Okada Yoshiki


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Standard Profile Information

Name: Okada Yoshiki
Kanji: 岡田 良機
Position: Conductor
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: Jan. 1st, 1943
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Minoh, Osaka
Hobbies: calligraphy

First Takarazuka Work: YEAR Name of Performance


YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2012ResurrectionMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2011The Man From AlgiersMain (Takarazuka)Moon
2011Prelude of LoveMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2010SabrinaMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2010The Dawn at SolferinoMain (Takarazuka)Snow
2009Russian BlueMain (Takarazuka)Snow
2009Raindrops Fall on RosesMain (Takarazuka)Cosmos
2009My Dear New OrleansMain (Takarazuka)Star
2008King Solomon's RingMain (Takarazuka)Snow
2007MahorobaMain (Takarazuka)Moon
2005A Kiss to the FlamesMain (Takarazuka)Cosmos
2005Marrakech: A Crimson TombstoneMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2005Hotel Stella MarisMain (Takarazuka)Cosmos
2003Lightning in the DaytimeMain (Takarazuka)Cosmos
2004Ch'Ang-an: Full of Swirling FlowersMain (Takarazuka)Star
2004La EsperanzaMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2004Susano-oMain (Takarazuka)Snow
2004Endless Flight / Season of AnglesMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2003Lightning in the DaytimeMain (Takarazuka)Cosmos
2003Pierre the MercenaryMainCosmos
2003A Song for KingdomsMainStar
2003Takarazuka Floral DiaryMainMoon
2002Legend of the PhoenixMainCosmos
2001Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie AntoinetteMainCosmos
2000Prisoner of ZendaMainMoon
2000Department StoreMainSnow
2000Glorious!!Main: AssistantCosmos
1999My Love Lies Over the Mountains Main (Takarazuka)Star
1999Passion: Jose and CarmenMainCosmos
1998West Side StoryMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1997Love at Dal LakeMain (Takarazuka)Star
1997El DoradoMainMoon
1996Cesare BorgiaMainMoon
1994La Cantata!MainStar
1994KasenshouLondon Tourmixed
1994Jump Orient!Main (Takarazuka)Star
1993Parfum de ParisMain (Takarazuka)Star
1993KasenshouMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1992One Night MirageMain (Takarazuka)Star
1992ChuushinguraMain (Takarazuka)Snow
1992This Boundless LoveMainSnow
1991 Sunset of the Forbidden CityMain (Takarazuka)Star
1991The Great GatsbyMainSnow
1991Sweet TyphoonMain (Takarazuka)Snow
1990The Apollon MysteryMain (Takarazuka)Star
1990The ModernMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1989La Passion!Main (Takarazuka)Snow
1989Spring DanceMain (Takarazuka)Star
1988Love and a Foghorn and a Silver WatchMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1988War and Peace: Act 1Main (Takarazuka)Star
1988The RevuescopeNational TourSnow
1988Kiss Me KateMainFlower
1988Too Hot!Main (Takarazuka)Star
1987Show Up ShowMain (Takarazuka)Flower
1987Portraits of PartingMain (Takarazuka)Star
1987A Single RoseMainFlower
1987The Red Rose of SamarkandMain (Takarazuka)Snow
1987The RevuescopeMainSnow
1987Show Up ShowMainFlower
1986Three WaltzesMain (Takarazuka)Snow
1986Boogie Woogie FoliesMainStar
1986 Paris, That's a Sad SonataMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1986Sky High SkyMain (Tokyo)Snow
1986Revue SymphonyMain (Takarazuka)Star
1985-86The Legend of the Pulsing FlowerMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1985 Flowers Strewn on the Western SeaMain (Takarazuka)Star
1985If There's Love, I'll Live Forever -Napoleon and Josephine-MainFlower
1984-85Guys and DollsMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1984Full BeatMainSnow
1984Gone With the WindMain (Takarazuka)Snow
1984The Great Detective is All AloneMain (Takarazuka)Flower
1983-84Heart JackMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1983The Window of OrpheusMainStar
1983Blue JasmineMainSnow
1983Opera TropicalMainFlower
1982-83Lily in LoveMainSnow

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YearTitleMain or Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant


  • He is also an oboe player and instructor.
  • He was a member of the Takarazuka Orchestra before becoming a conductor in 1982.
  • Sky Stage Dream Makers #8

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