The Lily of Gran Sasso

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English Title: The Lily of Gran Sasso
Japanese Title: グランサッソの百合
Romanized Title: Guran Sasso no Yuri

Troupe: Star
Year: 1991 - 1992
Performances: Bow Hall, 9/15 - 9/29; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 9/22 - 9/30; Aichi Kouseinenkin Kaikan (Nagoya), 10/3 - 10/4

Based On:
Author/Director: Ohara Hirotoshi
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko
Choreographer: Yamada Taku

Available on DVD: No


Antonio Luciano (Italian naval officer, member of the guard)Shion Yuu
Lily Bartolini (Adopted daughter of the Bartolinis)Shiraki Ayaka
Mussolini (Fascist commander)Ebira Kaoru
Sergio Giovanni (Army officer, commander of the guard)Itsuki Chihiro (1991)
Kishi Kaori (1992)
Anna Bartolini (Pietro's wife)Hayama Michiko
Federico Stefano (Hotel manager and Lily's fiance. A fascist in hiding)Natsumi You
Pietro Bartolini (Hotel proprietor. A fascist in hiding)Marimura Nao
Stella Ortopello (Marquis Ortopello's daughter)Shima Yuuka
Mario Alata (Captain in the guard)Senju Hikaru
Marina OrtepelloAgi Katsura
Otto Skorzeny (A mountaineer. Actually an officer in the German special forces)Izumi Tsukasa (1991)
Minoru Kou (1992)
Paolo PetrassiEma Naoki (1991)
Countess StaiolaMachikaze Kana (1991)
Bruno AlvaroKinami Chie
FrancescaIzumo Aya
Marquis OrtepelloChiaki Shin
Roberto StaiolaHanabusa Rio (1991)

Other Cast (1991): Matsubara Midori, Saegusa Mizuki, Sagikusa Kaoru, Takayagi Midori, Nanki Chihiro, Kouki Subaru, Hagio Hitomi, Shijou Hikaru, Migusa Yuu, Nishiki Ai, Shouno Saki, Mimi Anri

Other Cast (1992): Matsubara Midori, Mari Yuzumi, Saegusa Mizuki, Sagikusa Kaoru, Takayagi Midori, Nanki Chihiro, Miyabi Kei, Migusa Yuu, Ayaka Yuu, Mimi Anri, Kyougoku Ayano, Jun Atsuki, Mibae Yuuri, Ayato Rena, Suzuna Saya, Takao Rio



Antonio arrives at the hotel Gran Sasso, carrying a bouquet of lilies. There he is reunited with Stella, and the two reminisce about the sad events that had occured there.

It is August, 1943, and the former prime minister of Italy, Mussolini, is being held prisoner by the Italian army at the mountain top hotel Gran Sasso, which cannot be reached when the rope-way is shut down. To prevent word of this going out, the hotel staff and guests are commanded to remain indefinitely. Amidst everyone's bewilderment, the hotel manager Federico adopts a plan of action.

Among Mussolini's guards is a naval officer named Antonio Luciano, who does not fit in with the rest and is often alone. The hotel proprietor's daughter Lily is concerned about him. Before long the two share their sad secrets (Because Antonio is the nephew of the gangster Lucky Luciano, who has been exiled from America, he is slandered as secretly colluding with the Allies. Also, his parents died when he was young in a gang fight. Lily's real mother was an Englishwoman who was killed in front of her by the fascists.) and are attracted to each other. Before long, they fall in love. A long-time resident of the hotel and daughter of a marquis, Stella, is also in love with Antonio, but she keeps her love secret and looks out for the two of them.

The hotel proprietor and Lily's adopted father Pietro, and the hotel manager and Lily's fiance Federico are actually secret fascists, and behind the back of the Italian army they go forward with their plans to help Mussolini escape.

At that time, a huge event occurs. A mountaineer named Otto arrives at the hotel which was said to be unreachable without a working rope-way. Otto is also held indefinitely.

On September 8th, word arrives of the end of the war. Amidst everyone's great joy, it comes to light that Otto is actually a commanding officer in the German Nazi secret service, who was sent as reconnaissance for Mussolini's rescue.

On the night of September 11th, Federico observes Antonio and Lily in a lover's tryst and, beside himself, he exposes the fact that Lily's real father is Mussolini, and that Pietro and he himself are secret fascists. Antonio comforts the shocked Lily, and the two promise to go to Toulon in southern France. Federico, who realizes that he can never get Lily back, decides to murder Antonio on the day Mussolini is rescued.

The next morning a German force comes for Mussolini. The guard has already been dispersed, but determined to follow his orders to the end Antonio shields Mussolini and opposes the Nazis. In front of Antonio, Federico takes Lily hostage and points his gun at Antonio. Lily falls protecting Antonio. Amid the chaos, Mussolini is set free by the Nazi troops, and Lily dies in her beloved Antonio's arms.

When he has finished talking about Lily with Stella, who still secretly loves him, she sees him off as he sets out for Toulon.

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