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Red Flower of Tahiti / This is Takarazuka!

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English Title: Red Flower of Tahiti / This is Takarazuka!
Japanese Title: 南の哀愁 / これぞ!タカラヅカ
Romanized Title: Minami no Aishuu / Kore zo! Takarazuka

Troupe: Snow / Flower
Year: 1964
Performances: Shinjuku Koma, 1/1 - 1/28
Shinjin Kouen Performances: n/a

Red Flower of Tahiti:

Based On:
Author/Director: Utsumi Shigenori
Composer: Kawasaki Ichirou, Kawasaki Tsuneo, Terada Takio, Yoshizaki Kenji
Choreographer: Watanabe Takeo, Kita Hiroshi
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):

This is Takarazuka!:

Based On:
Author/Director: Takagi Shirou
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Nakai Mitsuharu, Takai Yoshizumi, Terada Takio, Yoshizaki Kenji
Choreographer: Oka Masami, Agata Youji, Shuri Misao
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: No
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: n/a


John McReadyMaho Shibuki (Snow)
Hoshizora Hikaru (Flower)
Naiya, native girlKamo Sakura (Snow)
Natsu Ayako (Flower)
Henry Houston, John's bestfriendMaki Misao (Snow)
Kou Nishiki (Flower)
General McReady, John's fatherMiyoshi Sakuko (F)
Jotefa, Naiya's grandfatherOoji Michio (S)
Taboo SingerAwaji Michiko (S)
Limbo WomanMiyama Etsu (F)
William BlairKatsuragi Yutaka (S)
Oula, island witchMisaki Arisa (F)
Limbo ManUtagawa Harumi (F)
Tefla, Naiya's motherMatsuno Midori (S)
Manu, island girl, Tefla's servantMizuho Youko (F)
Napuka, island girl, Tefla's servantHinatsu Yuri (S)
Tachi, island boy, Tefla's servantMiyoshino Kazuya (F)
Tea, island girl, Tefla's servantKitahara Maki (F)

† 1st-16th: morning performances were Maho Shibuki / Kamo Sakura / Maki Misao; evening performances were Hoshizora Hikaru / Natsu Ayako / Kou Nishiki
† 17th-28th: morning performances were Hoshizora Hikaru / Natsu Ayako / Kou Nishiki; evening performances were Maho Shibuki / Kamo Sakura / Maki Misao

Other Cast: Yodo Kaoru (Senka - This is Takarazuka! only), Chichibu Mihoko (Moon)

Other Cast (Flower): Konoe Mari, Miwa Hisayuri, Konohana Sakuya, Ayukawa Mitsuru, Ayukawa Michiyo, Taki Mitsuru, Aya Yutaka, Yosano Hiromi, Wakou Erika

Other Cast (Snow): Satomi Chihiro, Soga Keiko, Mitaka Keiko, Asaka Kumi, Hisakata Haruyo, Matsumoto Yuri, Kotobuki Masumi, Hayama Michiko, Satozono Yuri, Kishi Kaori, Kamo Sumire, Jou Hiroe, Masumi Noriko, Oka Chiaki, Mizushima Minoru, Kana Junko, Katsu Youko, Utaji Shouko, Shirakawa Keiko, Hinoki Masaru, Mitaka Yuuko, Aoi Chizuru, Hanato Akira, Kurushima Wataru, Ushio Youko, Tamazato Misa, Natsukawa Mami, Asakaze Kaori, Koito Shikure, Shima Michiru, Nairo Haruka, Suwa Midori, Miki Chisato, Hime Yumiko, Tatsumi Hiroki, Nanaura Kyouko, Nanjou Miho, Sakura Machiko, Tatsuta Nishiki

Ken-2: Yachiyo Tamaki, Kagayaki Michiru, Fuzuki Terumi, Tatsumi Chizuko, Tamaki Shiori, Natsuki Jun, Yukishiro Chizuru, Asami Shizuka, Chiaki Sayo, Matsukaze Reiko, Minakami Senya, Hatsumi Yuka, Shino Sakumo, Yamashiro Yuri, Aizato Yuri, Kawaji Masa



(From the English translation in the official program.)

Red Flower of Tahiti

In the harbor of Papiete in the isle of Tahiti, a tiny island in the southern Pacific, a regular liner, arriving from America once a month, was at anchor.

William Blair, the British consul, met two young men at a tea parlor facing the port. John McReady and Henry Houston, his bosom friend. John was a son of General McReady, a close friend of Blair. John was there to hand him a letter from his father.

He was a promising painter. He was having eye trouble and was down to have a rest on the small island. In the presence of a son of his old friend, Blair was thinking of the friend at home with endearing memories.

For Henry, the object of his visit to Tahiti was to pay his respects to the tomb of his mother on the island of Alolai. Fifteen years ago, she died when she gave birth to a dead younger sister, and Henry had to return to his home country, together with his broken-hearted father. His father, too, had since passed away, and he had been taken to the McReady and brought up there, for General McReady was a close friend of his deceased father.

Henry was told by Blair that Mrs. Tefla, a land-owner on the island of Alolai, who used to be a good companion to his late mother, was still living in good health. The following day he, accompanied by John, went to that island. Mrs. Tefla's mansion, standing atop a hill on the cape, seemed to be an ideal place for John to be cured from his fatigue. Henry left John on the island and went back alone to Papiete.

Mrs. Tefla, a Polynesian, had a daughter named Naiya. She was as pure and innocent as a flower in the field. She was pretty and noble. Seeing Naiya, John had a desire to paint her on canvas. But he had to give up the idea, for he knew his eyesight was becoming further impaired as he painted more pictures.

Naiya was a gentle-hearted girl. She would comfort and console the strange visitor suffering from eye trouble. In due course of time, they came to love each other. Tefla learned of the loving sentiment between the visitor and her daughter, and, fearing that the girl would be taken away to far-off England, she went to the with Oula for a consultation. Oula told her that their love would eventually end in sorrow and death.

Now, Tefla had a secret of her own. Fifteen years ago, the wife of Houston, a Briton, died after having given birth to a girl baby on a stormy night. It so happened that Tefla, too, was going to become a mother at about the same time. She went out to report Mrs. Houston's death. Maybe because she had walked on foot in the storm, the child born to her was still-born when it came out. To comfort her sorrow, she named Houston's posthumous child "Naiya" by telling a lie, and brought her up as her own child.

In order to free himself from agonies, John left the island of Alolai a month later. Tefla was afraid that Naiya would would think to leave her and the island, and schemed to force her daughter to be engaged to an islander. At this juncture, however, John came back again to the island.

John knew that his father, a general, would not consent to his marrying a Polynesian girl, and had made up his mind to forfeit his position, fame, and everything in order to marry Naiya and spend all of his life on Tahiti with her. Jotefa, Naiya's grandfather, found that Tefla would not be happy over their marriage, and went to the length that they would be happily married under his patronage.

The tropical sun shone brightly and for the newlywed couple the days passed along in utter happiness. But John's eyesight was now so badly weakened that he could hardly recognize Naiya.

Under such circumstances, news arrived reporting an impending visit to the island of General McReady, John's father. But John would not be able to recognize his father, all he saw now was darkness.

With the general's arrival pending, Naiya sallied forth to a deep gorge to find and pick the flower of Mamatai in the shadow of the gorge. On the island, it was believed that a medicine made from Mamatai had the miraculous power to recover lost eyesight......

This is Takarazuka!

Scenes 1~4: Prologue

To the chorus of "Glorifying Takarazuka Girls", the curtain is raised.

Dancers are successively shown climaxing in a line dance of all 85 performers.

Solo Singers: Maho Shibuki, Kamo Sakura, Hoshizora Hikaru
Duet Dancer (Man): Matsuno Midori
Duet Dancer (Woman): Mitaka Keiko
Etoile: Yodo Kaoru

Scene 5: This is Takarazuka

Takarazuka girls sing "This is Takarazuka."

Scene 6: Lessons

The scene of the lesson room for ballet is introduced.

Teacher: Awaji Michiko
Singer: Miwa Hisayuri

Scenes 7~9: I am a Fairy

A man is placed in a pearl brooch. Before it, various sorts of men and girls prouding pearls on their breasts dance.

A dance develops around a youth and two girls.

Solo Singer: Yodo Kaoru
Singer: Kamo Sakura
Solo Dancer (Man): Matsuno Midori
Solo Dancer (Girl): Mitaka Keiko
Singer (Man): Yodo Kaoru
Singer (Girls): Ayukawa Mitsuru, Ayukaea Michiyo

Scene 10: Soothsayer's Song

A Female soothsayer steps on a bridge, and while singing, proceeds to practice palmistry.

Soothsayer: Kamo Sakura

Scene 11~12: Star that Shines

In the house of a movie star, who once appeared on the Takarazuka stage, a number of Takarazuka fans gather and sing together.

Narrator: Ooji Michio
Movie Star: Natsu Ayako
Takarazuka Girl: Chichibu Mihoko
Rustic Girl: Mizuho Youko

Scenes 13~14: Stage

The fct that even at Takarazuka, which is nicknamed paradise, harsh trains is being repeated day in and day out, is touchingly explained dramatically.

Takarazuka Stars: Hoshizora Hikaru, Maho Shibuki, Natsu Ayako

Scene 15: Kaoru Yodo Sings

Singer: Yodo Kaoru

Scene 16: In Search of Jazz

Two explorers walk into the African inland, when a daughter of the cannibals comes onto them. Three, then, sing together.

Explorers: Hoshizora Hikaru, Maho Shibuki
Daughter of the Cannibals: Miyoshi Sakuko

Scene 17: Rhythm of Africa

A cut head of the Hottentot in the center of the jungles. On its lips, a native woman steps on and sings an eerie song.

Dancer (African): Konoe Mari

Scene 18~19: Rhythm of Jazz

At New Orleans. Music develops into jazz, with eight sets of men and girls and a set of Negro trio dancing. Then, as the stage changes its color, eight each of black men, black girls and red girls appear by turns and dance.

White woman: Konohana Sakuya
White men: Kou Nishiki, Maki Misao

Scene 20: Songs of New York

A New York street. The men and girls, appearing in the previous scene, show up in another costume, and unfurl a frantic dance.

Scene 21: Takarazuka Girls

The song of "Freshman Girls of Takarazuka" is introduced.

Scenes 22~24: Finale

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