Meet Again / Nova Bossa Nova


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English Title: Meet Again / Nova Bossa Nova
Japanese Title: 再会 / ノバ・ボサ・ノバ
Romanized Title: Saikai / Noba Bosa Noba

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1999
Performances: Grand Theater, 4/2 - 5/10; 1000 Days Theater, 7/2 - 8/15
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 4/20; 1000 Days Theater, 7/13


Based On: n/a
Author/Director: Ishida Masaya
Composer: Nishimura Kouji
Choreographer: Ai Erina

Nova Bossa Nova:

Based On: n/a
Author: Kamogawa Seisaku
Adaptor/Director: Kusano Akira
Composer: (Original) Nakai Mitsuharu, Irie Kaoru, Terada Takio, Yoshizaki Kenji, (1999) Takahashi Kuni, Miyahara Tooru
Choreographer: (Original) Kita Hiroshi, Agata Youji, Shuri Misao, Tsukasa Konomi, (1999) Hayama Kiyomi, Shou Sumire, Muromachi Akane, Ueshima Yukio, Iga Yuuko, Miori Yumino
Shinjin Kouen Director (Takarazuka): Nakamura Kazunori
Shinjin Kouen Director (Tokyo): Suzuki Kei

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 12/5/04)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: Yes
In Nova Bossa Nova: "For What It's Worth" was cut from scene 16.


Gerard Clement (a novelist whose works don't sell) Todoroki Yuu
Sandrine Monar (a scholar at the library)Tsukikage Hitomi
Mark Jaekins (an editor at a publishing company)Kouju Tatsuki
Steve Hymer (A theater producer)Shiokaze Kou
Pierre Clement (Gerard's step-brother)Aran Kei
Andre (editor for a travel magazine)Naruse Kouki
Jan (a young man disguised as a street musician)Asami Hikaru
Michel (a young man disguised as a drunk)Takashiro Kei
Paulette (Mark's lover)Kisaki Miri
Coudray Clement (Gerard's father)Misa Noeru
Emmanuelle Ducrey Clemet (Coudray's second wife, Pierre's mother)Itsumine Aki
Montholon (an actor disguised as part of an aged couple)Misato Maya
Madam Florence (an actress disguised as part of an aged couple)Akari Nami
President Bertolo (Sandrine's father)Asuka Yuu

† When Itsumine Aki was absent, her role was performed by Kasai Hitomi.
‡ During the Grand Theater run, Misato Maya's role was performed by Asuka Yuu, and Asuka Yuu's role was performed by Chiya Akira.

RoleCastShinjin Kouen
Sol (a chivalrous thief)Todoroki YuuTatsuki You
Ouro (a thief)Kouju Tatsuki Ranka Rea
Estrela (a young woman sightseeing)Tsukikage Hitomi Konno Mahiru
Mar (a peddlar)Aran KeiMachika Meguru
Brisa (a peddlar girl. Mar's fiance)Asami HikaruKisaki Miri
Father Lua (a naive priest)Shiokaze Kou Mirai Yuuki
Sister Mama (a nun wooing Father Lua)Misa Noeru Ai Youko
Mrs. Mel (Estrela's mother)Naruse KoukiSugata Kou
Labios (a peddlar girl in love with Ouro)Kisaki Miri Aida Megu
Bolso (Ouro's follower)Takashiro Kei Otozuki Kei
Bolo (a boy who adores Sol)Konno Mahiru Amase Izuru
PeiroKazahaya Yuu Tachibana Riya
Mirai Yuuki Makise Kai
Ranka Rea Hijiri Rei
PoliceAsuka Yuu Saezuki Akira
Misato MayaMinaho Karin
Madam XItsumine Aki § Tamaki Kaho
Madam GadoMiho Keiko Haru Ayuka
VenusKasumi Fuuka Asaka Serena
Door BoyTatsuki You Rei Yuuki

§ When Itsumine Aki was absent, her role was performed by Morio Kazumi.
‡ During the Grand Theater run, Misato Maya's role was performed by Yuuki Mao
Switched Roles
Role(Grand 4/2-13, 5/10) (1000days 7/2-15, 8/14-15) Cast(Grand 4/15-27) (1000days 7/1-30) Cast(Grand 4/29-5/9) (1000days 7/31-8/13) Cast
Mar Aran Kei Naruse Kouki Asami Hikaru
Brisa Asami Hikaru Aran Kei Aran Kei
Mrs. Mel Naruse Kouki Asami Hikaru Naruse Kouki

Other Cast: Tasai Shun, Marioka Tomomi, Asukai Mari, Amaki Kaori, Arisa Miho, Yuu Naoki, Yumena Saya, Matsuyuki Kanako, Kazami Yoshiki, Yurika Shiho, Aomi Taku, Maisaka Yukiko, Tachibana Riya, Ayuna Sae, Misumi Kanon, Shiroka Koyu, Mio Urara, Chisaki Maria, Houju Konatsu, Hijiri Rei, Anjou Shiki, Asaki Yumemi, Otozuki Kei, Shioka Yurisa, Kibune Nao, Yumezono Mai, Sawane Kazuki, Natsuo Komaki

85th Class: Mihou Aya, Yuzuki Reon, Miwa Asahi, Sakura Ichika, Otoki Sunao, Kamizuki Akane, Takamiya Rina, Nanase Kira, Maisaki Rin, Suzushiro Marina, Emi Kurara, Souno Haruto, Yamashina Ai, Nanaho Hikaru, Mano Sugata, Morisaki Kaguya, Mashiro Fuari, Shikibu Iroha, Hanagata Hikaru, Jin Reika, Amagiri Mayo, Aoki Izumi, Umezono Sachi, Otono Izumi, Hazuki Sara, Minami Mari, Oomi Ako, Hanagiri Wakana, Hanamori Mayuri, Toki Irisu, Kosaki Hiyori, Tenshou Yuuri, Ginga Ami, Kaho Anna, Mineki Ayato, Ayana Oto, Amano Hotaru, Jun Aira, Hiiragi Tomoe, Otose Shuka



Gerard is a playboy novelist in New York, living off of his father and friends' money because none of his novels sell. He's a confirmed bachelor. One day, he gets a letter from his father in Monaco. His father is a very successful hotel owner, and the letter basically states that Gerard is to come home, buckle down and learn the business, and marry a woman of his father's choosing. Well, he's not too pleased with this idea, but he's running out of money. So he brings his two best friends Mark and Steve along. When he arrives, his father gives him some very strange orders. He's to seduce a woman named Sandrine, and once she's fallen in love with him, he is to dump her. And then he's to write a novel about it. If he doesn't do this, then his father will give the business to his younger half brother, Pierre.

Well, Gerard is confused, but he goes along with his father's orders. Sandrine is a very strange librarian, who is very awkward around men and very defensive. Gerard goes to work, giving her a make-over. They become "just friends", on Sandrine's insistence, but then what is this...? Gerard finds himself falling in love for the first time. The night he realizes this, Sandrine leaves a note and disappears. Hurt and angry, Gerard returns to New York.

He's now working to make ends meet, begging old friends for money. But then Mark and Steve arrive and show him not one, but two novels. Apparently it was all a set-up on his father's part to teach Gerard a lesson. There are two books, both best-sellers in France: one called "Until the Man Throws the Woman Away" and "Until the Woman Throws the Man Away." One was written by Gerard, the other by Sandrine. Happy about the money, but angry about the plot, Gerard returns to Monaco for the celebration party, and to find Sandrine.

At the party we find out that nothing was quite as it seems, including Sandrine. She is actually the daughter of a very rich banker. Eventually the two reconcile, and Gerard tells his father to give the business to Pierre, because he intends to keep writing... with Sandrine.

Nove Bossa Nova

This is a famous revue which has been performed eight times by Takarazuka Revue, beginning in 1971. It incorporates well-known Spanish songs with new Japanese ones to tell the story of Sol, Estrela, Ouro, and Brisa. The only spoken dialogue in the revue is the priest and the nun, plus one line each by Sol and Estrella. The rest is told through song, or acted out.

Rio de Janeiro in South America. Once every year a carnival takes place for three days and three nights. Everyone is excitedly preparing for the big event.

The revue opens with a scene introducing the main characters. They sing happily about the sea and the sky. Later, Sol and Ouro each rob a bank with their young helpers. They meet and Ouro is instantly jealous of Sol. He tries to best him in coolness, but Sol throws money to the crowd and departs with their shrieking loyalty. Later, Sol dons a ragged disguise to hide from the police. He manages to misdirect them and disappears.

That night, everyone goes to the tango club. Ouro is sleezing up to Estrella, desperate to get his paws on her diamond necklace. He steals it without her noticing, then Sol tricks him into giving it up, and then Ouro's follower pulls a gun and takes it back. Sol takes a nasty knock over the head.

Mar and Brisa are happily walking along in the night singing of their love. Bolo, Sol's helper, comes to beg Mar's help to get the dizzy thief home. While she's waiting for Mar to return, Brisa hears sirens. Ouro comes running by, the police in pursuit. He sees an opportunity and grabs her, kissing her passionately to throw the police off. Dazed, Brisa lets Ouro lead her away.

The next day Brisa and Ouro, and Sol and Estrela and dancing on the beach. Everyone is happy and celebrating carnival. Suddenly, Mar appears. He is looking frantically through the crowds for Brisa. He finds her dancing passionately with Ouro and is enraged. The two men fight, trying to posses Brisa. Ouro thinks he has won, and then Mar pulls his knife and lunges. Brisa is caught between them.

Mar is devastated, as is Ouro. Both men sing in sorrow and distress. Eventually, Ouro is comforted by Labios. Mar is arrested, but Sol sends Bolo to bribe the guards and free him. Mar is happy to have a new chance at life. Everyone dances for the joy of life.

Later that night, while Bolso, Ouro's follower, is getting ready for carnival, the diamond necklace is stolen. It eventually ends up in the hands of Madam X, a woman in a female-only nightclub. Both Sol and Ouro don female disguises to go in in pursuit of the necklace. Eventually it is Sol who emerges triumphantly, and he returns the necklace to Estrela.

The next morning Estrela must leave Rio de Janiero. She and Sol say their goodbyes, and Sol is sad to watch her go. As she leaves, she drops her necklace. After an internal battle, the thief returns it to her mother. Not seconds after she goes off stage, however, we hear a cry and Bolso runs past with the necklace once more. Sol trips him, and the necklace flies through the air to land at the feet of Lua and Mama. Mama adds it to her collection box. Sol laughs and goes to join the last of the carnival.

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