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English Title: HURRICANE

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1996
Performances: Bow Hall, 3/2 - 3/15; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 9/21 - 9/30; Aichi Annuity Hall, 10/4 - 10/6

Based On:
Author/Director: Kimura Shinji
Composer: Kai Masato
Choreographer: Shou Sumire

Available on DVD: No


RoleBow Hall CastNS / Aichi Cast
Audie (a ship captain cursed by a demon to eternally wander the seas)
Zenith (a girl working in a cigar factory)
Dede (a demon)
George (Anna's lover)Takumi Hibiki Haruno Sumire
Donald (captain of the ship "Grandma". Zenith's pa)
Marie (Donald's wife. Zenith's ma)
DrunkardMisa Noeru Suzuka Teru
Maceo (cigar factory manager)Natsushiro Rei Ootomo Reika
Anna (Zenith's younger sister. George's lover)
Ricardo (revolutionary)Haruno Sumire Sena Jun
Miguel (Revolutionary. Zenith's brother)
Diego (Bartender) Kaori Yutaka Mayuka Reo
Police Squad LeaderOotomo Reika Sagami Rei

Other Cast: Morotori Ai‡, Futaba Karen, Kizuki Ayumu†, Mizuki Ai, Sachimi Anna, Asakura Aoi†, Kazato Yuma‡, Suzukake Miyuki, Masaoka Nao, Sakuragi Emi, Minami Shizuka†, Yuuka Eri‡, Asami Hikaru‡, Nanase Kai, Eri Chiaki, Momoka Sari, Mei Karen, Matake Suguru

† = Bow Hall only
‡ = Nippon Seinenkan & Aichi only



A man cursed by a demon seizes upon true love to rescue his soul. A show overflowing with lively Cuban music.


1953, in the port city of Santiago de Cuba, in Cuba. The boat "Grandma" returns alive from a fierce hurricane, led by a sailing ship. Audie (the captain of the sailing ship) asks Donald (the captain of the Grandma) for a recommendation on where to spend the night, as repayment for his debt. Seeing the endless gold coins Audie can draw from his pouch, Donald leads him to his own home.

Donald has two daughters who work at a cigar factory: Zenith and Anna. His younger daughter Anna has a boyfriend named George, but he fools around with a lot of women. Zenith doesn't seem interested in drawing people's attention, yet he tried to woo even her, although she turned him down flat, since she is looking for true love.

Donald tells Zenith to be open to Audie advances. But Zenith misunderstands the ruby necklace Audie gives her as a present, thinking he is trying to buy her affection, and slaps him. Donald appears angry, because he has benefited from Audie's openhandedness, but Audie forgives her, and speaks happy words of comfort.

Donald has one more child, a son named Miguel. Donald hasn't forgiven him for becoming involved in the revolution, but Donald's wife Marie is sheltering Miguel and his friends in their home. Miguel returns home in a pool of blood, on the verge of death from his serious wounds, but if they call a doctor it will call the police down on them. Seeing the way things are progressing, Audie tells them that he will treat the boy himself, and removes the bullets, allowing Miguel to heal. Furthermore, to help them all, he gives them money to purchase weapons.

Just then the police arrive to arrest Miguel and his friend Ricardo. A gun-fight breaks out between the police and the revolutionaries, during which Audie receives a terrible wound. Zenith flees the house, bringing Audie, in order to apologize for misunderstanding the man who saved her brother's life. Audie stops her from bringing him to a hospital. Instead, as he had with her brother, he removes his own bullets and heals. To the startled Zenith, Audie admits who he really is.

He is the captain of a ghost ship, cursed by a demon to roam the seas for all of eternity. He sold his soul to the demon Dede, in order to escape from a violent storm, and he has now made a bet with that demon. For two days every seven years he is permitted to walk on shore, but if he cannot find true love within those two days, he will be forced to wander the seas eternally once more. Unable to die, Audie has been wandering the seas for more than 400 years.

What will happen to these two seeking true love...?

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