Broadway Cinderella / Children Among the Flowers

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English Title: Broadway Cinderella / Children Among the Flowers
Japanese Title: ブロードウェイシンデレラ / 花の中の子供たち
Romanized Title: Buroodowei Shinderera / Hana no Naka no Kodomotachi

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1958
Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 8/2 - 8/31
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 8/14

Broadway Cinderella

Based On:
Author: Takagi Shirou
Director: Takagi Shirou
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Kawasaki Tsuneo, Oono Tadaosa, Tsutsumi Gorou, Irie Kaoru
Choreographer: Yasumoto Shinji, Watanabe Takeo, Sasaki Kazuo, Oka Masami
Conductor (Tokyo):

Children Among the Flowers

Based On:
Author: Takagi Shirou
Director: Takagi Shirou
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Takahashi Ren, Kawasaki Tsuneo, Nakano Junji, Takai Yoshizumi, Terada Takio, Oono Tadaosa
Choreographer: Yasumoto Shinji, Hanayagi Toshinosuke, Kawakami Gorou, Oka Masami, Yamada Taku
Conductor (Tokyo):

Available on DVD: No


Broadway Cinderella

PrincebyFurusato Akemi
CindyYodo Kaoru
TollerOki Yukiko
EilleenMiyabi Noriko
EmilyKiyokawa Hayami
LouHama Yuuko
IcaslieMaki Yayoi
ToppyFujisato Miho
PoppyAmano Obune
SallyOozora Midori
EllyWaka Suzuko
MarieAkizuki Miho
SmollerYaotome Kyouko
RitellerChigusa Shiori
ProducerMiyama Sakura
FairyOokura Tamako

Children from the Flowers

RoleCastShinko Cast
AkioFurusato Akemi Fujisato Miho
KazukoHinatsu Yuri Mari Yayoi
Rabbit PostmanYodo Kaoru
Son Go KuInaba Machiko
PinochioFujisato Miho
FairyToyo Harue
CinderellaMiura Rika
Sind BahdTamagawa Namiko
KingChigusa Shiori
QueenOki Yukiko
WolfYamadori Yuri
Grass HopperAmano Obune
CatMiyabi Noriko
MomotaroNamiji Miho
Princess KaguyaHatsukawa Kasumi
WitchKiyokawa Hayami
WitchUtagawa Harumi
WitchShinonome Akemi
DonkeyMidori Yachiyo
SingerHama Yuuko



Broadway Cinderella

At a certain town on the west coast of America there lived a pretty girl called Cindy. Her parents died on after another, she, left alone, resolved to go up to Broadway, about which she has dreamed so often.

On the train eastward, she makes friends with the members of a traveling troupe. They, besides Toller, who is the leader of the party, include Lou, Icaslie, the singer and Toppy, Poppy, Sally, Elly, and Marie, the dancers and Smoller and Riteller, the comedians. They are all dreaming of appearing on a Broadway stage.

Upon arriving in New York, Cindy calls on Mrs. Emily, an old friend of her father, who is a costume manager at the Broadway Theatre. Knowing that Princeby, the big star who she adores, performs on the stage of this theater, Cindy asks Mrs. Emily if she could be permitted to work for the theatre. Mrs. Emily remembers that Princeby has been looking for a male attendant and, Cindy, in a male disguise, is allowed to work for Princeby.

Cindy is happiness itself. However, one thing that worries her in that the famous star is a notorious woman hunter and that Eilleen the noted actress, is his lover.

On that night, Princeby and Eilleen, as usual, go together to a night club where they have been frequenting recently. Sadly for Cindy, who in male disguise, has no way to communicate her sorrows to Princeby, Mrs. Emily so arranges that the little girl is allowed to loan a gorgeous stage costume — on condition that it be returned at midnight. In her new attire, Cindy looks as beautiful as Princess Cinderella. She goes to the night club when Princeby is surprised at the sudden appearance of such a lovely girl. Charmed by her beauty, Princeby hastens to allure her to a special room and enjoys her company over cups of champagne. Princeby can no longer control himself, and is about to — when Cindy is aided by Toppy and Poppy her old friends on the last train travel, and is enabled to escape out, only leaving behind a glass earring.

Awakened by true love, Princeby looks after the beautiful girl. He is almost beyond himself with emotions when Cindy, attired like a boy, as usual, happens to pass by cleaning the floor. She hums a rhythm she sang at the night club the night before. Overhearing her, Princeby is suddenly awakened to the situation, and knows that the boy is none other than the adorable lady he met at the night club. they embrace each other.

And now, Cindy's dream has come true — she begins to appear on the stage of the Broadway Theatre together with Princeby. And, of course, the jolly members of Toller's troupe are not forgotten.

Children Among the Flowers

Two tender hearted children, Akio, the elder brother, and Kazuko, his sister, take a nap with picture books on their breasts in a spring field, when a rabbit postman brings an invitation from the Land of Fairy Tales. Overjoyed, the two children depart for the Land of of Fairy Tales.

In a flower garden where a glittering emerald castle can be seen, they are welcomed by Princess White Snow, Cinderella, and Sind Bahd and many other people of the Land of Fairy Tales. Soon there comes a Fairy, who tells them that Panya's Gem, a priceless treasure of the Land, has been stolen. Alas!

Being a magic stone with the power to lead everybody to happiness, Panya's Gem's disappearance will make the destruction of the Land inevitable. Alarmed, both Akio and Kazuko volunteer to cooperate with the people of the Land in the search for the lost Gem.

The first land they are brought to by Son Go Ku (a monkey master described in Saiyuki, an ancient Chinese novel) and Sind Bahd is the Land of Cards.

They find the Land of Cards remarkably advanced in science, where earth satellite and rockets have long since been completed. Even Panya's Gem could be produced there with automatized process in the number of tens of millions by day. However, there is no freedom in this Land and anybody who violates law is immediately put to death --- a horrible and merciless land!

Akio and Kazuko meet the King and Queen of the Land of Cards, and from them receive a Panya's Gem. Delighted, they bring it back but, to their utter dismay, they find it a bogus gem, for the genuine Gem has been made by the hands of God and there can be only one in the whole world.

Thereupon, in search of the genuine Gem they continue their travel on to the Land of Magic. In the Forest of Magic, where hordes of terrible birds and bats hover about and numberless centipedes and spiders breathe, ugly witches make a magic drug. Akio and Kazuko sneak into the den of the witches, where they find Panya's Gem. Then, however, they are caught by the witches, who are about to cut off their head. At this juncture, people of the Land of Fairy Tales rush to their aid. In the ensuing fight, Akio and Kazuko succeed in escaping with Panya's Gem.

On their way, they get lost and are at their wit's end to know wither to go, when Pinocchio, Grasshopper, and Cinderella, guided by a dragon fly appear, who lead the children to a dance party in the Land of Insects. While insects and flowers enjoy dancing until the early hours in the morning, the witches's followers come up. Akio tries to escape, but is about to be caught at the mouth of the grotto. Akio throws Panya's Gem to the distant interior of the grotto. The witch and her followers go after it into the den, and, taking advantage of the occasion, Akio hastens to shut up the door.

The gem, which the witch and her men hold up, is the bogus one made in the Land of Cards. The genuine treasure is cleverly brought back by Akio to the Land of Fairy Tales. The witch and her followers evaporate at the magic power of the Gem.

Thanked by the people of the Land of Fairy Tales, Akio and Kazuko merrily come back to the earth.

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