Yamada Taku


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Standard Profile Information

Name: Yamada Taku (also: Yamada Takashi)
Kanji: 山田 卓
Position: Choreographer
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: 1931(?)
Blood Type:
Hometown: Osaka

First Takarazuka Work: YEAR Name of Performance


YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2012-13Takarazuka JaponismeMainStar
1998-99Citrus BreezeMainCosmos
1997Golden DaysMainSnow
1996La Jeunesse!MainSnow
1995Me and My GirlMainMoon
1994Blown by the WindBow HallSnow
1993-94La Cote d'AzurMainSnow
1993Saturday Night RomanceBow HallStar
1993C'est L'amourBow HallSnow
1993It's a Love StoryMainFlower
1993Parfum de ParisMainStar
1992Dance Festival / SpartacusMainFlower
1992The Red Poppies of DneprBow HallFlower
1991-92The Lily of Gran SassoBow HallStar
1991Pal JoeyBow HallStar
1991Spotlight MagicBow HallSnow
1990El AmigoBow HallFlower
1990The ModernMainMoon
1990Mayflower / Takarazuka Revue '90MainStar
1989Diga Diga DooMainStar
1989The GameMainFlower
1988-89Love and a Foghorn and a Silver WatchMainMoon
1988-89Rose of ToulonBow HallSnow
1988The RevuescopeNational Tour Snow
1988Red Flower of Tahiti / Viva! Shiva!MainMoon
1988Forever! TakarazukaMainFlower
1988The Prisoners of Lilac WallsBow HallMoon
1987-88Me and My GirlMainMoon
1987The RevuescopeMainSnow
1987The RevuescopeMainFlower
1987Show Up ShowMainFlower
1987Sword Flash!Bow Hall /Aoyama Theater / Chuunichi TheaterMoon
1986-87Show BoatBow HallSnow
1986Boogie Woogie FoliesMainStar
1986Three WaltzesMainSnow
1986Memoirs du ParisMainFlower
1984-85Me and My GirlMainMoon
1984La La FloraMainFlower
1984The Revue IIMainMoon
1980Masked BallMainMoon
1979Hello HolidayMainSnow
1979Carribean SunMainMoon
1978My Lucky ChanceMainMoon
1978Love MessageMainMoon
1977-78My Beloved MarianneMainMoon
1977The RevueMainFlower
1977The RevueMainSnow
1977Manhattan RagMainSnow
1976Monsieur PapillonMainSnow
1975That's FamilyMainStar
1975L'amour a ParisMainMoon
1975Fairies in the AtticMainStar
1975Bon BalanceFukuoka Sports CenterFlower
1975Bon BalanceMainSnow
1974-75Un Deux Trois -Fantasia Takarazuka-MainFlower
1974Romance RomantiqueMainMoon
1974Romance RomantiqueMainSnow
1974Romance RomantiqueMainMoon
1974Carnaval de TakarazukaMainFlower
1973Golden SoundMainStar
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainSnow
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainMoon
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainSnow
1973Parade TakarazukaMainFlower
1972June BrideMainSnow
1972Wandering YouthMainStar
1971Sicilian SunsetMainFlower
1971Time MapMainMoon
1971Time MapMainMoon
1970I am YouMainStar
1970C'est la VieMainStar
1969Te Quiero / Symphonic Poem of LoveMainFlower
1969C'est la VieMainStar
1969Symphonic Poem of LoveMainFlower
1969Te QuieroMainFlower
1968Love and Dream and PartyMainSnow
19687 -Seven-MainStar
1968Recalling the AndesMainStar
1968Over the RainbowMainStar
1968High BrightMainMoon
1968Hit KitMainFlower
1967-68Wonderful TownMainMoon
1967Ballade of Young PeopleMainStar
1967One WorldMain (Koma)Star
1967Hit KitMainFlower
1967Cheers to Takarasienne!MainStar / Snow
1967Cheers to Takarasienne! MainSnow
1967One WorldMain (Grand)Star
1965 Bravo the Sun!MainStar
1963Invitation to the RevueMainMoon / Star
1962The Emperor and the WitchMainFlower
1960Let Me Die In Your ArmsMainStar
1958Children Among the FlowersMainMoon
1957Mon ParisMainSnow

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance


  • Passed away in 2007 at the age of 76.
  • Used the pronunciation "Taku" for his choreographer name, but his real name was "Takashi".

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