The Man From Algiers / The Storm

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English Title: The Man From Algiers / The Storm
Japanese Title: アルジェの男 / ザ・ストーム
Romanized Title: Aruje no Otoko / Za Sutoomu

Troupe: Star
Year: 1983
Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 11/02 - 11/28
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 11/16

The Man From Algiers:

Based On:
Author/Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Composer: Irie Kaoru, Terada Takio, Kawasaki Tsuneo
Choreographer: Kita Hiroshi
Conductor: Nomura Youji
Shinjin Kouen Director:

The Storm:

Author/Director: Yokozawa Hideo
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Takai Yoshizumi, Odakane Bonpei, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Kita Hiroshi, Hayama Kiyomi, Shuri Misao, Nakura Kayoko
Conductor: Mizoguchi Takashi

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: No
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: n/a


RoleCastShinko Cast
Julien Clair Mine Saori Shion Yuu
Sabine Sugata Haruka Marimo Eri
Michelieu (Home Minister) Koyanagi Hizuru
Jacques (Julien's friend) Shinjou Mayumi Sanjou Rei
M. Bollinger (viceroy) Hiro Yuri
Andre (Annabel's manservant) Ban Akira
Duchess Chardonne Fuji Kyouko
Marcel (Julien's young follower) Sumi Natsuko
Michel (Julien's Parisian friend) Yamashiro Haruka You Akira
Christian (Julien's young follower) Itsuki Chihiro
Eve (Jacques' female friend) Kazama Iriya
Annabel (the duchess's niece) Kojou Reika Kaai Moto
Pierre (Julien's young follower) Mio Hajime
Louise (M. Bollinger's wife) Kiku Kaoru
Serge (Julien's Parisian friend) Hyuuga Kaoru
Paul (Julien's Parisian friend) Azumi Reika
Luis (Julien's Parisian friend) Hayabusa Ren
Felix (Julien's Parisian friend) Shion Yuu
Elisabeth (the viceroy's daughter) Minakaze Mai Shima Yuuka
Mathilde (Jacques' female friend) Ashikawa Maki
Mylene (Julien's Parisian friend) Shima Yuuka
Cecil (Julien's Parisian friend) Kaai Moto
Armand (Julien's Parisian friend) Sanjou Rei
Vivianne (Julien's Parisian friend) Marimo Eri

Other Cast: Hayama Michiko, Byakudou Reina, Shiki Izumi, Sugata Haruka, Hyuuga Kaoru, Takase Mia, Fubuki Hitomi, Natsumi You, Ayaha Romi, Ebara Mikoto, Fujihana Yukie, Arisu Miki, Kamogawa Shibuki, Yayoji Ruka, Marimura Nao, Natsuno Youko, Watari Haya, Akedori Teruhi, Hanaoka Remi, Hishou Hikaru, Hayase Wataru, Junna Megu, Senju Hikaru, Kurumi Jun, Koei Kanako, Kayama Chii, Fukuju Yuki, Nanase Yumi, Ootsu Asuka, Kunishiro Maya, Aikou Mitsuru, Utashiki Ayaka, Agi Katsura, Asagumo Kogane, Hagi Naomi, Izumi Tsukasa, Oosaki Mika, Enoki Rika, Ayase Ruri, Ema Naoki, Kinami Chie, Sakura Riko, Matsubara Midori, Sayuki Rei, Maki Saori, Machikaze Kana, Sonoo Shizuku, Izumo Aya, Chiaki Shin, Kaikyou Hiroki, Amachi Hikari, Hanabusa Rio, Asatsuyu Akari, Asagi Mizuho, Asaoka Nari, Uzuki Kei, Mizuki Jun, Taki Haruka



The Man From Algiers

(From the official HP)

In the period leading up to World War II, Algeria was still a colony of France. In the town of Algiers, where the Government General is located, lives a young man called Julien Clair. Brought up as an orphan, Julien has experienced a shadowy childhood, committing evil deeds together with his gang of friends. Yet he harbors grand ambitions. One day, he leaves Algiers to head to Paris in search of his own place in the sun. While nurturing his unfulfilled dreams with an eagle eye, Julien awaits his chance put his murky past behind him.

On the evening of Bastille Day, Julien makes a bet with his friend Jacques - whether he can lift the wallet from Monsieur Bollinger, the Viceroy of Algeria. Confident of his skills, Julien decides to accept the hazardous challenge, not heeding the remonstrations of his girlfriend Sabine.

Julien loses the bet the following day. He fails in the attempted theft and is arrested by Monsieur Bollinger. Julien prepares for the worst, expecting to be turned over to the police. However, Monsieur Bollinger sees promise in Julien’s eyes, as they burn with ambition, and speaks to him about leading a proper life for a man, persuading him to work as a member of his staff. Julien, whose heart has been stirred by the Viceroy’s passion, decides to devote his life to him.

Julien starts working as Bollinger’s chauffeur. Two months later, he follows his boss to Paris as a new Viceroy is rotated in. Sabine suppresses her sense of loneliness and gives Julien, who has just seized a foothold on his way to glory, a secret push on the back.

It is now five years later in Paris. At an evening party to celebrate Bastille Day, we see Julien in attendance. He has managed to transform himself into a young gentleman, to an extent that he is unrecognizable from before. Having zealously pursed knowledge, Julien has become a Secretary to Monsieur Bollinger. The Viceroy is considering having Julien marry his daughter Elisabeth, which would eventually make Julien his successor. Yet his daughter, a pompous woman, is aloof toward this young man who makes no effort to cover the flames of his ambition, and her heart is shut off to him.

That night, Duchess Chardonne, the hostess of the party and a woman who wields immense influence in fashionable circles, sees hope in the ambition-filled eyes of Julien, and asks him an ardent favor - to provide some womanly happiness to her blind niece Annabel. Annabel has lost her parents and lives a quiet life together with Henri Claudel, who once worked under her father. Should a man ever come forward to marry Annabel, then that man’s own future as a political figure would be guaranteed. These words, spoken by the Duchess, rekindle the flames of Julien’s ambitions.

However, Julien, who has been striving to ascend the stairs of glory, has a chance encounter with an unexpected person. At a nightclub in the Old Quarter, which he visits with his young gentlemen friends, his eyes fall on a beautiful dancer with elegant moves. The dancer is Sabine, the lover he left behind in Algiers. She tells Julien she had followed him to Paris and has been watching over him in secret, as her presence could be a hindrance to his career. Julien cannot control his trembling at this surprising confession. Then another person appears before him - an acquaintance from his years in Algiers.

The Storm

A show based on the two meanings of "storm" and "passion."

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