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English Title: Elpidio -A Man Named Hope-
Japanese Title: ELPIDIO ~希望という名の男~
Romanized Title: Elpidio ~Kibou to iu otoko~

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2022
Performances: KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, 11/21 - 11/27; Theater Drama City, 12/03 - 12/11

Author / Director: Sha Tamae
Choreographer: Sha Tamae
Flamenco Choreographer and Coach: Choreographer - Ran Konomi
Composer: Tama Shouichi, Ozawa Tokifumi
Conductor (Takarazuka): n/a
Conductor (Tokyo): n/a

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 02/28/23)
Available on DVD: No
Scene/Music Cuts: No


Lorencio / Marquis Alvarez Houzuki An
Patricia Irodori Michiru
Gomez Kizuki Yuuma (Senka)
Magdalena Shirayuki Sachika
Marcos Chinami Karan
Alonso Ren Tsukasa
Miguel Kashiro Aoi
Bruno Hanabusa Kaoto
Amanda Momoka Yuki
Carmen Hisumi Rin
Francisco Ayaoto Sena
Maraba Hanatoki Maika
Cecilio Ayami Sera
Graciela Amana Ruria
Estelle Ranze Keito
Colonel Romero Hiiragi Ayato
Lieutenant Montes Ookusu Tera
Rafael Ruou Ria
Benita Kiyora Haryuu
Cesar Mahiro Ren
Julio Kazuma Asano

Other Cast: Manoa Mio, Sou Yuuki, Tsukino Daia, Shizune Hotaru, Maki Teruto, Mizushiro Aoi, Ichino Rin, Amatsukaze Shuri, Mioka Erisa



Possible raceface ('Spanish' makeup)

Madrid in the early 20th century, when the colonies became independent one after another and the prosperous Spanish Empire came to an end. At the bar Camino (road) where men who are worried about the future of the country gather, there was a man called Lorencio by his friends. Having a past that once faced death but survived, he arrived at this city while wandering in search of the meaning of life. One night, Lorencio, who was attacked by someone, was taken to the mansion of Marquis Alvarez, who is also a colonel of the army.

Lorencio, who has two faces as a marquis, is threatened by possession of a fake ID card and is forced to replace it. Having posted a poem in the newspaper under the pseudonym ELPIDIO, he accepts that it will be a substitute on condition that he continues to do so, but is found to be a fake by the Marquis' wife Patricia. Patricia, who was in divorce talks with the Marquis, is engaged in welfare activities and is gradually attracted to Lorencio, who has the same idea, and the two fall in love. While facing various things while being watched by the Marquis, Lorencio finally discovers his mission ...

As people inspired by ELPIDIO's poems that snuggle up to the vulnerable begin to act with "hope" in their hearts, how will Lorencio, the false marquis, confront the lie that prevails in the world, solve Spain's problems? .. And can you find the meaning in his true name?

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