / Monica (maid)Miou Erina
Reporter / VisitorRisaki Shigure
John (driver)Akina Rui
ShowgirlHanabishi Rizu
Reporter / Sam (driver)Asahina Aoi
SaraHaruha Rara
CoachmanHomare Seri
ShowgirlHanayuki Rira
DouglasSumikaze Nagi
ShowgirlAmase Hatsuhi
ShowmanYuuki Shion
ShowgirlHoshikaze Madoka

Other cast: Manami Hikaru, Haruka Kokoro, Konan Makoto, Maihana Miria



Raceface ("Italian" makeup).

(movie summary from Wikipedia)


An American dancer, Jerry Travers comes to London to star in a show produced by the bumbling Horace Hardwick. While practicing a tap dance routine in his hotel bedroom, he awakens Dale Tremont (Ginger Rogers) on the floor below. She storms upstairs to complain, whereupon Jerry falls hopelessly in love with her and proceeds to pursue her all over London.

Dale mistakes Jerry for Horace, who is married to her friend Madge. Following the success of Jerry's opening night in London, Jerry follows Dale to Venice, where she is visiting Madge and modelling/promoting the gowns created by Alberto Beddini, a dandified Italian fashion designer with a penchant for malapropisms.

Jerry proposes to Dale, who, while still believing that Jerry is Horace, is disgusted that her friend's husband could behave in such a manner and agrees instead to marry Alberto. Fortunately, Bates, Horace's meddling English valet, disguises himself as a priest and conducts the ceremony; Horace had sent Bates to keep tabs on Dale.

On a trip in a gondola, Jerry manages to convince Dale and they return to the hotel where the previous confusion is rapidly cleared up. The reconciled couple dance off into the Venetian sunset, to the tune of "The Piccolino".

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