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English Title: Arkadia
Japanese Title: アルカディア
Romanized Title: Arukadia

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2017
Performances: Bow Hall, 12/01 - 12/12

Based On:
Author/Director: Kashihata Aiko
Composer: Teshima Kyouko
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, AYAKO, Kitahama Tatsuya

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 07/08/22)
Available on DVD: No
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


Minette Akatsuki Chisei
Dahlia Misono Sakura
Jean-Paul Varoux Kouzuki Ruu
Renée Kagetsu Miyako
Rosemonde Shirayuki Sachika
Kevin, the manager Takasumi Hayato
Dominique Harune Aki
Chiara Himesaki Mirei
Arnaud Otokaze Seiya
Colette Kiyoka Ran
Felix Kio Kanade
Raymond Asahi Tsubasa
Camille Kazama Yuno
Narcisse Ran Naoki
Nina Momoka Yuki
Désirée Yui Karen
Joss Reika Haru
Ghislain Ranze Keito
Young Minette Haon Mika

Other Cast: Koumi Natsuho, Yoshino Yurika, Ookusu Tera, Maya Yutaka, Ayaji Yurika, Ruou Ria, Manoa Mio, Mariya Sonata



Set in a nightclub filled with a decadent atmosphere, a man who left home at a young age and has lived to grant others' wishes, meets a certain woman and becomes aware of his own wishes for his life.

A young man standing on the roadside for a moment in the rain is invited into the nightclub Arkadia by the dancer Dahlia. The man is called Minette, and it calls to his dreams, but he does not want to live that way and so turns Dahlia down. Having met this straightforward woman, feelings are awoken in Minette for the first time, but he is not able to accept them honestly. While his heart is closed his feelings are unfulfilled, and he tries to deal with them through his dancing. Ironically, his dancing charms many, eventually leading Minette to become the top dancer at Arkadia....

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