Nakamoto Kiyozumi


Nakamoto Kiyozumi

Picture Credit: Caithion / 80th Anniversary Book

Standard Profile Information

Name: Nakamoto Kiyozumi
Kanji: 中元清純
Position: Composer
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: Oct. 18th, 1930 (passed away April 10th, 2018)
Blood Type:
Hometown: Kobe, Hyogo

First Takarazuka Work: 1954 What Is Your Name?


YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2015The New Tale of GenjiMainFlower
1994Blown by the WindBow HallSnow
1994Wakaki Hi no Uta wa WasurejiMainStar
1993Saturday Night RomanceBow HallStar
1993It's a Love StoryMainFlower
1993C'est L'amourBow HallSnow
1992Dance FestivalMainFlower
1992The Red Poppies of DneprBow HallFlower
1991Spotlight MagicBow HallSnow
1991Chou-Saishi's ChoiceMainFlower
1991Pal JoeyBow HallStar
1990 In Spring Under the Blossoming TreesBow HallSnow
1990The ShowcaseMainFlower
1990El AmigoBow HallFlower
1990The ModernMainMoon
1989Chante, Chante, ChanteBow HallMoon/Star
1989The GameMainFlower
1989The Prayer NecklaceBow HallStar
1988-89Love and a Foghorn and a Silver WatchMainMoon
1988The RevuescopeNational TourSnow
1987The RevuescopeMainSnow
1987The RevuescopeMainFlower
1987The Red Rose of SamarkandMainSnow
1987Jubilee Time!MainStar
1987Poem of Proud LoveBow HallSnow
1986Three WaltzesMainSnow
1986Madrigal of the WindMainFlower
1986Revue SymphonyMainStar
1986Fans of Many Flowers / SorrowMainMoon
1986Sky High SkyMainSnow
1985The Revue IIIMainStar
1985Heat WaveMainMoon
1985Flower FantasiesMainSnow
1984The Great Detective is All Alone / La La FloraMainFlower
1984Night Fog at MontparnasseBow HallMoon
1983The StormMainStar
1983Moonlight RomanceMainMoon
1983My Shining HourBow HallFlower
1983Beside the Foggy ElbeMainFlower
1983Spring, When the Magnolias BloomMainStar
1982-83Limitless LoveMainMoon
1982The StormMainStar
1982Arcadia Forever MainFlower
1981Tenmei Era FantasyBow HallMoon
1981Jewelry MarchenMainFlower
1981The Big AppleMainMoon
1981The New Tale of GenjiMainMoon
1981Love ExclusiveBow HallSnow
1980-81Mars of the Blue Rose ~Angelique II~MainSnow
1980Festa FestaMainStar
1980Black Daffodil of SrinagarMainMoon
1980Plentiful JoyMainFlower
1980Angelique -A Tale of the Flames of Love-MainMoon
1979The Scarlet PimpernelMainFlower
1979La Belle TakarazukaMainMoon
1978-79Hokashu / C'est Charmant!MainStar
1978Festival Fantasy / My Lucky ChanceMainMoon
1978Love MessageMainMoon
1977-78My Beloved MarianneMainMoon
1977-78C'est MagnifiqueMainStar
1977The RevueMainFlower
1977Le PierrotMainFlower
1976-77Happy TomorrowMainStar
1976Paper Making Love SongMainMoon
1975The Blue DanubeMainStar
1975Lovers Who DreamMainFlower
1975Spring Takarazuka Dance / L'amour a ParisMainMoon
1975Fairies in the AtticMainStar
1974-75Un Deux Trois -Fantasia Takarazuka-MainFlower
1974Yu Mei-JenMainStar / Flower
1974Romance RomantiqueMainMoon
1974Romance RomantiqueMainSnow
1974Romance RomantiqueMainMoon
1974Carnaval de TakarazukaMainFlower
1973Golden SoundMainStar
1973Autumn Takarazuka Dance / If...MainMoon
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainSnow
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainMoon
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainSnow
1973Parade TakarazukaMainFlower
1972Town of Shooting StarsMainSnow
1972Grand SoleilMainMoon
1971The Little Mermaid MainFlower
1971The Little MermaidMainMoon
1971Don Jose IMainMoon
1971Meadow of StarsMainStar
1970Flower of TakarazukaMainSnow
1970The Big OneMainStar
1970Folies TakarasienneMainSnow
1970Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of TakarazukaMainMoon
1970Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of TakarazukaMainSnow
1970C'est la VieMainStar
1969C'est la VieMainStar
1969Silk RoadMainStar
1969Girls, O! GirlsMainFlower
19687 -Seven-MainStar
1968Over the RainbowMainStar
1968High BrightMainMoon
1967-68Addio AmoreMainMoon
1967Beneath the Brilliant StarsMainFlower
1967Beneath the Brilliant StarsMainFlower
1967One WorldMainStar
1967Beside the Foggy ElbeMainMoon
1967One WorldMainStar
1965The Blue SuitcaseMainSnow
1964This is Takarazuka!Shinjuku Koma StadiumSnow/Flower
1963The Rainbow Music Box Factory / Invitation to the RevueMainMoon / Star
1963Black CandlesMainSnow
1962Carmen on the CaribbeanMainSnow
1961Disappearing Into the DesertMainSnow
1961Les SaltimbanquesMainMoon
1960Let Me Die In Your ArmsMainStar
1960Oui Oui ParisMainMoon
1959Love at Dal LakeMainMoon
1959Chanson D'AmourMainStar
1958High School Kids / Tanuki GotenMainFlower
1958Broadway Cinderella / Children Among the FlowersMainMoon
1957Takarazuka Dance ScrollsMainFlower
1957An ImprovisatoreMainSnow
1957One Wonderful SundayMainMoon
1957Indian Love CallMainMoon
1956Snow and RosesMainSnow
1956Little WomenMainStar

YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
1956Snow and RosesMainSnow

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance


  • Husband of Hoshi Misa (45th Class) and father of Tsubura Hitomi (77th Class)
  • Passed away at his home in Osaka on April 10th 2018. He was 87 years old.

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