Hotel Svizra House

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English Title: Hotel Svizra House
Romanized Title: ホテル スヴィッツラ ハウス

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2021
Performances: Toshima Arts & Culture Theater, 04/10 - 04/15; Umeda Arts Theater, 05/01 - 05/07

Author / Director: Ueda Keiko

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA


Starring Makaze Suzuho & Jun Hana


Other Cast: Mari Yuzumi (Senka), Kotobuki Tsukasa, Ayase Akina, Matsukaze Akira, Serika Toa, Mitsuki Haruka, Haruse Ouki, Sakuragi Minato, Nanao Maki, Setohana Mari, Shidou Ryuu, Akina Rui, Hanabishi Rizu, Haruha Rara, Koharuno Sayo, Rukaze Hikaru, Kihou Kanata, Sumikaze Nagi, Ibuki Yuuha, Kokaze Haku, Haruno Sakura, Yumekaze Sayaka, Kanna Himari, Azusa Io, Mai Kokoro, Aimi Sara, Sendou Naru, Aoi Yuuki, Hijiri Toa



Hotel Svizra House is located in the Swiss resort town of St. Moritz. In the midst of World War II, the threat of Nazi Germany is spreading throughout Europe. People of many different nationalities, occupations, and socioeconomic strata pass through the strategic intersection of Switzerland, a neutral country. The wealthy, fleeing the horrors of war, gather at the hotel — and today another new guest has arrived.

Robert von Amsburg, the son of a Dutch aristocrat and a dancer in the Ballets Russes, is a diplomat who was stationed in London and has been very busy during the war. His true mission is working for the British Secret Intelligence Service, catching and exposing spies from enemy nations. He has received an important assignment and has come to St. Moritz, where he meets a ballet dancer named Nina. At the hotel, dispossessed Russian aristocrat Count Mikhailov is organizing a Nijinsky Aid Charity Ballet. Nina lost her job due to the Nazi occupation of Paris, and has come to the hotel to perform in the ballet. Austrian businessman and patron of the arts Herman Klausner is sponsoring the performance, accompanied by a bewitchingly beautiful woman named Alma.

A bitter battle of information during wartime, mixed with the passionate feelings of people who love and strive to protect the arts — a human drama of people living to the fullest while their futures are uncertain. An original musical scattered with homages to the Ballets Russes, which blossomed in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. We bring you a production brimming with wit and elegance, centered around Makaze Suzuho's portrayal of a man caught between human emotions and duty to one's country.

Other Information

  • Top musumeyaku debut performance for Jun Hana.


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