Flowery Dance Rhythm / Mars of the Blue Rose ~Angelique II~


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English Title: Flowery Dance Rhythm / Mars of the Blue Rose ~Angelique II~
Japanese Title: 花の舞拍子 / 青き薔薇の軍神(マルス)
Romanized Title: Hana no Maihyoushi / Aoki Bara no Marusu

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1980-81
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 10/3 - 11/11; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 3/4 - 3/30
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 10/31; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 3/18

Flowery Dance Rhythm:

Author: Hanayagi Juraku
Director: Sakai Sumio, Hanayagi Juraku
Composer: Terada Takio, Irie Kaoru, Tsutsui Hiroshi, Kineya Eizaburou
Choreographer: Hanayagi Juraku, Hanayagi Kinnosuke
Conductor (Takarazuka): Hashimoto Kazuaki
Conductor (Tokyo): Otani Giichi

Mars of the Blue Rose ~Angelique II~:

Based On: Angelique novel series by Anne and Serge Golon
Author/Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Composer: Terada Takio, Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Kuratomi Seizou
Choreographer: Oka Masami, Tsukasa Konomi, Kitahara Hideaki
Conductor (Takarazuka): Nomura Youji
Conductor (Tokyo): Izawa Ichirou
Shinjin Kouen Director:

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RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Philippe du Plessis de BellièreAsami Rei Kiri Satomi
Angélique de Sancé de MonteloupHaruka Kurara Mikaze Riza
Louis XIVKotobuki Hizuru
ColbertSoga Keiko
BarcarolleKishi Kaori
Count Peguilin de LauzunTsune Hanayo
Duchesse de BeaufortShou Sumire
Officer DesgrezKamijou Akira
ClaudeMasaki Keiko
MusquellanKatsu Sachiyo
Mme. Athenais de MontespanKizuki Miho
Mme. de VallieresYume Madoka
Nicolas MerlotYamashiro Haruka
PolackMano Yuria

Other Cast: Akira Miyabi, Sara Kei, Akane Mayumi, Chishiro Kei, Hatobue Maki, Kumi Mari, Yutaka Ayumu, Hokuto Hikaru, Aoki Ryou, Tae Kurumi, Hanamiya Rara, Ebira Kaoru, Nagi Masami, Asakaze Megumi, Ichihara Kei, Mizuki Sei, Nanao Tomo, Asuka Yuu, Orizuru Ran, Kachou Itsuki, Kamo Senjou, Kotozuki Chiko, Misono Juri, Ami Jun, Tatsuki Yuu, Nami Yurika, Akatsuki Misato, Asou Izumi, Asahina Hikaru, Aina Mayuki, Mafue Hibiki, Aya Tatsumi, Takashiro Maya, Maikaze Nami, Fuyuki Kozue, Serina Kagusa, Konomi Shima, Kusabue Masako, Kamishiro Shouko, Hanada Ai, Kashiwagi Kei, Akashi Noboru, Kita Izumi, Kei Natsuko, Nishiki Moyu, Yumezono Ayame, Mori Keaki, Chie Yukari, Shirabe Yuu, Ikenami Yukari, Chisa Mayuka, Tachihara Kae, Mitsuki Yuu (1979), Akitsu Yutaka, Nozoe Sayuki, Kodai Mizuki, Chigusa Mami, Hinatsu Mugi, Mariya Tomoko, Nazuki Kanade, Misaki Kou, Matsumiya Fuyu, Oosato Mika, Sayaka Machiko, Chisaki Aika, Asabuki Nao, Daigo Yuki

Grand Theater only: Shouji Michiru, Nagiri You, Chinatsu Sayuri, Sato Mihiro, Ichijou Ken



(Official summary from Tokyo run program with some grammatical/spelling edits)

Flowery Dance Rhythm

Scenes 1~2. Springtime in Edo Period
A man wearing festive 'Matsuri' clothes begins beating heartily on his Japanese drum. With him is a young girl who keeps time on the other side of the drum.
Men appear with swords and dance to the Matsuri music. Soon after, women appear on stage and join in. The 'Lion Head Dance' (Shishi-mai) is a dance to celebrate Spring.
Drum man: Asami Rei
Drum girl: Haruka Kurara
Festive men: Tsune Hanayo, Sumire Sho, Kamijo Akira, Kotobuki Hizuru, Yamashiro Haruka
Festive girls: Kizuki Miho, Madoka Yume

Scene 3. Summertime in Edo Period
A ferry-boat captain comes running out into the rain. Running after him is a geisha.
She wants to talk to him but he says goodbye and abruptly goes back to his boat. Four drunken men come along and see the geisha standing alone. The begin to bother her. She becomes frightened and tries to run away. The boatman realizes she's in danger and rushes back to help her. After he has helped her he sadly returns to his boat.
The geisha calls to him to come back but in fain.
Boatman: Asami Rei
Geisha: Haruka Kurara

Scenes 4~6. Matsuri (Festival)
Amidst the Milky Way and waves, a chorus sings old Japanese folk songs: Sado-okesa, Gujo-Hachiman, Kariboshikiriuta, Tsugaru-Jongara, Aizu-Bandaisan.
Singers: Kotobuki Hizuru, Yume Madoka, Sho Sumire, Asami Rei, Tsune Hanayo, Kamijo Akira

Scene 7. Wintertime
The setting is a traditional Japanese mountain and river scene. The snow spirits gracefully dance as the snow falls around them.
Snow spirits: Maikaze Nami, Aina Mayuki, Aya Tatsumi, Serina Kagusa, Kusabue Masako, Hanada Ai, Kita Izumi, Tachihara Kae

Scene 8. Early Spring
Daffodils peeping out of the snow announce the beginning of Spring. Dressed in beautiful kimono, a young man and woman dance. As they change their kimon, the stage magically changes into Spring.
Dancers: Asami Rei, Haruka Kurara
Singer: Kotobuki Hizuru

Scenes 9~10: Spring
The people are happy Spring has arrived and show their happiness by dancing Nenbutsu-odori, Saruwaka-mai, and many other dances to celebrate.
Dancers: Asami Rei, Haruka Kurara, Tsune Hanayo, Sho Sumire, Kamijo Akira, Chishiro Kei, Yamashiro Haruka

Mars of the Blue Rose ~Angelique II~

Philippe du Plessis de Bellière was a very clever and handsome nobleman. Because of his glorious war record and fidelity to Louis XIV he was made General of the Imperial Guards. He was also the most talked about man at court.

One day, he met his cousin Angelique, who he hadn't seen in some years, at court. Her husband, Joffrey de Peyrac, had been burned at the stake on a false charge. Since then she had been living in the Tour de Nesle under the protection of her childhood friend Nicholas, the leader of a gang of thieves.

The garrison controlled by Desgrez, the police superintendent, raided the Tour de Nesle. Angelique, Nicholas, and Polack barely escaped with their lives. After the raid, she went to live with her old maid, Margo, at the 'Red Mask' restaurant. There she witnessed the King's brother and his friends commit a murder.

Because of her hatred of King Louis XIV she tried to tell the people of Paris. The King heard of this and sent Colbert, Secretary of the Treasury, to bargain with her. If she kept quiet, the King would give her the sole rights to manufacture chocolate under government patronage. She would become a millionaire. she accepted.

One day Angelique heard that Philippe was deeply in debt and that he was about to marry an insane girl with a large dowry. Angelique had loved Philippe since childhood and saw her chance to make her dream come true.

She said, "Marry me and I shall restore your fortune."

Philippe refused. "Marriage is not only a matter of money. I'm sorry I cannot marry you."

Angelique was heartbroken. She decided to use the evidence she had unexpectedly acquired some years ago. It was about Philippe's mother, who had conspired to assassinate King Louis XIV. Philippe had no choice but to marry her now. Angelique became the Marquise du Plessis-Belliere, but as to be expected there was no joy in her triumph.

While King Louis XIV reigned over France he built the famous and beautiful Versailles Palace. He was constantly surrounded by Queen Maria Theresa, Mademoiselle Louise de la Valliere, Madame Athenais de Montespan, and many other beautiful court ladies, but he desired Angelique even though he knew of her marriage to Philippe.

At that time France was waging war throughout Europe. Philippe took command of the King's army at Flanders and was victorious. King Louis XIV held a victory party for him. There he met Angelique, after their long separation, and found that his feelings towards her had changed. The King, consumed with passion, tried to kiss the fair Angelique only to be spurned by her. Philippe witnessed this outrage and was torn in half between loyalty for his King and jealousy.

Cantor, the son of Angelique and Joffrey, went off to war as a cabin boy on a ship heading towards Turkey. There was a sea battle and his ship was sunk with all on board in the Sea of Sicilia.

Philippe was fighting the battle of Franche-Comte when he heard the news of Cantor's death. He rode for days to be at Angelique's side at this sorrowful time. From this sad event bloomed a new love between Angelique and Philippe.

But before them, there was a sad future...

Other Information

The Grand Theater was the final performance for Shouji Michiru, Nagiri You, Chinatsu Sayuri, Sato Mihiro, and Ichijou Ken, and the Tokyo was the final for Tsune Hanayo, Yume Madoka, Akane Mayumi, and Tae Kurumi.


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