The Kawagiri Bridge / Dream Chaser

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English Title: The Kawagiri Bridge / Dream Chaser ーTo a New Dreamー
Japanese Title: 川霧の橋 / Dream Chaser -新たな夢へ-
Romanized Title: Kawagiri no Hashi / Dream Chaser ーAtaratana Yume eー

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2021
Performances: Hakataza, 10/11 - 11/3

The Kawagiri Bridge:

Based On: Yamamoto Shugoro's Yanagibashi Stories and A Brute
Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director: Koyanagi Naoko

Dream Chaser -To a New Dream-:

Author/Director: Nakamura Satoru

Available on DVD: TBA
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Kōjirō Tsukishiro Kanato
O-Mitsu Umino Mitsuki

Other Cast TBA



The Kawagiri Bridge

In the middle of the Edo Era in Kayamachi near the Sumida River lived a childless couple, Minokichi and his wife O-chou. Minokichi was a master carpenter who worked for a large company called Sugitaya.

Minokichi had to select just one of the many competent carpenters who had trained in the master's house to be his successor someday. Three carpenters were considered to become the junior masters, Koujirou, Hanji, and Seikichi. Koujirou was the eldest. He was a fine craftsman and very determined. He was very popular with his men and took good care of them. For these reasons Koujirou was appointed junior master and Hanji and Seikichi were nominated as his assistants. Hanji accepted, but Seikichi decided to leave the company and work in Osaka until he could save enough money to buy his own carpentry business.

The day before his departure Seikichi proposed to a beautiful young maiden, O-mitsu, on the banks of the river. He begged O-mitsu to wait for him to return as a successful man. O-mitsu was moved by Seikichi's passion and she agreed to be his bride when he came back.

Her grandfather, Genroku, who worked as a grinder, knew the Sugitaya people well. Several months later Minokichi and O-chou asked Genroku to consider a marriage between his granddaughter and Koujirou. Koujirou loved O-mitsu. His shy nature made him behave bluntly with her, but he readily took on any chores she asked of him and always brought back a little gift for her when he went out.

Genroku, knowing what the wishes of O-mitsu's late mother would be, politely turned down the offer. O-mitsu's departed mother had long before broken off an engagement with Minokichi to marry -mitsu's father who was Genroku's son. Bad luck followed. The family became poor. O-mitsu's father died and her mother became ill. The wealthy Sugitaya was charmed by the little girl and he offered to adopt her. But O-mitsu's mother proudly refused his offer of help.

Koujirou propsed directly to O-mitsu but she announced that she was already engaged.

Meanwhile Hanji was in love with the daughter of a rich oil wholeseller, O-kumi, whom he often saw going into the home next to the Sugitaya's. Hanji kept his feelings secret because he fully realized that such a wealthy man would never accept a humble carpenter as his daughter's husband.

Suddenly a fierce fire broke out and raged through out most of the city. Genroku and O-mitsu were trapped in their house. Koujirou came to the rescue and led them to the Sumida River by carrying Genroku on his back. At the river bank Genroku died and then in his efforts to save O-mitsu, Koujirou was lost in the river......

Dream Chaser-

"Dream Chaser" is one who chases their dreams. A passionate theme of single-minded dream chasing, with each scene presenting a different world through music and dance — this revue show will introduce you to the varied charms of Moon Troupe members. This dazzling and gorgeous stage, filled to the brim with "dreams", will be a fresh start for the new Moon Troupe.

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