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Kasenshou / The Door to Here / Million Dreams (London Tour)


Picture Credit: Zephy / 1994 Stage Album

Show Information
English Title: Kasenshou -Flower-Shaped Love Woodblock Print- / The Door to Here / Million Dreams
Japanese Title: 花扇抄 -花姿恋錦絵- / 扉のこちら / ミリオン, ドリームズ
Romanized Title: Kasenshou -Hana Sugata no Nishiki-e- / Tobira no Kochira / Mirion Doriimuzu

Troupe: Senka, Flower, Moon, Snow, Star
Year: 1994
Performances: Coliseum Theater, London, 7/11 - 7/23


Author / Director: Sakai Sumio
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko, Tousha Meishou (flute)
Choreographer: Hanayagi Juraku, Hanayagi Yoshijirou, Mutsumi Chiga
Conductor: Okada Yoshiki

The Door to Here

Based On: The short story "A Retrieved Reformation" by O. Henry
Author / Director: Kimura Shinji
Composer: Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Shou Sumire
Conductor: Sasada Aiichirou

Million Dreams

Author / Director: Miki Akio
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko, Takahashi Kuni, Nishimura Kouji
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Shuri Misao, Nakura Kayoko, Sha Tamae
Conductor: Sasada Aiichirou

Available on DVD: No


Senka: Matsumoto Yuri, Ritsu Tomomi

Flower Troupe:
Anju Mira, Moemi Serika, Shibuki Jun, Natsushiro Rei, Asaki Yui, Futaba Karen, Iori Naoka, Mizuki Ai, Mayuka Reo, Tsukikage Hitomi, Suzukake Miyuki, Asami Hikaru

Moon Troupe:
Wakao Risa, Natsukawa Yura, Makoto Tsubasa, Yuuki Kaoru, Yamabuki Sayo, Kazahana Mai, Juri Sakiho, Hoshino Hitomi, Runa Mari, Ayaki Nao, Jouka Azuki, Naruse Kouki

Snow Troupe:
Kouju Tatsuki, Itsumine Aki, Marioka Tomomi, Yuumi Reo, Wao Youka, Miho Keiko, Takaragi Aya, Ounami Tsubasa, Midori Hanaka, Arisa Miho

Star Troupe:
Senju Hikaru, Izumo Aya, Tomo Maika, Takayagi Midori, Maori Yuki, Nozomi Kei, Kozuki Wataru, Kujou Akira, Hoshina Yuri, Takao Rio




Scene 1 - 2: Prologue -Dynasty Picture Scroll (Chrysanthemum)-
A young noblemn leads a party of young ladies and children who sing and dance to celebrate a beautiful and peaceful Autumn

Hikaru Genji: Anju Mira
Young Noblemen A: Makoto Tsubasa, Kouju Tatsuki
Noble Women A: Wakao Risa, Tsukikage Hitomi

Scene 3: Children of the Autumn Colors
Little children with twigs in their hands come out, pulling a wagon full of flowers. They dance to celebrate this special day.

Scene 4: Morning Glory Woman -
A beautiful lady sits with her fan, surrounded by lovely morning glories.

Ukiyo-e Woman: Matsumoto Yuri

Scene 5: Japanese Festival
Sounds of drums. the head of the steeplejacks and his young men beat their drums vigorously. Geisha, men and women in large numbers appear and sing and dance in this brilliant festival scene of Japan.

Lead A: Anju Mira
Geisha S: Kazahana Mai
Festival Men A: Makoto Tsubasa, Kouju Tatsuki, Maori Yuki, Shibuki Jun

Scene 6: Fukagawa
The rain has let up. We are in Fukagawa, Edo. A young man, the head of the steeplejacks, dances stylishly with a geisha (professional entertainer of music and dance).

Fukugawa Man: Anju Mira
Fukugawa Woman: Matsumoto Yuri

Scene 7: The Wind and The Waves
Seven young men dance soundlessly as the wind and sea roar. Their movements appear to cut through the cold air.

Wind A: Wakao Risa
Wind: Senju Hikaru, Yuumi Reo, Nozomi Kei, Natsushiro Rei, Kozuki Wataru, Yuuki Kaoru

Scene 8: Flower Shaped Love Woodblock Print -White Hawk-

A Young Samurai stops a general as he is about to shoot a white Hawk. The bowman is furious and orders his men to capture the impudent youth. The white Hawk is magically transformed into a beautiful princess. She leads her savior to the safety of a castle and forces the pursuing warriors back. However, the attackers set fire to the castle. The princess and the brave young man become beautiful birds and fly away.

Young Samurai: Makoto Tsubasa
Princesses: Matsumoto Yuri, Tsukikage Hitomi

Scene 9: The Mysterious Banquet at a Castle Tower
''Two beautiful princesses emerge from a dungeon and one catches an arrow. Out of the darkness, two more princesses and a lady-in-waiting appear, followed by several young girls.

When the lady in waiting takes the arrow from the princess, they notice the young falconer lying on the ground in a faint.

The monsters who inhabit the castle had transformed themselves into the lady in waiting and the children.

With their magical powers they awaken the falconer and all celebrate with a banquet in the beautiful castle.''

Scene 10: Monsters
''The general and his men march into the castle. The princesses disappear with the young man. The lady-in-waiting and the little girls turn into monsters. The monster attack the general and his men.

The in the struggle, the young falconer is mortally wounded by the general, but the monsters win the battle and the general and his men disappear in flames and smoke.''

Military Commander: Shibuki Jun

Scene 11: An Ascension
''Two princesses turn into a beautiul birds and bringe the young men back to life. He is transformed intoa baird and the three of them fly away above the clouds.

Brilliant rays of morning sun, light up the sky''

Scene 12: Ink and a Writing Brush
Girls are on their way home from "Terakoya" carrying their notebooks and exchanging pictures of their favorite actors. They are joined by a boy and the girls sing.

Boy: Natsushiro Rei
Girls: Yamabuki Sayo, Midori Ai
Singing Girls: Kazahana Mai, Midori Hanaka, Suzukake Miyuki

Scene 13: A Writing Brush and Paper
There is a large suzuri (inkstone) on the stage. The spirit of a calligraphy brush is sleepig on it. A spirit appears out of the whtie paper and dances. The brush is dipped in lamp black ink. The brush spirit dances with the paper spirit. The title of this performances appears on teh sheet of the paper which says, in chinese charatcas. "Kasen-shou" ( flower fan anthology).

Spirit of the Writing Brush: Senju Hikaru

Scene 14: Yagi bushi
A folksong from the Yagi region

Singing Man: Maori Yuki
Singing Woman: Izumo Aya

Scene 15 Sakura - Transient dreams -
Rays of sun through the darkness light up the cherry petals, fluttering in the wind. A Kabuki performer is in the spotlight, dancin gin the falling petals. Three male and two female kabuki performers join him and dance like fluttering cherry petals, to celebrate the coming of spring.

Dancing Young Man S: Anju Mira
Dancing Young Men: Wakao Risa, Makoto Tsubasa
Dancing Beautiful Women: Kazahana Mai, Tsukikage Hitomi
Singing Young Men: Kouju Tatsuki, Maori Yuki, Shibuki Jun, Wao Youka

Scene 16: Cherry Blossoms
'' Kyoto in Spring.

Kabuki Performances, men and women, sing and dance. ''

Scene 17: Cherry Blossoms
All the performaners emerge for a spectacular finale.

Young Man S: Anju Mira
Young Men A: Senju Hikaru, Wakao Risa, Makoto Tsubasa, Kouju Tatsuki
Beautiful Women A: Matsumoto Yuri, Kazahana Mai, Tsukikage Hitomi

The Door to Here

Ralph D. Spencer (A young businessman who manages a cleaning chain, but is really a safecracker who assumes the alias "The Snatch-away Shadow (Ubawareshikage)")Anju Mira
Annabel Carnabitts (A woman with a pure heart and a pure mind; Ralph's fiancée)Tsukikage Hitomi
Ben Price (A private detective who is pursuing "The Snatch-away Shadow")Kouju Tatsuki
Corot Carnabitts (Annabel's Father, the bank's owner)Ritsu Tomomi
Mrs. Ponponne (The woman who looked after Annabel)Izumo Aya
Jay (Mrs. Ponponne's Son)Hoshino Hitomi

The Carnabitz Bank holds a gala party to celebrate the completion of a mammoth new vault. Mr. Carnabitz is proud that the time on her bank's new safe can be set to any time from 30 minutes to 30 years. Once set, the vault is impossible to open.

Annabel, Mr. Carnabitz's daughter and Ralph, the owner of a chain of dry cleaning stores, announce their engagement at the party. Unknown to everyone, Ralph was once the notorious "Shadow Snatcher", the worlds most ingenious safe cracker. But after falling in love with the sweet Annabel he gave away all his stolen goods and started a dry cleaning business.

A private detective, Ben, suspects Ralph's murky past but needs more proof.

Jay, Annabel's young and very close friend accidently gets locked in the vault with the timer set for 30 years. If they can't get the little boy out, he'll die. Ralph is the only person who can open the safe, but in doing so he will reveal his true idenity and lose Annabel. For the sake of the boy, Ralph takes the risk. Ben, deeply moved by Ralph's selflessness, decides never to reveal Ralph's secret.

Million Dreams

Scene 1 ~ 4: Million Dreams A~D (Birth of the Beat)

A star is born in a shining mirror. The rhythm of the star's first breath is heard and it starts to shine. Men in formal attire dance. The star meets a girl and the dance of love begins.

Singing Gentleman S: Makoto Tsubasa
Singing Gentlemen: Wakao Risa, Kouju Tatsuki, Maori Yuki, Shibuki Jun

Dancing Gentleman S: Anju Mira
Dancing Lady S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Dancing Gentlemen A: Senju Hikaru, Wakao Risa, Makoto Tsubasa, Kouju Tatsuki
Dancing Ladies: Tomo Maika, Natsukawa Yura, Itsumine Aki, Kazahana Mai

Scene 5 - 6: The Pianist's Dream

An Artist is at the keyboard. He struggles in his search to compose an original piece. The musical notes begin to dance. In their dance a melody is created and inspired, the artist completes a brilliant new composition.

Pianist: Kouju Tatsuki
Black Key Women: Tomo Maika, Itsumine Aki
White Key Women: Hoshina Yuri
Musical Note Spirits A: Takayagi Midori, Moemi Serika, Asaki Yui, Yamabuki Sayo, Kazahana Mai, Runa Mari

Scene 7: Singers

In front of black spangled curtains, the young singers perform.

Singer Men: Maori Yuki, Shibuki Jun
Singer Women: Izumo Aya, Hoshino Hitomi

Scene 8 - 10: Million Beats A~C

Bored young city kids idle away their hours wondering when their dreams will come true, until they met a crowd of mysterious young men who entice them away. without hesitation, the youngsters follow.

Red Beret S: Makoto Tsubasa
Kids Woman S: Kazahana Mai
Kids Man A: Wakao Risa
Red Beret: Senju Hikaru, Kouju Tatsuki, Shibuki Jun, Wao Youka

Scene 11 - 13: Million Loves A~C

"Against the backdrop of spangled curtains, men and women in white costumes dance and sing playfully at a seaside amusment park. A cheeky playboy appears and begins to flirt with the girls. The men are angered and leave with their girlfriends. The playboy is left alone.''

Tropical Dandy: Anju Mira
Tropical Girl A: Tsukikage Hitomi
Tropical Lady A: Hoshina Yuri
Tropical Guy A: Maori Yuki, Natsushiro Rei
Tropical Singer: Izumo Aya

Scene 14 - 15: Million Loves D~E.

''As firecrackers light up the sky, the playboy doesn't know which lady to choose. The rhythm of an energetic mambo begins and then the playboy re-appears on stage. He dances vigorously""

Passione Man S: Anju Mira
Passione Man Singer: Kouju Tatsuki
Passione Men A: Ritsu Tomomi, Shibuki Jun, Senju Hikaru, Wakao Risa, Maori Yuki, Nozomi Kei, Wao Youka
Passione Singer: Izumo Aya

Scene 16: Million Loves F

A playboy encounters a beautiful girl and pledges his love for her

Singer Man: Anju Mira
Singer Woman: Tsukikage Hitomi

Scene 17 - 19: Dark Dream A~C

''Sounds of the winding of a spring and the bell of an old clock. Pygmalion, a boy, wearing a mask of mirror sits on a throne. A boy is crying. When his memory dies, Pygmalion appears - he is now grown up and wearing a glass mask.

Now in the forbidden world of his dreams, Pygmalion is surrounded by beautiful girls. All of these girls resemble him and they stare into his mask and admire their own beauty. Pygmalion enjoys their company, but when he kisses on eof the girls, she goes insane. his dream world collapses.

Forlorn he stands in his devastation. He sings the song of "A Million Dreams" and falls into his dream world.

Pygmalion: Anju Mira
Pygmalion (Child): Wao Youka
Dark Doll A: Makoto Tsubasa
French Puppet S: Kazahana Mai

Scene 20 - 22: Million Steps A~C

The exciting rhythms of a tango and the bolero set the stage for the stars of the show to dance a love duet. A grand promenade brings down the curtain.

Dream Dancer Man S: Senju Hikaru
Dream Dancer Woman S: Tomo Maika
Dream Dancer Man (Singer): Wao Youka

Scene 23: Million Steps D

Final Dancer S: Anju Mira
Final Dancer A: Makoto Tsubasa
Final Dancers: Kouju Tatsuki, Maori Yuki, Shibuki Jun

Scene 24: Million Steps E

Man of the Parade S: Anju Mira
Woman of the Parade S: Matsumoto Yuri
Etoile: Izumo Aya
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