Blown by the Wind

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English Title: Blown by the Wind
Japanese Title: 風に吹かれて
Romanized Title: Kaze ni Fukarete

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1994
Performances: Bow Hall, 9/22 - 10/4

Based On: Higuchi Shuukichi's novel Avatar Island
Adapter/Director: Yokozawa Hideo
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi
Choreographer: Yamada Taku

Available on DVD: No


Toshio (Kasao Toshio. Come to America to study dance.)Kouju Tatsuki
Akiko Donovan (Wife of the lawyer Donovan)Midori Hanaka
Moira (A girl who works in a restaurant on Bainbridge Island)Kisaki Miri
Sola (Moira's mother. Owner of the Color Restaurant)Kyou Misa
Donovan (a wealthy lawyer) / Johan (Moira's grandfather, an elder among the Swedish immigrants)Asuka Yuu
Kashimu (Kashimura Shirou. A bar manager, former wrestler) Ami Jun
Bill Clark (a potter, member of an amateur dance group)Yuumi Reo
Sara (dancer) / Sally (Adam's girlfriend)Itsumine Aki
Eileen (Bill's wife)Shu Michiru
Jan (a logger, Moira's younger brother)Takaragi Aya
Adam (postal worker)Kaede Saki
Shimazaki (formerly an exchange student wanting to become a veterinarian. Became hooked on horse racing and ruined himself)Kotobuki Tsukasa
MayaAmamiya Moe
ReneTakashiro Kei

Other Cast: Morio Kazumi, Misuzu Ririka, Kojou Ran, Suzusato Yuuka, Kouzuki Mari, Miho Keiko, Amaki Kaori, Maki Megumi, Arisa Miho, Shiomi Maho, Yuu Naoki, Asada Kou, Yuuna Aki, Hanabuki Mai, Hitomi Rika, Takase Yuu



Modern day New York. A young man is following his dream to become a professional dancer, but breaks his leg while dancing at a house party. His dream will now never come true. He begins working at Kashimu's bar. While there he also helps the patrons place bets on horse races and becomes entangled himself. He becomes convinced that a horse named Avatar is going to win, and places a large bet on him, but he only comes in second. Undeterred, he places another, even larger bet, and this time he wins. After paying back the loans that he owes, he moves to Seattle.

In Seattle he settles on Bainbridge Island and begins teaching an amateur dance troupe there. He also falls for Moira, a young woman working in her mother's restaurant, but his friend Bill mysteriously warns him not to get too close to her......

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