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Hanna's Florist


Picture Credit: coeuraubonheur | Official Chirashi

Show Information
English Title: Hanna's Florist
Japanese Title: ハンナのお花屋さん
Romanized Title: Hanna no Ohanaya-san

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2017
Performances: TBS Akasaka ACT Theater, 10/09 - 10/29

Based On:
Author/Director: Ueda Keiko
Composer: Saitou Tsuneyoshi, Uryuu Akiha, Ueda Hironari
Choreographer: Ooishi Hiroka

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 01/30/18)
Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 08/30/19)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: No


Chris Johansson, a Danish florist living in LondonAsumi Rio
Mia Perković, a girl who has left her homeland of Croatia to make a better life for herself in LondonSenna Ayase
Abel Johansson, a Danish aristocrat, Chris's fatherSerika Toa
Hanna, fled from Lithuania to Denmark after WWII, where she met Abel and had Chris Maisora Hitomi
Denmark in 1970's & 2014
Erik Johansson, Chris's uncle, in his twilight years Takashou Mizuki
Sophia, Abel's wife, daughter of a banker Shiraki Akari
Helge Ingemann Wataru Hibiki
Karoline, Sofia's friend Sachika Seira
Johann, Abel's friend Kureha Maki
Erik Johansson, Chris's uncle, in his teens Izumi Maira
Ida, Hanna's friend Itotsuki Yukiha
Clara, Hanna's friend Sakino Mion
Little Chris Marei Sayana
London in 2014: People working at Hanna's Florist
Jeff Waren, manager, from Liverpool, Chris's friend since Uni Seto Kazuya
Chenrin, florist, from Taiwan Mihana Rino
Toomas Luik, website and cafe manager, from Estonia Yuunami Kei
Nadia, florist apprentice, from Romania Hina Ririka
Ryan, florist, from IrelandAyaki Hikari
Iannis, florist, from GreeceHiryuu Tsukasa
Józef, in charge of deliveries and staff, from Hungary Hozumi Mahiro
Anabel, florist, from Sussex Oto Kurisu
London in 2014: People visiting Hanna's Florist and neighborhood people
Emma Hazard, runs an ethnic restaurant and is a single mother, from Belgium Hanano Juria
Margaret Parker, an elderly woman who enjoys gardening, from the Cotswolds Nana Kurara
Griffith Eddington, head of the Project Planning Department of Halford Department Store, from London Haryuu Mitsuki
Rose Watson, a librarian from Stratford Mahou Tsugumi
Sarah Waren, Jeff's wife, also a friend of Chris's since uni, from Australia Otohane Emi
Leslie, Mr. Eddington's irreplaceable helper, from Birmingham Sarasa Nachi
Alex, Mr. Eddington's irreplaceable helper, from Cambridge Chiyuki Aki

Other Cast: Aomiya Ruka, Sumizuki Naoto, Rinno Shizuka, Takamine Jun, Ichinose Kouki, Mano Kazuma, Serina Ei, Yuki Daiya, and Ouzuki Noa



In the quiet, affluent neighborhood of Hamstead Heath in London, there is a small flower shop on the corner. Run by the Danish flower artist Chris Johansson, the shop is named "Hanna's Florist." Wrapped in an air of harmony with nature, beloved by the locals, time in the shop flows by soothingly and gently. But then, one day, Chris's creations win a prize in a distinguished flower competition, and a big business chance arrives. Will he achieve success as a top florist, or...? At this moment, Chris meets Mia (who has come from Eastern Europe in search of a job) and he suddenly becomes aware of his own heart. Nostalgia for the forests of his homeland Denmark, and memories that had been locked away in the shop called "Hanna's Florist" ...?

Set in London, a city where people from all over the world gather, and in the rich nature of Eastern Europe, this is an original musical about the richness of life, and the things that we of the 21st century seek that can make us truly happy.

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