Revolt of a Gallant Poet / Southern Cross Revue II

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English Title: Revolt of a Gallant Poet / Southern Cross Revue II
Japanese Title: 花の業平 / サザンクロス・レビューII
Romanized Title: Hana no Narihira / Sazan Kurosu Rebyuu II

Troupe: Star
Year: 2002
Performances: Chunichi Theater, 2/2 - 2/21

Revolt of a Gallant Poet:

Based On:
Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director/Choreographer: Onoe Kikujou
Music: Yoshida Yuuko

Southern Cross Revue II:

Author/Director: Kusano Akira
Music: Takahashi Kuni, Kuratomi Shinichi, Miyagawa Akira
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Shou Sumire, Nakura Kayoko, Ueshima Yukio, Iga Yuuko

Available on DVD: No


Ariwara no Narihira (a poet, a refined man)Kouju Tatsuki
Fujiwara no Takaiko (falls in love with Narihara)Nagisa Aki
Fujiwara no Mototsune (Takaiko's older brother)Shiokaze Kou
Fujiwara no Yoshifusa (Takaiko's father)Natori Rei
Umewaka (a former nobleman, Narihara's friend)Ayaki Nao
Abe no Kiyoyuki (Narihira's friend)Hatsukaze Midori
Fujiwara no Nobuko (empress dowager)Mari Yuzumi
Fujiwara no Yoshimi (Yoshifusa's younger brother)Ema Naoki
Fujiwara no Tokitsura (Yoshimi's son)Aran Kei
Fujiwara no Kunitsune (Mototsune's younger brother)Asazono Miki
Fujiwara no Tamiko (Yoshimi's daughter)Akisono Mio
Yoshino (Takaiko's nurse)Shinobu Murasaki
Wakaba (Takaiko's handmaiden)Kanou Chika
Tomo no Yoshio (chief councillor)Suzuka Teru
Tomo no Nakatsune (Yoshio's son)Ooma Miran
Minamoto no Makoto (minister of the right)Aozora Yahiro
Naishi no KamiAsamine Hikari
Haruge (Narihira's servant)Asazumi Kei
Akimune (Narihira's servant)Matobu Sei
Shinshin (Kiyoyuki's friend)Suzumi Shio
ChorusMarioka Tomomi
ChorusNarumi Jun
Shibi (town merchant)Nishiki Ai
Tone (Shibi's wife)Hiiro Moe
Hitachi (city merchant)Takao Rio
Eguchi (city merchant)Shiran Masumi
Ariko (Dancing girl of the Five Festivals)Hoshikaze Erena
Yoshiko (Dancing girl of the Five Festivals)Suzuno Katsuki
Sawako (Dancing girl of the Five Festivals)Takuma Saki
Ise Imperial Priestess YasukoKoto Marie
Leader of ThievesMine Keito
UncleMashio Shin
NephewYuzuki Reon
JichouRyouma Tomo
SingerSendou Kaho
SingerMarino Yui

Other Cast: Momoka Sari, Ayame Hikaru, Hizuki Hana, Sawa Manaho



Revolt of a Gallant Poet

The beginning of the Heian Era (around 851), there was a young nobleman named Ariwara no Narihira serving in various government posts, such as Keeper of the Archives. This gentleman had great poetic ability, a handsome honor, was valorous, and was generally of an open and natural nature.

Narihira's grandfather was Emperor Heizei, and his mother and father were also of imperial blood, but he himself was not so high. This is because at that time the power and influence of the Fujiwara clan was running rampant in the palace, and they suppressed the eminence of the other noble families.

This Narihara meets the beautiful Princess Takaiko, who is working as a dancing girl at one of the imperial flower banquets. Takaiko is Grand Minister Fujiwara no Yoshifusa's niec and adopted daughter. Yoshifusa intends to increase the influence of the Fujiwara clan by introducing Takaiko to one of the imperial princes.

Takaiko, who has discerned her uncle's secret motive, and under pressure from her brother Mototsune, who is in sympathy with the plan, refuses to participate in the dance. Narihira sees her angry face in profile from nearby, and later sees her dancing beautifully, and he is won over by her. Narihira, who is well-known for being a refined man, but this is the first time that he has gotten such a strong impression as he did from his meeting with Takaiko. With this beginning, Takaiko begins to think more of Narihira, and the two have secret trysts as they make deep pledges to each other.

The townsfolk immediately begin gossiping about Narihira's movements, so that Yoshifusa and Mototsune eventually find out and move Takaiko from her aunt's house in Gojo to Yoshifusa's in Ichijo. Stymmied, Narihira goes to have casual words with his friends Umewaka and Abe no Kiyoyuki, who live in the east of the city. Unable to have hs way in either power or love, and with his mother having passed away, Narihira sets out on a journey.

On his return, he meets for the first time in a long time his distant relative, the imperial princess Yasuko who serves as a priestess at the Ise Shrine. Only a girl when she left the capital, she has now grown into a beautiful woman. She is awakened to love when she sees Narihara and his sad circumstances. She holds him as if in comfort.

When Narihira returns to the capital, an incident occurs. At the main gate of the great imperial palace, the Outen Gate has burned in an accidental fire. Everyone says that it was set on purpose, by the chief councilor.... There is an eye-witness, and although he doesn't remember doing it, the chief councilor is overthrown. This was all the maneuvering of Fujiwara Mototsune.... Yosifusa, who was a political opponent of the chief councilor, has no scruples, but instead hurries his daughter's imperial bridal party's entry into the court.

Takaiko is now deep in the imperial court.... Narihira determines to make preparations for her escape and to steal her away unaided, when she returns temporarily to Gojo.....

Southern Cross Revue II

Scene 1 - Southern Cross Revue (Prologue)

A Carioca crowd clad in vibrant colors. They begin the intense carnival.

Carioca Man S: Kouju Tatsuki
Carioca Woman S: Nagisa Aki
Carioca Men A: Hatsukaze Midori, Shiokaze Kou, Ayaki Nao, Aran Kei, Asazono Miki, Asazumi Kei, Matobu Sei
Carioca women A: Mari Yuzumi, Akisono Mio, Kanou Chika
Carnival Queen: Hoshikaze Erena
Duos: Morioka Tomomi
Uno: Nishiki Ai

Carioca Man A (singer): Aran Kei
Carioca Woman A (singer): Akisono Mio

Scene 2 - Caribbean

Cuba, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Three young men dance heatedly in the carnival night.

Mambo No. 1: Aran Kei
Mambo No. 2: Asazumi Kei
Mambo No. 3: Matobu Sei
Duos: Morioka Tomomi
Uno: Nishiki Ai
Pipirochi: Ema Naoki
Pupurochi: Asamine Hikari
Peperochi: Kanou Chika
Poporochi: Takuma Saki
Paparochi: Yuzuki Reon

Latin Man S: Hatsukaze Midori
Latin Men A: Aran Kei, Asazono Miki, Asazumi Kei, Matobu Sei

Scene 3 - Amazon

The mysterious tale of the Lotus and the Beetle, which passes down the Amazon.

Beetle: Kouju Tatsuki
Lotus: Ayaki Nao
Singer S: Narumi Jun
Singers: Momoka Sari, Marino Yui

Scene 4 - Midsummer Christmas

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is in Midsummer. A dazzling midsummer Christmas carnival.

Holly Dancer: Kouju Tatsuki
X'mas Singer S: Nagisa Aki
X'mas Singers (men): Hatsukaze Midori, Shiokaze Kou, Ayaki Nao, Aran Kei, Asazono Miki, Asazumi Kei, Matobu Sei
X'mas Singer (women): Akisono Mio
X'mas Dancer A (woman): Kanou Chika
X'mas Dancers A (men): Narumi Jun, Suzumi Shio, Ooma Miran, Yuzuki Reon
Duos: Morioka Tomomi
Uno: Nishiki Ai

Fiesta Man S: Kouju Tatsuki
Fiesta Woman S: Nagisa Aki

Scene 5 - Carnival of Butterflies

The butterfly singer arrives and sings a love song. A crowd of butterflies dance.

Mariposa (solo singer): Asazumi Kei

Scene 6~7 - Patagonia ~ Carnival Fantastic

Tragedy under the sparkling Southern Cross for visiting lovers.

Nonino: Kouju Tatsuki
Juanita: Nagisa Aki
Bernardo: Hatsukaze Midori
Riff: Ayaki Nao
Krupke: Shiokaze Kou
Chino: Aran Kei
Anita: Mari Yuzumi
Graziella: Akisono Mio
Nonino's Shadow: Yuuho Satoru
Juanita's Shadow: Aozora Yahiro
Anybody: Sawa Manaho
Duos: Morioka Tomomi
Uno: Nishiki Ai

Scene 8 - Southern Cross Revue (Finale)

The carnival's great parade.

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