Promises, Promises

Puropuro Chirashi

Picture Credit: yaomeis / Official Chirashi, from personal collection

Show Information
English Title: Promises, Promises
Japanese Title: プロミセス、プロミセス

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2021
Performances: Theater Drama City, 11/13 - 11/18; Toshima Arts & Culture Theater, 11/30 - 12/07

Adaptor / Director: Harada Ryou
Book by Neil Simon
Based on the Screenplay The Apartment by Bill Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond
Music by Burt Bacharach
Lyrics by Hal David
Produced for the Broadway Stage by David Merrick
Musical Director / Adapter: Tama Shouichi
Choreographer: Masaki Rino

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Chuck Baxter Serika Toa
Fran Kubelik Amairo Mineri
Dr. Dreyfuss Kizuki Yuuma (Senka)
Mike Kirkeby Matsukaze Akira
J.D. Sheldrake Kazuki Sora
Miss Olson Setohana Mari
Jesse Vanderhof Shidou Ryuu
Doctor Akina Rui
Karl Kubelik
Marge MacDougall†
Rui Makise
Ed Dobitch Wakato Ritsu
Eichelberger Sumikaze Nagi
Eugene Manase Mira
Watchman Ibuki Yuuha
Ginger Hanashiro Saaya
Sylvia Gilhooley Hanamiya Sara
Eddie Kazeiro Hyuuga
Miss Polansky Haruno Sakura

Other Cast: Oumi Runo, Ayahi Hana, Asagi Hiiro, Arashino Shin, Azusa Io, Misei Hanna, Aoi Yuuki, Hijiri Toa, Nagisa Yuri, Kazahane Saki, Hanasaki Miku



Attempted suicide
Rape joke

Summary from Wikipedia.

Act I

Chuck Baxter is an ambitious bachelor and junior executive for a large insurance company, Consolidated Life, who expresses his frustrations and hopes for career advancement ("Half as Big as Life"). To curry favor with higher-ups in the company, he allows his apartment to be used for their romantic trysts in return for promises of promotion ("Upstairs"). Chuck has his own eye set on Fran Kubelik, a waitress in the company cafeteria whom he's always admired from a distance. While talking together she wonders if she will ever find someone to share her life with. Chuck hopes that she might notice him ("You'll Think of Someone").

J.D. Sheldrake, the company's powerful personnel director, notices the glowing reviews written by Chuck's superiors and deduces the reason for them. He requests sole use of the apartment for his affairs in exchange for Chuck's long-awaited promotion and tickets to a basketball game ("Our Little Secret"). (In the 2010 revival, the song "I Say a Little Prayer For You" was added for a scene in which Fran tells female workmates about flowers she has received from a new "mystery individual".) Chuck asks Fran to attend the basketball game with him, and she agrees to meet him there after first having a drink with her soon-to-be ex-lover ("She Likes Basketball").

Fran's lover turns out to be the married Sheldrake. Fran wants to end the relationship, but Sheldrake talks her into spending the evening with him ("Knowing When to Leave"). Though Fran stands him up, Chuck forgives her. When he informs the other executives that his apartment is no longer available for their use, they express dismay ("Where Can You Take a Girl?"). Meanwhile, Sheldrake wonders why he is drawn to affairs ("Wanting Things"). The scene shifts to the company Christmas party, where everyone is enjoying themselves ("Turkey Lurkey Time"). Miss Olsen, Sheldrake's secretary, reveals to Fran that she is simply the latest in a long line of Sheldrake's mistresses. The first-act curtain falls as Fran is driven to misery ("A House is Not a Home" in the 2010 revival), and Chuck discovers that Fran is the one Sheldrake has been taking to his apartment.

Act II

A despondent Chuck spends Christmas Eve trying to drink away his troubles at a bar, where he meets another tipsy lonelyheart, Marge MacDougall, who agrees to come back to his apartment ("A Fact Can Be a Beautiful Thing"). In the meantime, at Chuck's apartment, Fran confronts Mr. Sheldrake about his earlier affairs. While he admits to the affairs, he declares his love for Fran, but tells her that he must leave in order to catch his train home to spend Christmas Eve with his family. A despairing Fran discovers Chuck's sleeping pills and takes the whole bottle ("Whoever You Are").

When Chuck arrives with Marge, he discovers Fran on his bed. After quickly disposing of Marge, a frantic Chuck gets his neighbor, Dr. Dreyfuss, to come over and together they save her life. The next morning Chuck calls Sheldrake to let him know what happened. Sheldrake says he can't leave for the city without his wife knowing and asks Chuck to take care of Fran ("Christmas Day").

Over the next few days Chuck and Dreyfuss try to keep Fran's spirits up to prevent a relapse into suicidal behavior ("A Young Pretty Girl Like You"). Chuck and Fran play gin rummy and discuss their problems, growing closer ("I'll Never Fall In Love Again"). Mr. Kirkeby, one of Chuck's former 'clients', discovers that Fran has been staying at Chuck's apartment, so as revenge for cutting him and the others off from using the apartment he tells Fran's overly protective brother where she has been staying. Karl Kubelik then comes to the apartment to collect her, and believing that Chuck is the cause of her current state he punches Chuck.

Miss Olsen soon discovers that Sheldrake's actions led to Fran almost killing herself. She quits her job and tells Mrs. Sheldrake all about her husband's affairs. She leaves him, resulting in his desperation to woo Fran back. Sheldrake asks for the keys to Chuck's apartment again on New Year's Eve to take Fran there. Chuck refuses and quits his job rather than allow Sheldrake to take Fran to his apartment ever again ("Promises, Promises").

Deciding that he has to get away, Chuck begins packing to move elsewhere when Fran comes to see him. Sheldrake had told her that Chuck had refused him access and quit, and she realizes that Chuck is the one who really loves her. As they resume their earlier game of gin, he declares his love for her, to which she replies, "Shut up and deal".

Other Information

  • Originally scheduled to perform in Promises, Promises, on 09/30/2021, it was announced that Aria Kii would be absent from all performances due to poor health
  • † Originally scheduled to perform in Promises, Promises, on 11/07/2021, it was announced that Manami Hikaru would be absent from all performances due to poor health. Rui Makise took over her assigned role of Marge MacDougall.


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