Die Räuber

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English Title: The Robbers -Die Räuber-
Japanese Title: 群盗 -Die Räuber-
Romanized Title: Guntou -Die Räuber-

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2019
Performances: Theater Drama City, 02/09 - 02/17; Nippon Seinenkan, 02/26 - 03/04

Based On: the play Die Räuber by Friedrich von Schiller
Author / Director: Koyanagi Naoko
Composer: Teshima Kyouko
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, AYAKO, KAZUMI-BOY

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 05/25/19)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: No


Karl Moor Serika Toa
Amalia Amairo Mineri
Süssel Kanon Mai
Count von Moor Rinjou Kira
Freude Aisaki Maria
Spiegelberg Akina Rui
Duke Eugen Mizuka Ichi
Schweizer Homare Seri
Franz Moor Rukaze Hikaru
Pastor Moser Kazaki Shun
Liebe Hanaki Maia
Herrmann Kihou Kanata
Razmann Manami Hikaru
Charlotte Haruka Kokoro
Wahrheit Takato Chiaki
Grimm Koko Sakura
Schufterle Setsuki Renya
Kosinsky Kazeiro Hyuuga
Walter Kagayaki Yuu
Amalia (as a child) Hiyuki Arisu
Güte Kanna Himari
Karl (as a child) Aosaki Iori
Roller Natsu Hayato
Güte Aria Kii
Böse Ruki Miusa
Franz (as a child) Mashiro Yuuki
Güte Mai Kokoro
Güte Manairo Meari



Summary of the play from Wikipedia.

The plot revolves around the conflict between two aristocratic brothers, Karl and Franz Moor. The charismatic but rebellious student Karl is deeply loved by his father. The younger brother, Franz, who appears as a cold, calculating villain, plots to wrest away Karl's inheritance. As the play unfolds, both Franz's motives and Karl's innocence and heroism are revealed to be complex.

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