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English Title: The Man from Algiers / Dance Romanesque
Japanese Title: アルジェの男 /Dance Romanesque(ダンス ロマネスク)
Romanized Title: Aruje no Otoko / Dansu Romanesuku

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2011
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 07/29 - 08/29; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 09/16 - 10/16
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 08/16; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 09/29

The Man from Algiers:

Based On:
Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director: Oono Takuji
Composer: Terada Takio, Irie Kaoru, Yoshida Yuuko
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, KAZUMI-BOY
Conductor (Takarazuka): Okada Yoshiki
Conductor (Tokyo): Izawa Ichirou
Shinjin Kouen Director: Oono Takuji

Dance Romanesque:

Author/Director: Nakamura Satoru
Composer: Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi, Teshima Kyouko, Aoki Tomoko
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa, Hirasawa Satoshi, ANJU
Conductor (Takarazuka): Sasada Aiichirou
Conductor (Tokyo): Kiyokawa Tomomi

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 10/14/11)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: Yes
From 'Dance Romanesque': Scene 9 "We're All Alone" music replaced.


RoleCastShinko Cast
Julien Clair (A young man from the French colony of Algiers) Kiriya Hiromu Shimon Yuriya
Sabine (the girl Julien loves) Aono Yuki Manaki Reika
Jacques (Julien's old friend) Ryuu Masaki Houzuki An
Henri Claudel (A former subordinate of Annabel's papa, the General) Asumi Rio Tamaki Ryou
Duchess Paula ChardonneKuni Natsuki Shirayuki Sachika
M. Bollinger (viceroy of Algiers)Koshino Ryuu Arise Sou
Louise (M. Bollinger's wife)Hanase Mizuka Maino Yuka
Raymond (Duchess Chardonne's secretary)Isshiki Ruka Takamura Yuuki
Michel (Bollinger's secretary, Julien's friend)Aoki Izumi Akizuki Saya
Michelieu (Home Minister, Bollinger's rival)Seijou Kaito Takachi Ao
Eve (Jacques' lover in Algiers)Touka Yurino Sana Yuzuha
Madame Marteaux (Mistress of a club in the backstreets of Paris)Hihou Kokoro Maai Suzuka
Mme. Blanche (Duchess Chardonne's friend)Moeka Yuria Kana Mikari
Georges (Elisabeth's friend)Ayazuki Seri Kirami Ruise
Mme. Vale (Duchess Chardonne's friend)Hazaki Mana Fuuri Mizuka
Felix (Julien's Parisian friend)Kouzuki Ruu Chinami Karan
Elza (Julien's friend in Algiers)Kagetsu Miyako Marin Kanna
Jean (Julien's friend in Algiers)Ayao June Takasumi Hayato
Marcel (Julien's friend in Algiers)Kao Amiri Hoshiki Tsubasa
Serge (Julien's Parisian friend)Mishou Kazuki Kijou Mitsuru
Charles (Elisabeth's friend)Sawaki Rizu Mizumi Rei
Woman at the ChurchHino Anji Kanoha Toki
Christian (Julien's friend in Algiers)Hibiki Reona Hoshina Yutaka
Elisabeth Bollinger (the viceroy's daughter)Ayahoshi Rion Saki Akane
Paul (Julien's Parisian friend)Uzuki Hayate Amato Riira
Lucy (Head maid of Duchess Chardonne)Kotone Kazuha Harune Aki
Susanne (Bollingers' maid)Remi Kurea Shinoka Ria
Man at the ChurchMizuha Kanato Souya Tomoki
Louis (Julien's Parisian friend)Shimon Yuriya Kizuki Yuuma
Vivienne (Elisabeth's friend)Shirayuki Sachika Kousaki Ran
Maurice (Julien's friend in Algiers)Takachi Ao Harumi Yuu
M. Blanche (Bank president, Duchess Chardonne's friend)Arise Sou Shouga Tsubaki
Mathilde (Julien's friend in Algiers)Saki Akane Tsuzuki Mia
Ramos (Michelieu's secretary)Takamura Yuuki Yuu Hikaru
Mylene (Elisabeth's friend)Kana Mikari Akane Konatsu
Pierre (Julien's young follower in Algiers)Chinami Karan Hayami Sei
Rene (Julien's friend in Algiers)Takasumi Hayato Yumena Rune
Philippe (Elisabeth's friend)Houzuki An Reina Yuu
Cecile (Elisabeth's friend)Maai Suzuka Yumeha Miyu
Catherine (Elisabeth's friend)Maino Yuka Samomo Satsuki
Annabel (the duchess's niece, a blind girl)Hanahi Mira Aikaze Yume
Luna (Elisabeth's friend)Marin Kanna Misato Yumeno
Armand (Julien's Parisian friend)Tamaki Ryou Asami Jun
Francoise (Elisabeth's friend)Manaki Reika Sakihi Miyu

Other Cast: Kaede Yuki, Sakurana Ai, Hayaki Yuuto

97ths, Group C: Katori Reira, Ren Tsukasa, Sara Anna, Akina Rui, Kashiro Aoi, Hina Ririka, Toudou Jun, Minazuki Maki



The Man from Algiers

(From the official HP)

In the period leading up to World War II, Algeria was still a colony of France. In the town of Algiers, where the Government General is located, lives a young man called Julien Clair. Brought up as an orphan, Julien has experienced a shadowy childhood, committing evil deeds together with his gang of friends. Yet he harbors grand ambitions. One day, he leaves Algiers to head to Paris in search of his own place in the sun. While nurturing his unfulfilled dreams with an eagle eye, Julien awaits his chance put his murky past behind him.

On the evening of Bastille Day, Julien makes a bet with his friend Jacques - whether he can lift the wallet from Monsieur Bollinger, the Viceroy of Algeria. Confident of his skills, Julien decides to accept the hazardous challenge, not heeding the remonstrations of his girlfriend Sabine.

Julien loses the bet the following day. He fails in the attempted theft and is arrested by Monsieur Bollinger. Julien prepares for the worst, expecting to be turned over to the police. However, Monsieur Bollinger sees promise in Julien's eyes, as they burn with ambition, and speaks to him about leading a proper life for a man, persuading him to work as a member of his staff. Julien, whose heart has been stirred by the Viceroy's passion, decides to devote his life to him.

Julien starts working as Bollinger's chauffeur. Two months later, he follows his boss to Paris as a new Viceroy is rotated in. Sabine suppresses her sense of loneliness and gives Julien, who has just seized a foothold on his way to glory, a secret push on the back.

It is now five years later in Paris. At an evening party to celebrate Bastille Day, we see Julien in attendance. He has managed to transform himself into a young gentleman, to an extent that he is unrecognizable from before. Having zealously pursed knowledge, Julien has become a Secretary to Monsieur Bollinger. The Viceroy is considering having Julien marry his daughter Elisabeth, which would eventually make Julien his successor. Yet his daughter, a pompous woman, is aloof toward this young man who makes no effort to cover the flames of his ambition, and her heart is shut off to him.

That night, Duchess Chardonne, the hostess of the party and a woman who wields immense influence in fashionable circles, sees hope in the ambition-filled eyes of Julien, and asks him an ardent favor - to provide some womanly happiness to her blind niece Annabel. Annabel has lost her parents and lives a quiet life together with Henri Claudel, who once worked under her father. Should a man ever come forward to marry Annabel, then that man's own future as a political figure would be guaranteed. These words, spoken by the Duchess, rekindle the flames of Julien's ambitions.

However, Julien, who has been striving to ascend the stairs of glory, has a chance encounter with an unexpected person. At a nightclub in the Old Quarter, which he visits with his young gentlemen friends, his eyes fall on a beautiful dancer with elegant moves. The dancer is Sabine, the lover he left behind in Algiers. She tells Julien she had followed him to Paris and has been watching over him in secret, as her presence could be a hindrance to his career. Julien cannot control his trembling at this surprising confession. Then another person appears before him - an acquaintance from his years in Algiers.

Dance Romanesque

Energetic group dancing, dramatic story dancing and romantic duets: This show is composed of variety of dance scenes with the theme that dance can transform a moment into an eternity. The charm of the Moon Troupe, which brims with power, explodes on the stage.

Part One // Prologue -Dance Romanesque-

A stage projecting the kaleidoscope of the world. Riding on a rock theme, the scene unfolds through solos, duets, and formation dances. Beginning quietly with the entrance of Romantic Man S, it explodes with energy through the otokoyaku formation dance and entire group numbers to the very end.

Romantic Man S: Kiriya Hiromu
Romantic Woman S: Aono Yuki
Romantic Man A: Ryuu Masaki

Part Two // Talisman

Leo and Millie, who have lost their way, enter an uninhabited mansion and fall asleep. When Leo comes to, he can't find Millie. Then the master of the mansion, Count Blood, appears and uses his magic stick to draw out and force imprisoned men and women to dance. Leo spots Millie amongst them and fights Count Blood to save her. At first he appears to have also become ensorcelled, but the talisman that Millie gave him when the chain broke protects him and he manages to defeat the count.

Leo: Ryuu Masaki
Millie: Sakihi Miyu
Romantic Storyteller Men: Koshino Ryuu, Isshiki Ruka
Romantic Storyteller Women: Hanase Mizuka, Hihou Kokoro
Count Blood: Aoki Izumi
Egor: Houzuki An
Max: Tamaki Ryou
Imprisoned Young Men: Mizuha Kanato, Shimon Yuriya, Takachi Ao, Chinami Karan, Hayami Sei, Amato Riira, Asami Jun, Harumi Yuu
Imprisoned Young Women: Remi Kurea, Saki Akane, Sana Yuzuha, Tsuzuki Mia, Manaki Reika, Harune Aki, Kaede Yuki, Kanoha Toki

Part Three // Notre Dame de Paris

Quasimodo is the bellman of Notre Dame Cathedral. He sings that someday he will perhaps understand the reason he was born, despite his deformation. While Quasimodo watches the gypsy woman Esmeralda dance, Captain Phoebus appears. When Phoebus sees Quasimodo's beloved Esmeralda and wants to make her his possession. In order to save Esmeralda, Quasimodo fights Phoebus. Both men die in the sword fight, but Quasimodo ascends to heaven, freed at last from the defects of his birth.

Quasimodo: Kiriya Hiromu
Esmeralda: Aono Yuki
Phoebus: Seijou Kaito
Gypsy Man S: Uzuki Hayate
Gypsy Singer: Ayahoshi Rion
Soldiers: Ayazuki Seri, Ayao June, Kao Amiri, Hibiki Reona
Gypsy Men: Kouzuki Ruu, Mishou Kazuki, Mizuha Kanato, Chinami Karan, Akizuki Saya, Hoshiki Tsubasa, Hoshina Yutaka, Kirami Ruise
Gypsy Women: Touka Yurino, Moeka Yuria, Hazaki Mana, Kagetsu Miyako, Hino Anji, Maino Yuka, Hanahi Mira, Aikaze Yume

Part Four // Moon-Colored Men (Tsukiiro Danshi)

Tsukiiro Danshi is a K-pop style idol group, lead by MIRIO. They sing and dance with sex appeal. Which one is your prince?

MIRIO: Asumi Rio
TOSHI: Uzuki Hayate
SHIMON: Shimon Yuriya
MAN: Takachi Ao
YUUKI: Akizuki Saya
CHINO: Houzuki An
SAY: Hayami Sei
AMATO: Amato Riira
TAMAKICHI: Tamaki Ryou

Part Five // Baila! -Dance-

A standard dance number with a Latin arrangement.

Baila Man S: Kiriya Hiromu
Baila Woman S: Aono Yuki
Baila Man A: Ryuu Masaki
Baila Man A (Rockette Boy): Asumi Rio

Part Six // Sky Dance

In search of some nameless thing that calls to them, Albin the seagull takes flight over oceans never before seen. Caught up in the desire for this thing, other seagulls join him, one by one, beginning with Ell. A terrible storm batters the seagulls. At the end of their strength, the seagulls no longer have the energy to take flight. But when Albin and Ell take heart and begin to fly, they are encouraged once more to join them in soaring across the sky.

Albin: Kiriya Hiromu
Ell: Aono Yuki
Seagull (Men) A: Ryuu Masaki, Asumi Rio
Seagull Intro Duet: Hayami Sei, Fuuri Mizuka

Part Seven // Finale A -Song & Dance-

The Finale Man appears and sings of the miracle of that instant of meeting, then the Finale Women appear and dance for that miracle of life and wonder.

Finale Man (Singer): Ryuu Masaki
Finale Woman S: Aono Yuki
Finale Women: Touka Yurino, Moeka Yuria, Ayahoshi Rion, Remi Kurea, Shirayuki Sachika, Saki Akane, Hanahi Mira, Sana Yuzuha, Aikaze Yume, Manaki Reika

Part Eight // Finale B -Bolero-

Otokoyaku in tail-coats appear. They dance in formation to a bolero, with Bolero Man S at their center.

Bolero Man S: Kiriya Hiromu
Bolero Men A: Ryuu Masaki, Asumi Rio

Part Nine // Finale C -Duet Dance-

Duet Man S and Duet Woman S dance a duet dance of a dream world upon beautiful music.

Duet Man S: Kiriya Hiromu
Duet Woman S: Aono Yuki

Part Ten // Finale D -Grand Parade-

Etoile: Hazaki Mana

Parade Man S: Kiriya Hiromu
Parade Woman S: Aono Yuki
Parade Men A: Ryuu Masaki, Asumi Rio
Parade Men: Aoki Izumi, Seijou Kaito, Uzuki Hayate, Shimon Yuriya, Akizuki Saya, Houzuki An, Tamaki Ryou
Parade Men (W Trio): Hayami Sei, Amato Riira
Parade Women (W Trio): Manaki Reika, Harune Aki, Sakihi Miyu, Kanoha Toki

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